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colorfulSmoke Nov 2019
And so the poem goes

Your eyes try to follow
as words enter your veins
through to the heart.
A key to universal questions
you unlock cages married in riddles.

The floor inches away
your feet are weightless.
Toes wiggling in delight
like a new love
making contact with the eye.

The sun gets brighter
as your breath gets shorter
and you cry.

With the full scope of life
joy to sorrow and back again,
this poem of simple words
captures you
and sets you free.

And so the poem ends

And your toes come down
to tickle grass.
colorfulSmoke Nov 2019
Am I a good enough man to call you a Goddess?
If I were to hold your heart in my hand
would my dirt infect you?

Please let me
build myself up
with the blueprint of my heartbeats.
Please let me
be the man
I see in your eyes,
not the man
grew used to comforting disguise.
A mask that smiles
with teeth and with
colorfulSmoke Nov 2019
I'm sorry that I find you so beautiful.
Your golden hair falls in curls,
our hearts beat as my life's blood swirls.
I see
a radiant smile,
the cutest dimples.
Such beauty could make me cry.

Sometimes we catch a glimpse from afar,
my heart melts
in warmth
as I look away
colorfulSmoke Nov 2019
Shut the **** up!
You make me wanna snap this pencil in half!
Snap it!
In half!
Snap it in HALF!
******* pencil!
How dare you write rumours about me!
(Broken pencil says ow.)
colorfulSmoke Nov 2019
A bullet in the chamber
is a wealth so small.
Bullet whispers,
and triggers.
One in the chamber,
a bullet in your thoughts
to shatter popsicle memories.
From a dream to a nightmare
one bullet
into bed tucked
complete my silver grin
with an accent of red.
The future churns to dust
as bodies fill up my shed.
colorfulSmoke Nov 2019
I cut into your heart like a juicy steak.
You stabbed mine back,
as we bled our mistake.

We left each other for good.
I had missed you,
then I didn't.
Time found the wound
and sealed it up.

Love is fearless
Except for time.
If someone you know has a broken heart
go to a store
and buy them a clock.
colorfulSmoke Nov 2019
Say less say more.

Say less
say more.


less say more

Say less say
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