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I really think
that it is just a sin.
That when there is trouble
The Big Boys join in.

They all come across
saying that they'll make a change
and then somebodys World
they will then rearange.

The US and Russia
along with us Brits
don't want it that way
so we blow it to bits.

We give guns to him,
supply arms to another.
Then we sit back and watch
as Brother kills Brother.

Who are we to guide?
Who are we to preach.
When we cling on to their assets
like a blood ******* leach.

We should leave others alone
till our own house is done,
yet we watch as our schools
become run by the gun.

Where now it's the norm
to be shot as we learn,
just as long as big commerce
is able to earn.

Those who should know better
don't know how to behave
Happy to see
another Child in a Grave.

So you Big Boys go elsewhere
because it's well known
that if you come to play
you come armed with a Drone.

While you're sitting back
comfy in your armchair.
You can relentlessly ****
from a place that's not there.

Then when you pull the plug
and remove your devices
we are faced with a problem
of people making bad choices.

We have made problems worse!
We have let people down
and when we get a world crisis
we'll react with a frown.

We don't want them here.
They cannot go there.
A whole host of humanity
who is welcome Nowhere.

We created this problem!
We created this way.
So in the future
keep The Big Boys away.
3rd October 2015
© Copyright Christopher K Bayliss 2014
 Sep 2015
I drink until I forget my name but recall yours
I delete your contact but memorize your number
I hate myself because loving you was easier
I deny your love and you deny mine
I cry because you said "this is the last time"
and smile because you said that countless times
 Sep 2015
Bassam A
All my prayers with you..
No doubt that you are strong..
You are the land of all love seeds....
The source all of good deeds...
Yes you can do what ever you please ..
Darling, we take honey from the bees ..
Please ignore the critical, they are all political
Clime on my shoulder and see the light
With or without me, you breath the freedom despite
Forgive me if I fail...
I know your heart is not for sale.....
Stay with me ...
You are the best gift from
the one who created the love tale
 Sep 2015
Bassam A

Destiny starts with a step


Rain starts with a drop


Love starts the feeling sad


You started my love non-stop

 Aug 2015
Bassam A
When I look at you ... I see my image looking back at me ...

If I shine my light on you to expose you ..
I blind your beautiful eyes ...
but I also blind myself! ...

If I break you with my hands ..
I cut my self and bleed ..
And won't be able to put you back like before ..

If I take care of you and shine every spot ..
I only see myself image with clarity ..

I am going to look at you from now on as I look at myself

Cause .. you are my sweet lovely mirror ...
 Jul 2015
David Hall
if you wake every morning
and do nothing to make your life better
it will not get any better
if you wake every morning
and do something to make your life better
then surely no matter
how bad life might seem right now

it will get better
 Jan 2015
aimee s
So here's the scene:
11:30p.m. on New Year's Eve;
A bedroom, dimmed lights,
And me—in bright pink pyjamas
Which looked completely ridiculous
With my hair and skin.
Life tip: Gingers and bright pink?
Best avoid.
In fact; I don't know why
I was wearing it in the first place—
I don't even like bright pink.

This is not the point.

The point is me;
Sitting at my desk
And writing in my journal
About how emotionally crippling
The past year had been;
Hoping I’d wake up to a better tomorrow—
Only to find the same harsh reality,
Over and over.
And God! What a toll it took on me:
Mentally, physically and spiritually—

When it happened.

It, like a large invisible hand,
Slapping me hard across the face and shouting:

Are you done being miserable?

And maybe that was all I needed to hear.

Once I read that perhaps
You couldn't decide to be happy,
But you sure as hell could decide to be miserable.
And maybe that was one of the truest things I have ever read—
Because that was exactly what was happening.

There is only so much that medications can do,
And only so much that a person could advise,
When your mind is set on:
I don't want to get better.
I don't deserve to get better.

And that’s when I saw it:
A tiny spark,
That was always there but for some reason
I had decided not to see.
And in that moment,
It filled my eyes with blind hope
And I decided:

I am going to let it happen.

I deserve to be happy.

I went to bed that night;
A small smile on my face
And this tiny spark still glowing so bright inside of me.
And that’s when I heard it.

When all was still, except for
The air that filled my lungs,
And the beating of my heart
In synch with the rhythm of the universe:
I heard it.

It was a purpose.
My purpose.
It has only been a few days now,
But I know I was right.
Because I’m doing okay.

It’s not that I have gained immunity to pain,
Or that some magic has been endowed upon me:
It’s just that I’m not afraid of hurting any more.

And that's just it—
The simple story of how I’ve come to learn,
The most important lesson I have ever learnt, to date.
 Jan 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
When the time has returned
Hearts can't go out from you
Lost love seems to be a footprint
Decayed stone is a sign of thy

The last laugh
The flute
Putting forward the images of the day
Today it has grown a big miss for the poet

Spots at matches
Someone calls the untimely
I See
You see
Everything becoming change

Quick change
You and me
The Trees
The Hills
The River

Your restless mind
Grew cold
Even fastest cyclone
Became cool

Leaves fallen
Grew again
Spring came
And moved away

She came
She sang
Again she went away
Never hold back
Just left this footprint

The last laugh
The flute
Putting forward the images of the day
Today it has grown a big miss for the poet
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Footprint, Today it has grown big miss for the poet
Its Been A Great Year
so many friends i have
some have come and gone
some have stayed so long
have had so much fun
cried a few tears
loved a many
my heart has rejoiced
and been broken
but have learned to move on
What a great year
I kissed my sweetest honey
I wonder what I have done
to deserve such riches and gold
we embraced the warmest fires
and walked the boldest desires
until life took you and foretold ...


Life has been so great
love was always so blessed
what a great year
now a new one is starting
alone i must be
to walk the tallest mountain
to swim the deepest shores
because of the way you loved
only me...**



 Dec 2014
Bassam A
Its early
to celebrate      
with a mood
to congratulate!

Might as well
say farewell
to our past memories
that we tell

Lets start within
before we begin

Forgive and forget
our sins of the past
and make a new wish
to a start that will last!

Lets Boast with joy
and Play with our toys

Lets not cry or sob
but keep our job
while we focus on
the New York ball DROP!!!
 Dec 2014
Musfiq us shaleheen
In touch of you,
one day, thousands of dreams grew on me
after that you left me in halfway
then little by little I have almost forgotten my dreams
forgotten that dreamy highway where there we walked together

Today I'm walking alone,
so alone,
towards an unknown way,
where there I hear my wounded dreams
and my love calling me,
calling me as if they are in a trap
As if they are in a cage
where there I see a narrow way,
I never go through such a way,
very congested,
little bit hazy,
too shadow,
and a few footsteps that I have seen
where there my dreams calling,
my lost love calling,
calling too loudly

Again I feel my heart has overflowed
floating over my lost dreams,
flooding over my lost love

I'm walking through that narrow way
little by little that sound has seemed strong,
little by little I have heard her voice to grow long
may be I am so close to my love,
so close to my dreams
my right hand moving,
moving through the dark
I try to break the shadow,
try to catch my dreams
I have become tired,
Try to take a little breath
and finally,
I break the shadow,
shatter the dark
and finding her within the dark
seeking my dreams within the shadow
but I can't see anything,

Yet the clock moving on--
still I'm uttering her name
and dreaming within my thousands of daydreams
where I had left one long spring--
@Musfiq us shaleheen

হাজারো স্বপ্ন ও একটি ভালবাসা
তোমার স্পর্শে
একদিন যখন হাজারো স্বপ্ন
বুদবুদ করতো--  
তারপর মাঝ রাস্তায় রেখে
চলে গেলে তুমি--
আস্তে আস্তে
ভুলে যেতে থাকলাম সপ্ন গুলোকে,
ভুলে যেতে থাকলাম সেই স্বপ্নের রাজপথ
যে পথে হাটতাম আমরা -

আজ আমি একা
বড় একা-
এক অচেনা রাস্তায় হাটি,
যেখানে শুনতে পাই,
আমার আহত সপ্নেরা,
আমার হারানো ভালবাসা,
আমায় ডাকে-
শুনে যেন মনে হয়
তারা বড় অসহায়,  
মনে হই তারা বন্দী,
সেখানে একটা সরু রাস্তা দেখতে পাই
এমন রাস্তায় আগে কখনো যাই নাই
খুবিই দমবন্ধ করা-
খুবিই দুর্ভেদ্য-
ঘন ছায়া,
ঔইখানে কিছু পদচিন্হ দেখি
সেখানে স্বপ্নরা ডাকে,
হারানো ভালবাসা ডাকে,
উচু স্বরে ডাকে-

আবার হৃদয় প্লাবিত হয়
যা ভাসছে হারানো সপ্নের উপর
প্লাবিত হচ্চে হারানো ভালোবাসের উপর

আমি সেই সংকীর্ণ রাস্তা দিয়া হাটি
আস্তে আস্তে শব্দগুলো স্পষ্ট হয়
আস্তে আস্তে  তার সুর সুনতে পাই
হইত আমি ভালবাসার খুবই কাছে
হইত সপ্নের খুবই কাছে
ডান হাত সরছে
চলছে আধারের মধ্যে দিয়ে
চেষ্টা করি ওই ছায়াকে দূর করতে
চেষ্টা করি স্বপ্নকে ধরতে
দারুন ক্লান্ত,
চেষ্টা করি একটু শ্বাস নিতে
এবং শেষে,
মুছে ফেলি ওই ছায়া
বন্ধ করি ওই আধার
খুজি ওই আধারে ভালোবাসা
খুজি সপ্নকে  ওই ছায়াতে
কিন্তু পাইনা খুঁজে কিছুই-

এখনো ঘড়ির কাটা ঘুরে
প্রতিনিয়ত তার নাম উচার্রণ করি  
সপ্নদেখি শত সহস্র দিবাস্বপ্নের মাঝে  
যেখানে আমি ফেলে এসেছি দীর্ঘ এক বসন্ত--
@মুসফিক উস সালেহীন
"thousands of dreams and a lost love"/ হাজারো স্বপ্ন ও একটি ভালবাসা

I think everybody will enjoy this poem
and I tribute this poem to the greatest poet " **Langston Hughes**"
 Dec 2014
Bassam A
Please re-read as I will be making changes to this poem over and over

I want to tell you something
I am a man who loves changes

Changes of everything

You will see me suggest
A change in every retrospect

This morning I was re-reading
my own HP site and I was impressed

by my choices and how I ended up
With 3 different reposts of "My Fears"

from 3 different poets
that I reposted without me knowing

It's amazing how I am amazed
of my choices and have read them
like as if I am choosing them again

Now hear out my new suggestion
To HP and if you do like
Please make your voice be heard

It goes as follows:

If you like to relive the poetry
and you like to re-read your choices

and you like to reread the poems
you chose before once more

and get surprised while reading them
as if you did not choose them before

Then, we either need a second love button!  Or

we need to automate the love button
and every time we reread it knows

and the love gets even stronger
and somehow it grows

Another suggestion that hit me in the head while I was re-writing my poem

"The new suggestion is to give a comeback wink
to the previous folks who just read my poem
and ping them of my new important fix
To invite them to re-taste the cake that I just re-cooked

Or the cooking does not get posted
Until I feel its real good

and I press the release button
Before I let it go like I should

And may be we need to check our poem button with people that we trust

Before we embarrass ourselves badly
with a poem that may bust"

The problem with this is honesty
That we don't do it for just the fame

So for this I need your opinion to fix
my suggestion in playing the game

and make HP an even a better place
and enjoy it again and again!

Additional suggestions to HP:

please fix the current suggestions which is still lit even when I fixed my suggested misspellings. .. Call it repair
* a suggestion button to HP in the menu
* a share with others button that can grow .. You can click and see who I shared it with ... it can also be private
* a playback button ... Reads out loud
* a favorite button .. Quickly adds it to your favorites
* a read later button
* by double clicking a word you can ping the poet for a misspelling or a suggestion of a new word or love that word
* a unite with another poet button
* Go Interactive button .. Others can re-write your poetry!
* a challenge button .. Encourage challenge with another poet
* a marry me button .. which starts with an enragement ring ..
*friends .. siblings and brothers and family button ... they have to accept you as a family member!
Please don't forget to look below for other suggestions from other poets!

— The End —