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Sippin' on that
Standing on a crutch
and sitting pretty.

Missing you.
Time stands still.
When your chronically alone.

I am throwing shade
in perpetual darkness.
Void be a brothel.
For misery loves explicit company. And miserable I am.
Without you, Love.
 Nov 17
Thou cant have light without
Over casting sorrow on your
sweet, sweet smile.

They say it gets easier.
But time doesn't heal all wounds.
It just gets comforting to be as lone.

Roasting on an open fire.
For all to see and cast words
they can't comprehend.

I've been places
God can't go.
But you my love, were always herem
 Oct 12
Courage is only fear ,
who's said it's prayers.
Incantations won't ulter this reality.

You can't negotiate your way
out of hell's emptiness.
Language knows no boundaries.

But Latin is more effective.
Despite our constant speaking in tongues.
This is exhausting.

Like a Venus retrograde.
I'm screaming on the edge of nothing.
Waiting for your echo,
to bounce back to me.

If time doesn't exist.
Then why does mine feel so wasted?
One day was a nice thought.

But I can't live in no man's shadow.
I cast a few of my own.
 Sep 28
But are we even real, though?
It's never been like second nature for me.

Reality may be cruel.
But I'll make my own.

In my mind's eye.
Where I can fade.
Off into the darkness of a sunset, too early .

Melancholy in the new moons light.
Sulking to the vibes of sympathetic souls.

Searching for the light.
In the dark side of PTSD.
Disassociative press and inflamy for rolling with nature.

But I'll have my friends.
That you can't see.
In a place where everybody likes me.

I'm crawling out of my skin.
Incinerating, internally for eternity.

The srategic train wreck express has been derailed.
And I have a new ego.
We are Sacrelicious.
 Sep 28
Getting up is hard.
When you're always turning me off.

Switch board esthetic.

My blood flows south.
As soon as you leave the room.

Faking it.
Till I make it.
While the whole time I'm pretending you're someone else.

Bedroom eyes,
can only get you so far.
You can be anyone when the lighting's just right.

I'll give you any personality you'd like.
After all.

I'm a chimera,
it's how we roll.
 Sep 20
You can stab me in the back.
As much as you like.
Twist the blade counter clock wise.
If you wish.

Crucify me upside down.
So my mouth can kiss the earth once more.
Hommage to the one true jehovah.

Best witness to your own hipocrisy.
Heathens, as you stone us all to death.

It's always easier to play self righteous.
Especially when money is involved.
But I'd rather worship myself.
Than a schizophrenic with an inflated self ego.

Nero was in the right.
Jesus, your time is up.
 Sep 20
to the cemetery.
Goin' grave-diggin',

It's three to three,
and I'll be back

At the half-way
house, in time for

Till then,
I'm chasin'
the ghost.
I used to call my reflection.
 Sep 4
I've left the building.
Flew the coup.
Playing pretend Houdini and disappearing into air so thin.

No one really cares if you're not.
Anyways we're all striving to be living filters.

I'm at a loss.
I thought my looks would excuse my pychopathy.
But everyone is apparently an Instagram model.

Even though they're really only cute.
When I'm desperate.

Jokes on me.
 Aug 25
Although in winter's dead silence.
I could feel your heart
Cracking underneath the pressure.
Like frozen Waters in April.

It's the inner loneliness.
I felt with you.
I'm just breathing underwater.
Keeping up with the tides.
Trying my very best at an unfair game of everyone versus one.
I'm riding solo in the sunset.
While I light the bridge down just to make a point.

The only thing that's ever stuck around has been my feelings.
Money may dodge me like a republican does with cosiousness.
But I have cast wealth emotionally.
I feel therefore I am.
And I think the **** not
 Aug 7
Drinks on shift
borderline personality.
Don't know the done did it.
****** the wrong *****
I'm sorry witch.
The inquisition sequel;
its going straight to DVD.

They're all past their prime.
Slinging margaritas.
Cause that's the best.
It will ever get.

My fiesta trio be
Dos loca.
Pour quoi?
Because I ******* can.
I'm histrionic. I'll do the **** as I please.

This is learned behavior.
Activated by mania gone too deep.
Vigorous is the life.
Keeling up with the Jones's.
Not for me.
I'm attractive enough to excuse my

My ulter ego and I are of a
collective whole.
Twin mentality.
serving the hive with an agenda.

The queen will never die.
You cant ****,
what's already dead.
 Aug 3
Analysis of anomalies.
Personality disorders,
coping mechanisms to benefieciate
the perpetrators.

Histrionic personality;
familial pathology.
The cause and effect of
child molestation.
Guilty by disassociation and at this point in my life.
I don't feel good.
So if I'm already desensitized.
I might as well throw my hand into monopoly.
Pass go collect my 200.
Take the money and blow
this popsicle stand
 Jul 30
I'm just
sitting here
radiating majikaru.


Some grow up to be doctors.
Others psych-hotic witches.
Y'all cant hang with me.

I'm saving myself
for Satan.
But I'll settle for the antichrist.
 Jul 30
Consumption is the most
complex of crosses
to carry.

Christ like with my
Yet, though you were the one,
to descend.

Sweet Hannah.
Sweet and selfless.
I'll see you next time around.

Thank you for the beauty.
But ******* for the insanity.
I carry no shame.
I've been an opportunist since before birth.

I'm not the best twin this time.
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