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 Nov 2020
Michelle Morine
I have never walked the sands
of that far away land
Where black clouds might
seep into my soul
Leaving its stain in my thoughts
and its knife buried in my back

This camouflage disguise burned
under my skin

Losing sleep.

Forever a battle in my mind
red vs. blue
Which shade are you?
 Jan 2020
Michelle Morine
A raging silence escapes me
waiting for you to wake

Watching as the night
begins to spill across the sky

Still missing a part of me
Understanding this concept of love
Time will not pass me by
for I am aware

Your intoxicating vapor
fills my soul
as I exhale
 Nov 2018
Kirui Frank Junior
If you are rich,
You speak less yet it is like spelling everything inside an encyclopaedia.

If you are rich,
You talk foolish yet it is taken to be of wisdom that no man can understand without any consultants.

If you are rich,
And you wear rags,
They say you are simple and expensive, man of the people ,worthy of many praises .

If you are rich,
You *** on the road and they say you are sane.


If you are poor ,your wisdom is the poo of a monkey ,you talk of something important ,they say it's old cliché that has no meaning .

You are insane even if you *** in the loo.your poo should not be seen because it may be contagious.

Do I mean it?
Rich or poor,you are human should be humane and be with everybody unboastfully .
Because ,
We are all candidates of death.
Rich vs poor
 Nov 2018
Kirui Frank Junior
I heard that wisdom is well spelt in simple language .
So when I say happy night to the married,
I spell wisdom.
Don't argue on this,
Pick the meaning and go to bed.
To the referred ,
Read your novels to your point of satisfaction.
Make your spouses know they have you.
 Oct 2018
Michelle Morine
Sounds of souls intertwined
  I'll step this way to you
Torn from my heart
  to write love new
Painting your scars
  along the sky

Raging fires run through
  your veins
Singeing my skin
with your touch

  from this fire, there is a glow
  to warm the cold in me

And yet,
  from this star, there is a shine
  to bring a light
  to the dark in you

  Solar clouds in this depth of moonlight
  bring questions burning in me.
 Sep 2018
Michelle Morine
Upon those lips
behind your eyes
I'm caught in a snare
short of breath
I can't help but to stare
feeling my way though the dark
a familiar path stitched on my skin
Stealing myself from this world
hiding from the pain
Upon those lips
behind your eyes
I'm caught in your lie
 Apr 2018
Michelle Morine
I wonder
as the wind calls
and the night steals
the blue from the sky
this thunder
I'll sit here alone
in the shadows
I can feel something
rising from within
behind my eyes
then nothing
As familiar ghosts haunt me
I try to find you
you're there
I wonder
I'm not afraid
only a little
yes I wonder
 Mar 2018
Michelle Morine
All I wanted
Just to see you

A desert by the sea
remember me?
A mirror in the sky
reflections blurring by.

Deep into daylight
I would find you
don't try to fight me

Writing in the sand
I lost the way
to you.
 Mar 2018
Michelle Morine
Eyes glowing, he finds
your soul and blends
it with moonlight.

His long fingers intertwined
with the smoke of the universe

I see the signs left behind
by ancients suns
Long ago, now forgotten
He walks the lonely path
of isolation guided
only by the black of night.
 Mar 2018
Rebecca Evans
Most days I don't recall your face
Life continues its steady pace
Anniversaries slip
A passing, a blip
The void between the beats
as my heart repeats.
 Mar 2018
Rebecca Evans
I told her about the leaf
blowing in the wind
and she replied that the leaf is then
subject to the wind's whims...

but, as I consider the leaves spiraling
in gorgeous brilliant hues of
cascading joy...

the leaves are free
the leaves dance down
fulfilling their purpose
and leaves do not know fear,
they do not chart their course
before their fall.
 May 2017
Tahirih Manoo
You can* falsely call an apple a grape,

           can say the inside is silver and that it’s poisonous,

           can assume that the apple is bitter,

           can paint the apple blue,

           can believe that the apple could make you fly

You can talk about it all you like...

It doesn't change the true nature of the apple now, does it?

                                                                                        - March, 3rd, 2014.  4:29 pm.
 Feb 2017
Michelle Morine
Paranoia in the brain
hearing soft voices calling
I hear you through the wall

The void above sends messages
yet hides behind itself

The stars are calling
I can't find a way to answer

Alone, I slumber in a hole of thought
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