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From here, I see it all -
what a hot mess.
Hour 10 of a 24 fast;
in the midst of storms, how long does food last?
Here I am weary, but will keep going
guided by light to a point, unknowing.
Thicker than your grandma's embroidery,
in every sense of the word.
What could his hand do for me,
shall I propagate into the herd?

A stellar yield, we have inferred..

to trade these petals in for pappus?
So many want the garden view.
Gone on the chase, and God lost us.
Forget the ring, give me new shoes.

My heart bleeds in blacks and blues..

Never could you love me,
the way I love myself,
sitting tall and pretty,
upon my lapis pleated shelf.

Forget the water, darling,
trust me, I will be fine.
Hover above me with the starlings,
in nature there's no such word as mine.
The days melt away with you
as melody between strings;
wherein once within a dead land,
the roars of the melancholy wind
were deafening.

One could only dream of seeing
the corners of your lips folding upward
into a smile; a shell to match within.
You are my eternal renaissance.
If only both eyes were open.
Their gaze, eternal
could stretch upon your face;
wrinkles like ripples
a'top the surface of the sea.
A twinkle greets each one
in its unique moment of form
captured in one second.
Seven already gone in passing...
oh silly me,
apples grow on trees.
On and on
the world turns
Day and night
A wheel
That never ceases
The spin
Dizzying at times

Have you asked
Whatsoever runs
With no force behind it?
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