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Let's feel something.
Zenab Rehman
Writer || Bibliophile || IG: @zenabrehman || Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud
24/M/South Africa    Writer | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case. ...
Edna Sweetlove
London    I modestly refer to myself as "Poetess to the Stars". Others have called me a smutty slag and a ponce. Some people have suggested I ...
Nick Strong
Alloa    A muller of things, and a ponderer. A paper cutter, part time photographer and wordsmith. A lover of simple things. A finalist in the Poetry ...
Sam Stone Grenier
22/M/Wisconsin    Experimental Poet
Impeccable Space Poetess
Life♡Love    I'm no good at BIOS etc But~this is SO--GOOD:);):)<333 ...thanks for posting xour lovely poems... ❤ IMPECCABLE SPACE POETESS
All poems, works and words posted here are protected by Copyright ©2013-2014.All Rights Reserved.
Daniel James
Hello! I'm a poetry reader and writer from London, UK. Find my latest book, "The Artist's Guide to NOT growing up" at
The Girl Who Loves You
Within My Heart    Just writing what I think, what I feel and everything inbetween. As Poe said "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within ...
Musfiq us shaleheen
47/M/Dhaka, Bangladesh    Love is for yours Love is for mine And we are for each other. @ Musfiq us shaleheen I have bided you, in the center ...
Niki Elizabeth
F/wonderland    Happy girl, sad poems.
Heather Butler
I am the artist who forgot.
My words may not always be eloquent, but they are true. Writing to purge my soul rather than to please another is cathartic. Enjoy my ...
Katie Raine
Connor Reid
Glasgow    My name is Connor; 21 and living in Glasgow. Most of the poems/material I have up at the moment are just snippets, excerpts and recovered ...
on the corner writing poetry and stories next to a gun shot.
Philippines    Dreaming dreams with happy endings. Reading books until I fell asleep. Singing at the top of my lungs. Writing stories no one reads. Believing in ...
Philippines    I'm a little girl with great big plans. I wrote about what I feel. I want to own a library. I have this shirt form ...
Lyz Elysian
20/F/America    I am unsynchronized synchronicity. The half pages in journals left blank, that's me. The image of composure while crashing down inside The graceful dance of ...
Philadelphia, PA    I wish I hated everyone.
Iligan City, Philippines    I write Because I have a Pen!
25/F    Just another person that poetry has saved.
United States   
rained-on parade
Sheffield, England    Sylvie. You don't know me yet.
27/M/Fremont, CA    Write me a picture.
20/Non-binary/wonderland    *+* things aren't going anywhere
Galman Frederick Ferguson
Galman is an irish writer who writes poetry in english. ''I can't keep up, you're moving too fast, Deep holes and darkness, these things will ...
Jack Piatt
“He had long since discovered that peaceful sleep could provide the answer to most puzzles, and if not, what did it really matter? Wasn’t life ...
CA Guilfoyle
F/Tucson, AZ    Being in nature and the wilds, this is my truest love. - My Poetry on Thru Media CA Guilfoyle aka CA Colbert
RL Smith
Melbourne    I write when the urge takes me.
Rob Rutledge
For a so called 'Writer' I have no idea what to write here.
Pandora dO
Netherlands    I found my love for writing when I was twelve, while writing a story for language class. Short stories and poems are my favorites and ...
Jim Ellis
26/M/Minneapolis, MN    Franticly placing thoughts together.
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