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 Apr 2020
I like this version of us,
where we let our guards down.
It's not easy to be vulnerable, but it could be worth it.
 Dec 2019
What is the balance between tolerance and temperance?
Between what we want and what we need?
Certainty and doubt?
We all waiver
When instead
We should close our eyes
Tilt our heads back
And swing
Until we are undoubtedly beckoned to leap
 Nov 2019
Christos Rigakos
For every soul my soul does meet,
     they are a soulmate on their way.
I am the sole pressed under feet,
     replaced when fully worn away.
We are both sole-mates, they and I,
     most symbiotic, as you see.
And when they leave I carry nigh,
     the scent of memories of we.

(C)2019, Christos Rigakos
 Feb 2019
sand castles
& autumn leaves,
on yester
& days never to come

- none of that.

to grow back
where to
you never belonged,


'cause you see it
clearly, now,

- that forgettable,
erasable you.
not delectable.

oh terminators
of seek and hope...
 Oct 2018
Lyss Brianne
You found a sunflower girl
With golden hair and freckles on her cheeks
She won your heart and then broke mine
I want to hate her but I can’t
With eyes so blue they put the summer sky to shame
I can see why you fell for her

Her eyelashes are long, reaching towards the sun
They flutter as she looks up at you and smiles
In that moment I almost fall in love with her myself

I promised myself I’d never get in the way of your happiness
But she shines so bright
I can’t see clearly anymore
She’s made a fool of me and she doesn’t even know it
I want to hate her but I despise myself instead
Why did it have to be her
 Aug 2018
Babu kandula
Am a fiddle at heart
Am a riddle at thought

Rumbling past
Bumbling future

It’s all part of a story

Penned by regular


What not?

End of the story
Random one
 Jul 2018
The calmest ventures
You can't silence a bird's song
They sing of success
You can't silence a bird's song!
Another pun of my name - Lyn - Lin - Linette bird!
Even though I do feel low at times, I can't let it stop me of singing of my own success.
You guys contribute to me feeling more confident!
Love you!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
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