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 Dec 2019
Babu kandula
When you are haunted
By the thoughts

They are everywhere
Either you sleep
Or you are awake

They hack your system

It's not hindrance per say

But a progress on the way

Your dream can solve your problem

Dream has a spiritual solution

Caress your dream
It helps you win
 Dec 2019
Babu kandula
You can't be limitless

But, this world wants you

To be one

Break chains this is what we hear

One way you escape for a period of time

And then you are bound to another chain

Every action triggers a chain of events

You will be hit either way

There is no escape

There is no hide out

One or other way you are dragged

Just be on the safe hill
 Sep 2019
Babu kandula
There is a thin line


Being Lovable and

Being a slave

When you are a slave

Over a period of time

You don't get to think of leaving

But, stay there till eternity
 Sep 2019
Babu kandula
There is a smile I can't afford
There is a heart I can't lose

World warns me like
You have to be unnatural

**** my nature
Be like a clown

They can't bear me
Cause am too good on my own

This is what a society
Which always want more and more

Unnatural hearty smiles

Which I can't afford

Everyday as they wish

No rules for life
But, a perfect and an unnatural smile.
 Aug 2018
Mike Hauser
We are nothing without love
Ships lost at sea without their sails
With life's bitter storms soon too come
We need love above all else

We are nothing without love
Too steep the hill too hard the climb
Too late to grasp what is to come
As we succumb to life's mudslides

We are nothing without love
An empty train on a dead-end track
At the end without reverse
With no way to make it back

We are nothing without love
An unmade bed with no rest
Those that are left, toss and turn
With only dreams of love instead

We are nothing without love
Abandoned buildings, emptiness
Demolition soon to come
We are nothing without love
 Aug 2018
Babu kandula
You strike like a bowling ball

And am one of the pins

Either a strike or a spare

Your victory is inevitable

But, I still challenge you for the next round
 May 2018
We were always crazy kids with crazy dreams.
And we never changed.
Crazy kids.
With their crazy ideas.
Ideas of world peace and of no hunger.
These crazy kids they say.
But I’m one of them.
A crazy kid with her own crazy ideas.
Crazy dreams.
Dreams full of nothing but the future.
Crazy girl. With your crazy thoughts.
Stop for a second.
They’ll say give up.
Don’t do it crazy kid.
Don’t ever look back.
Or down. Or away.
Crazy kid with your crazy thoughts.
What will you think of next?
I want to progress... I want to change things.
 Feb 2018
Dev A
I woke up one day
To see your face on my screen

It took a few moments
But the more I looked,
The stranger I felt.

I realized that I was no longer plagued by emotions
I was over you
But more than that
I realized I’ve been able to move on for a while, now.

When I saw your face
I noticed I didn’t know you anymore,
You became a stranger,
No longer the one who made me laugh,
Who made my day.

I woke up one day
To see your face on my screen
And now I’m ready to move forward
With my life, a life without you
 Feb 2018
What was Kafka thinking? Felice Bauer-
blonde, in a homely sort of way- couldn't
think of him the same way after. He'd asked
her that question (hidden behind his obsession
with his own self-hatred, his surety that she hated him too).
Could you- might you- do you think you'd be able to bear it-
M a r r y i n g  m e?
History tells us they didn't tie the knot.
Kafka, probably, didn't mind a lot.
Franz Kafka: that hopeless man,
couldn't look in the mirror without shying from his own reflection.
Kafka, who'd balk at the slightest hint of romantic attention.
More story than man, really. Had more eloquence in his
smallest finger than ever came out of his mouth.

No wonder Felice had her doubts.
 Feb 2018
Dev A
I wish I could talk with you every day
I wish this anxiety didn’t plague me
I wish I had the courage to start a conversation
I wish I didn’t fear what you thought of me

I wish that my heart didn’t beat faster out of nerves
But rather from only excitement
I wish those three little dots didn’t have me terrified
But rather anticipation thrumming through me

I keep wishing to change how I feel when I hear from you;
From scared and worried to happy and excited
But my mind is keeping me back from enjoying our banter
I keep wishing that today will be the day
The day I finally conquer this anxiety
But I have to keep persevering;
Never letting it take complete control.

I wish I knew what to say
I wish I knew how to keep our conversations going
I wish this distance I’ve created doesn’t last
But most of all, I wish that you can understand.
 Jan 2018
I feel like river water.
And I don’t belong to stagnancy,
yet I’m caught in a lake.


I’m destined
to move silt and sediment.
And overturn
submerged pebbles
so they won’t see
the green of moss.

I’m meant to surge
and eat into banks
so I could be split -
to make more of me...

My reach would extend
far and wide -
like scraggly fingers
grabbing at the
face of the earth.

My energy channelling
through careless forks
and into slimmer branches.


My soul is river water....
And my heart renounces
the throne to idleness.

Yet I am,
but a lake.
 Dec 2017
Dev A
The days go by
My face stretched out in a smile
Cheeks hurting from the effort.

Sitting next to people
Talking about life’s daily struggles
Just another show.

Laughing as jokes are told
Saying hello as aquaintances pass
Trying to make it through the day.

The days go by
The same struggle of pretending to be okay
When it’s empty inside.

The greatest joy is when my dog kisses my face
Pushing through the pain of unreturned messages
Calling back memories of similar days from years ago.

When your best friend would rather talk to your mom
And another friend just hangs up ‘cause she doesn’t want to talk anymore
Or a friend who never responds even though he texted first.

It’s getting easier and easier to retreat into a fantasy world
Why should I try when the results are always the same
No matter what I change, it’s always the same.

I cling to the hope of a future
One where there are people who truly care
Where people truly believe in me.

It seems so far away
Almost unachievable
But I cling to that dream obsessively,

The chant repeats in my mind, day after day,
One day will come,
One day you will be free
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