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 Jun 2022
Winter Allen Jane
It’s been a while
I still matter, do I?

If I only could
I would make a deal that you would kiss me for just one last time
 Dec 2021
mark john junor
I came lookin'
lookin' far an' wide
for some cumbersome thing
that I could weigh myself down with
keep me from drifting away
something heavy
something true
a big thing
a tiny thing
just need a few moments of clarity
just for a moment where troubles cease
just one moment of knowing
just one moment resting assured
all is safe and sane in my world
all is good between you and I
that it has all not been
a silent recording
whispers never shouted
a photograph of the lens cap
Been looking high and low
for an encumbrance that could keep me here
to be able to hear you sing that song
without missing you
without wanting  
without fear
 Nov 2020
Last night I dreamt of you again.
A lingering gaze and the hand
That slides,
Too far,
Down a back.
I dreamt of a grin.
Shared only between us two.
Of blushing cheeks that long
To feel the graze of fingertips
And lips that quiver with loneliness.
 Jul 2020
Roger Turner - Poet
Norman Rockwell and Jim Unger
Artists from my past
I've met one but not the other
A memory that  will last

Who the hell is Bertrand Russell?
I asked over a drink
A man who changed the world forever
Changed the way we think

I remember the Norman Rockwell painting
It's burned deep  inside my mind
But, I have got a copy
It's the best one that you'll find

An artist unknown to others
But, a special one to me
My father drew old Russell
It's quite a piece to see

It's never been inside a book
And never will it be
But, Bertrand Russells' wrinkles
Mean a lot to me

Jim Unger and his Herman
Were a favorite of my brother
The artist and his humour
Were unlike any other

We met him at a signing
My brother brought his art
He showed it to Jim Unger
He broke my brother's heart

My brother was an artist
Just like my Dad as well
Their art, not for the public
Their art, was not to sell

Their art should be remembered
Their art should be displayed
Like a vintage guitar  sitting
It's better if it's played

So, now two artists pictures
Hidden for an age
Will be shown, for everybody
On a printed page

I give you first, my brother
Ian Turner was his name
No longer is he with us
But, this will show he came

The second one, my father
John Turner, is his name
His drawing days behind him
But, man did he have game

So, here for your enjoyment
Rockwell via Turner number one
Followed by Ungers' Herman
That was done by Turner's son
written for my brother and my dad. Ian Turner (1966-2017) and John Turner (1940 - still going strong)
 Oct 2019
Naceur Ben Mesbah
I still remember
The night we met secretly
Touching one another softly
It was so dark
Nearby dogs didn't bark.
We could breathe only through
As if we were under hypnosis
We slithered
It was a love melody
 Sep 2019
Sona Lachina
When I touched your arm
        That first time
        Just near your shoulder
It floored me
I thought
        This man
This flesh-and-bone man
So close
I suddenly wanted to kiss you --

Your green eyes had already
        Caught me in mesmerizing gaze
I was in your space
Sharing the air between us
You slid your arm around my waist
        I let my knee touch yours --

We were suspended in time
Wide open to each other
It makes me sigh to remember:
How everything came into being
        That night and disappeared
Before the dawn --
Ah first encounters. . . .
 Sep 2019
tumelo mogomotsi
selling myself short, you
tell me that my accolades
are less than impressive.
she saw me nodding my head
in the city, as i downed a couple
of alcoholic beverages.
she told me that i should
practice sobriety, i told her every
-one has their thing, she told to
not act like i am a head in a crowd,
striving to be average. i told her no
one wants to be the odd one out,
even you are searching for that

 Sep 2019
tumelo mogomotsi
what is the meaning of spontaneous,
taking a trip to africa for a month,
snapping pictures of yawning lions is
pretty courageous, a selfie with a couple
hoop earrings that show us that you’re
serious lady that has flares of youthful

sipping a soft drink on a sunny pool day,
sleeping on dented beer cans and green
camp chairs, scribbling danish haikus
when the weather is grey, flicking polaroid
photos of you whilst you down a couple

spontaneous is saying yes to every
opportunity that comes, taking a chance
with a stranger from another biome,
spontaneous is picking a cute shirt that
you definitely need to iron, and going on a
date with a funny guy while you kiss under the

 Sep 2019
tumelo mogomotsi
what is with all this talk about rising sun,
your compatibility with sagittarius and the
complexities of astrology. stop telling me
about my star sign, i’m trying to read out
the graffiti on that stop sign - and no - i
don’t owe you an apology.

i do not know what is the meaning of balance -
you want to give me all the love i deserve, but
receiving what is reciprocated is the challenge,
you tell me that you have a ginormous forehead,
but if i agree with you i am the *******, i guess
i never knew the meaning of double standards

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