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 Sep 2019
Joseph Childress
Night falls 'round 3pm nowadays
A yellow moon, cockadoos!
Yelling through the blinds
Singing a tune
For a midnight shifts tillings
Yesterday is still today
And it's tomorrow already
 Jul 2016
The angels are falling under the weight of the clouds
helplessly fighting with a world
where good hearts are hiding
frightened by the malice around.

The angels are falling,
their wings are dissolving
under the tempest coming
from clouds of hatred and darkness.
Their bodies with the light of stars are dying,
their dreams turning to dust
swept by monsters
under the rugs we're stepping on
saying that everything is fine,
turning our heads,
pretending we're not seeing
that the angels are falling
and the monsters are cleaning the roads
to an existence
without dreams
without purity.

The sound of guns covering the voices
of the innocent children we used to be
blindly we're walking
lying to ourselves
that everything it's gonna be alright.

The angels are falling
and with their tears
we're drowning
in a sea of blood,
in the emptiness.

 May 2016
born with a halo shattered
human afterbirth in dirt
withered wings, feathers tattered
protrusions of pain and hurt

only an angel can be born
held by the devil's hands
flesh becomes hard when it's torn
only an angel understands
Children and animals are the only innocence in this world.
 Mar 2016
Joel M Frye
a long cold
forbidding night
the world
echoing steps
the frozen snow
squeals underfoot
seeking what shelter
can't be found
ready to sit

a whiff of
a flicker
barely seen
spark of hope

a clearing
small band
of kindled
kindred souls
the light
and heat of
warm words
icy heart
a hot cuppa
a place to rest
by those
who saved
their own lives
cleared space
gathered wood
piled what little
they had left
and lit the
last match they had
Happy World Poetry Day, y'all.  Five years ago, a stumbling wanna-be crawled in.  You have helped to mold the poet I am.  Thank you.
 Mar 2016
Joel M Frye
Some nights I sieve my
soul for a droplet of light
to know dark's not won.
 Aug 2015
Be I worthy
To hold my head above the clouds in your eyes
In a sky blue horizon
She sips nectar with the
Hummingbird queen
In moments of gentle surrender
But still I ask
Am I worthy
To watch upon thee
In these moments so sublimely tender
Spiraling tears of court room jesters
To old to perform
To young to die
Be I worthy
To hold the jewels which bind thee
To the ground
With which you freely walk
See her watching the waves
Which beckon her fate
Sweet necter of a dawn so new
Crystalised in the breathe of angels
Breath upon my cheek before I fall
Sweet mother of life itself
I be worthy
I have never been so sure
 Feb 2015
Nat Lipstadt
a fine nine,
an eye feast,
boy of man,
a man in his
prime boyhood,
a creature-so pretty that
invokes eye smiles,

mop of hair
even the day
after his haircut,
wise and hungry,
an adult,
a child,
in a fine nine year old
boy body

spout, no,
his child-like wisdom
adult easy steady and sweet,
easy in and easy out,
a long strand of a sensible
sweet spaghetti softly shared smiling

this special child,
no kin of mine,
and my words
can not capture
a sweetness so sane,
so brilliant, I wonder
why to try

yet here is this
wonderful child
on a freezing cold
Orchard Street night,
surrounded by hipsters,
hugging me good night

he does not question,
does not break away,
let's you drink him,
and takes freely
what you want to feel,
a creator,
birthing companionship in gentility

days later you limbs burn
with pleasure of his young arms
kind sweet tea,
the taste mint,
on the tongue of your soul,
the brilliant sanity
of a nine year old boy
who is quietly love-perfect

wonderful to hug
a gift to me
makes me want to live

in that winter garden,
we bite each other,
our Adam's apple
from the tree of knowledge
newly fallen,
each sharing a secret,
mine - you need never fear;
his-  you have done ok

and  await our next rendezvous
to exchange new learnings
 Feb 2015
Priya Patel
Your smile lingering
like a gentle breeze
frolicking in trees
Your gaze entrancing
tempting, mesmerizing
engaging me in a lovers dance
The warmth of desire
from your smoky brown eyes
a duet of stars
sparkling in the skies
Your hands on my hips
the warmth of your lips
sensually intoxicating me
with your gentle sips
seducing my senses
with just a touch of you
 Feb 2015
Priya Patel
This time tomorrow
there will be no more tears,
and the warmth of your arms
will soften all fears
This time tomorrow,
I will lie awake in your embrace;
the warmth of your breath
on the soft of my face
I shall watch you sleep;
our arms and legs lovingly entwine
safe in your arms
knowing that you are all mine
This time tomorrow ...
 Feb 2015
Priya Patel
In the moments of silence
that follow in the wake of your absence,
my ears shatter a thousand times
A thousand times I hear your name,
ache for your whisper
in the soft of my ear;
ache for you to be here
At times, I am alone in my thoughts;
alone in the dark of night
And when all is quiet
but the screams of your silence,
I hear your name a thousand times
Come home, I need you…
 Jan 2015
Crystal June
Come one, come all
Boys and girls
To see the miraculous
Fallen angel

She once was white
Pure in heart
Feathers groomed
The best that she could be

But one day
She flew into a storm
Her wings torn
Tainted grey and black

She fell from the sky
Her dreams shattered
And now not even God
Can bare to look her way

She is the broken one
Once whole and beautiful
But now
Now she is nothing

Don't worry kids,
She won't hurt you
She's too busy
Hurting herself

Hold her hand
For just a moment
And perhaps
She'll tell of how she flew

But that is over now
Let's leave the past
In the past
And move on

That's all folks
Say goodbye now
To the one and only
Fallen angel
 Dec 2014
Ronald J Chapman
She is my Angel.

Because she is my Angel;
I know we will never be able to touch,
I know we will never be able to be in each others arms,
I know we will never kiss.
The saddest thing is.  We will never be able to dance.

But I am so very joyful, she came into my life and
Guards my heart and soul day and night.

Yes, I love my Angel.

Copyright © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Date With An Angel
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