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 Sep 2014
Take my hand onto your sun-kissed palm
Let us flee, the sunshine so warm
Your beautiful black eyes under the sun
Holding oceans of orange morning light
In you, I spend myself
Reincarnated every first second of daybreak
Like the sun rising up the horizon
Glory locked between your fingers and mine
As the moonlight shyly falls onto us
The night steals the morning light
And when I look into your eyes this moment
I still see the golden sunshine.
For Sir Pradip. :)
God bless.
 Sep 2014
Dhaye Margaux
(To my other half  who calls me his Light)

Let me  shower you with rays
Of the sunshine on my face
Then we will both sing and dance
Let us not waste time but enjoy this chance

Forget the past and look at me
There is sunshine, can't you see?
My smile's the one that keeps your day
The one full of joy while gloom's fleeting away

I am your light, I am your love
My love for you is as white as dove
Together we will face a brand new day
With this love in our hearts that will forever stay...
For Sir Pradip's challenge to write him a poem about sunshine.

Thank you for this chance to have this writing exercise for me.
 Sep 2014
Elizabeth Squires
guys with tight six packs
ride atop the wave's backs

surfing surfing surfing
in the mid morning sun
surfing surfing surfing
beach days are such fun

tunneling waves
curling nicely into shore
suntanned guys
enjoying the surf's lore

waxed boards slicing through
the topaz sea's hues
surfer guys all paving the way
to the blue waters dues

surfing surfing surfing
in the mid morning sun
surfing surfing surfing
beach days are such fun
 Sep 2014
it is a day of sunshine,
yet i am chained
to a desk.
balancing budgets.
but oh! how the sun calls.

it whispers,
sweet, slices of
watermelon dreams,
in to my ears.
it murmurs, bubbling
brooks of tantalizingly,
****, homemade
it talks, incessently
of mangos, eaten warm
and straight from
the skin...

it beckons me, to sin,
to walk barefoot, across
forbidden grass...
to the the sea

oh! how the
springtime sun
beckons me....

here i sit,
admist budget misery....
it's enough to make a grown
girl cry.....but deadlines are
 Sep 2014
Josh Bass
The setting was a back country road
The script was minimal
Descriptions mostly
It was us two
Acting mostly with our eyes and smiles
Actors don't know how to act with their eyes
The natural light of the sun
Illuminated you in the most majestic
of ways
The whole day was magic hour
And few get to act with their muse

— The End —