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 Jun 14
Mohd Arshad
What you are looking for in your modern children and that is missing
Get that in flowers
Which too are your relatives
 Mar 3
Jenifa hussain
A thousand eyes, the night has
But the day is only one;
The light of the whole world dies,
With the bright sun

A thousand eyes, the mind has
But the heart is only one;
The light of the whole life dies ,
When love is gone.
 Jan 4
Mohd Arshad
Fog entangled in
Branches, and birds, shell-shocked,
Fly to hide somewhere.
 Aug 2018
devante moore
I don’t smoke
It’s uncool to choke
And it would probably calm me down
But I like being angry
And I like being down
Trying to pick my words carefully
But I have no filter
So it all flows out of me carefree
And steadily like a stream
Whatever pops in my head
I say it
And I meant it
I’m burden with foul language
When someone flips my switch
And I lose my ****
Deep breathes
Can’t let this loneliness get to me
It just might cause insanity
I’m ok
My persona
Is just a loner
I guess this is just me though
But the person who’s talking
Is my alter ego
 Jul 2018
devante moore
I never walked away
Because I didn’t want you to see the knives in my back
I couldn’t understand your pain?
Maybe you just didn’t know mine
 Jun 2018
devante moore
I’m sorry poetry
But you can’t save me this time
I use to scribe to you
Until I lost track of time
And the bad feelings went away
As soon as I was done
I didn’t do it for fun
I wrote to you to save me from myself
But now
You no longer help
When I put the pen down
I don’t feel healed
Or cured
I always felt empty inside
But now this time it’s real
Hello Poetry, Goodbye
I use to hate feeling so empty inside.. Poetry was the one thing that never left me.. but this time not even it can make me feel something when there’s nothing to feel.. I’m truly empty I wish it was an understatement
 May 2018
devante moore
Who knew evil girls had the prettiest face
~lucid dreams
 May 2018
devante moore
I’m not one to contemplate suicide
But it feels like I’ve already played this game and died
I felt love once
But that flame simmered
And there was no one to tend to the dying flames
6 chambers
Isn’t enough
Because with my luck
5 chances
Wouldn’t even mattered
The gun is fully loaded
I lost the moment the game begin
 May 2018
devante moore
Happiness is but a fleeting light
For some
It’s like trying to catch lightning in a bottle
This is my last poem for awhile...
 May 2018
devante moore
I ran to the moon
I heard she was good at giving advice
Should I love her with all my might ?
To my surprise
She replied
Why are you asking me
I am but a lonely rock
Trap in a slow dance
And the only time I’m noticed is at night
I do not know what it means to love
I can only imagine what’s it like
All I can say
Love someone who will cherish you even in the dark
Why don’t you go ask the sun

So to the sun I went
Should I love her with everything I have?
But the sun ego was just to bright
He strutted his rays
Polluting the air waves
I demand he answer me
And with a smug look on his face
He said
Love someone who isn’t afraid to get burned by your pain
Why don’t you go ask the ocean

So I traveled to the sea
Stood at the foot of his crashing waves
Should I love her even if she’s far away
There’s no distance to great
He said calmly as the summers breeze
If she’s not willing to fight through my tides
Hide your heart
Because it only means she doesn’t have to patience to nurture it
If it should ever fall apart
Love someone who’s willing
To become stranded with you
So you both can be saved
 May 2018
devante moore
I’ll never forget how this started
A simple compliment
Nothing fantastic
Or dramatic
A didn’t swoop in fast
With some sort of smooth line
I wasn’t trying to sweep you off you’re feet
I just couldn’t keep my words to myself
Contemplation in the way
But I’m going to say it anyway
This all started
Because I said you had pretty eyes
 May 2018
devante moore
One roach
Now two
Crunch beneath my feet
I don’t know who’s better off
Them or me
They’re antennas still wriggle
Feet still twitch
The second one crawls on the floor
Struggling to get away
But soon it’ll be dead
And I just sit an stare
Tears filling up In my eyes
But I won’t dare weep
And I’m not sad because it’s about to die
At least it’ll be free
But not me
I still have to deal with this pain
Of feeling like the crushed roach
 May 2018
devante moore
Assume everyone will betray you and you will never be disappointed

-Tobias Beckett
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