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 May 3
devante moore
Flew into the heart of the storm
To afraid to look over my shoulder
I know it’s nothing but an empty seat
Co pilots missing
As always it’s only been me
A message from the tower
Chimes in like the voice in my head
But it just comes across as static
Message unclear
Warnings missed
Is it my fault?
Alone in the cabin
But I still decided to take off
Couldn’t hold on
No applicants deem fit
All protocols cleared
Now I fight to keep the plane in flight
Carrying the hurt and hate
The pain and fear
Saddens and embarrassment
All seating in their separate chairs
But this is where we might all go down
Engine one failed
Brace for impact
The turbulence was stronger then we feared
 Feb 7
Mohd Arshad
He can change

A stone

Into a gem
 Feb 6
Mohd Arshad
The sun is sharp in the sky
Leaves are talking as slowly
As if they are shy of
Making their love in the open
And butterflies are trying
To listen to their feelings
I'm waiting for her
I think i can't better place than this
To put the rose on her palm
And lock her lips with mine
 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad
Make a wall but keep a hole in it
If I cry my brother can hear me
 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad
Your eyes
                  Are deep valleys


I am drowned in them
 Jan 2022
Mohd Arshad
The mouse gnaws at bones
At the pace of day and night;
After that it squeals.
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
Without sorrows

Who would care of our tears?
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad

       At my window

I kiss
 Nov 2021
Mohd Arshad
I stand alone
When the gloom of dilemma suffocates me

I'm not heading in the wrong direction
As it has been my passion
And I'm going to my cherished destination

But I stand alone
When I need a hand to cover the distance

What tomorrow unfolds will be in my palms
Still I stand alone
Still I stand alone
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Is not an incidence

It's a long process of being disciplined......and sacrificing desires.
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Failure is the door
Through which success enters
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
The dullness of life
Lies in not enhancing knowledge......
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Like dews resting
                   On petals

Like snow
                  Holding fingers of leaves

Thy memories were shining
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