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 Jul 2020
South by Southwest

Some of them were strangers

Some of them were without any rule

None of them would see another tomorrow

And if the innocent are guilty

Of the crimes they are harboring within

Then what are the chances in the hands of the convicted

There in the tiredness of what resignation brings

In the rejection of your everything

When the dawn draws close with no exceptions

Some of them were crying

Some of them stood brave

In the end it just didn't matter . . .

All of their dreams came tumbling down

All of their love would soon expire

And the void in the midst of the distance left not a sound

As the earth swallowed all that mattered

It covered all of their future faults

Leaving the fresh dirt of new direction

Some of them were young

Some of them were old

Some of them were men and the others were women

Some of them were just in the wrong location

Maybe they had the wrong face of denial

Just maybe in memory they will not be forgotten

For being guilty of being innocent
 May 2019
there are 6 billion people in the world
                  6  ******* billion

of those there is at least one for you.
    maybe you’ll meet them in a quaint, coffee shop
         or your favorite book store.

no matter, what, there is someone

                                                              o­ut there

l o o k i n g   for   y o u.

just like you are  l o o k i n g   for   y o u.
 Apr 2019
Jim Davis
World’s full...
of miserable people
not to join them

©  2019 Jim Davis
If you can’t beat them, don’t join them!
 Dec 2018
Silence Screamz
Beat passed the abandoned houses and ranschackled shacks
Splinters on the floor, my toeless sock taps time with the rats

Do you hear their tiny feet dancing on the door mat?

The only pain I know is when I see  myself looking forward and then I look back

Back at the shadows on the wall,
this space is not meant for me at all.

I began crawling on my hands and knees, through the mud filled lies and suicidal cries, condemning you to
moments of frozen time.

But wait a minute. Is it all in my mind?
I dont know, hold on but now I feel fine.
I feel like I have lost my words.
Once they flowed so easily
Time has ripped my mind from the flow of my mouth.
I fell in love with a someone else's soulmate.
I became selfish and jealous and pushed myself to a point that my words became useless.
When you choose emotions over words instead of bringing the two together
you create a self destructing version of yourself that lives on the outside while the true version of yourself watches on the inside.
Hiding writing is the hardest thing I chose to do with my life
I would look around at creation and say to myself, 'that's nice.'
Only my insides are screaming, 'describe it! write it down!'
Or something dark would encompass my being and instead of fighting with a pen, I cowered, crumbling.
I allowed myself to be swallowed, digested, and even parts left behind, scattered around a crime scene where my words made a difference
Instead I chose a cowards way, pretending I was incompetent
And my words slowly dwindled down as short as I could possibly make them.
One day, I saw a baby chicken have a seizure, and I started to cry. And as my tears flowed, I thought to myself how would that chicken describe me ?
It seems extremely odd I know, but in that moment I couldn't think of a single word. My lungs tightened as I continued to hold this now lifeless creature.

Feelings with words
No one knows the darkness I feel under my skin
How twisted I felt, trapped beneath a weighted cloth
Yet your hands, rough, removed the cloth and inspired my soul to be genuine
To no longer hide beneath a veil of innocence, but to embrace the dark and love deeply within its covers

You walked in as a gentleman
You would leave as a wolf
Making me yearn for memories we had made together to happen again
giving anything to relive the movie of us, the moment I kept staring at your lips wondering what they would taste like

Now I am unable to breathe, feeling a constant choking in my throat, a squeezing in my stomach.
Your cologne rips through my body, makes my mind flash to the night we rubbed against each other, how much passion how felt after I realized I did not kiss you correctly

I am sure I did it all wrong
I am sure you do not feel the same
And since I am treading with my lips barely above the surface of the water
I know you will not extend your hand
Or even offer an assuage for my broken body

And yet you smile, you laugh, knowing how I must feel, being unable to breath around you
You intentionally speak my name with a ragged breath, which again sparks another cluster of memories
Im dying inside, collapsing within leaving nothing more than an empty seashell that rattles because of the broken pieces

Part of my mind wants amnesia, to forget about the way you make me feel
however the other part begs me to keep memories fresh, feeling your flesh against mine
Never stop
Don't let the wounds heal

I know you bite,
I again feel the pressure of your mouth against my throat, my heart racing as I beg for you to rip my innocence open
And allow the weight to flow freely from my veins

Eventually I need to move on
I have to stop looking your way, or driving the same route home that you do
I have to tell myself that you never truly wanted me, that you just used me, and now your memory is simply a poison in my veins that burns and adds more weight to my cloth

if only your venom would stop tasting so sweet
Heartbreak feels as though it will never heal. Im hoping the wound heals through writing
 Aug 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

The earth , it hurts,
The sun , it burns,
The darkness, it lurks,
Can't see, further,
Ya mom , ya dad , ya sister , can't save,
Turning away from a long display of
emotions as fast as they came,
Be you , not them,
Reality , A sim,
Don't answer , to him,
Not her , not them,
They don't , want you , to be , the best,
Follow yourself and your guide and I
swear that your physical will be beat the
Session , is over,
Confused, not sober,
Just my luck , leaf clover,
Fight , like a soldier,
Put , your rage , and ego , aside,
Make the decision and put yourself first in whatever you will decide,

Sometimes I need a little head space.
I don't know how long the healing takes.
But who here wants to be the middle man?
I guess its time for us to take a stand.
 Jun 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

putting lives on the line for some dough.
poison air reach your lungs and theres
possibilities are endless with this world.
I just hope you see it one day when it
avenues in fire and people get lost.
everybody in a crisis and the weak gets
symbols and trauma turns your mind to
simple idiots when you worship a trump
or bush
Well take a look at what you've done,
Ain't pointing fingers,
No time to run,
Time stand and fight,
Got your whole life,
Circling the outer realms instead of
finding the inner,
Just don't plant no seeds if you love
being a sinner,
Life are on the lines to save weak people
like you and you,
We learn through and through,
That if we feed the demon everyday of
our lives , we could lose the juice,
The choice is up to you,
But I know what I'mma' do.
 May 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Soul bleeds through the clouds,
Its gasoline for now ya,
If I was buried in the soil,
Then up will sprout a flower ya,
things could never go as planned,
I really really need to know ya,
will this day ever end?
I guess we'll never know ya,
the essence floats up high,
I really wanna be with you ya,
diamond valley in the flesh,
But I just gotta get there ya,
**** a new world order,
we live in poverty ya,

People will come and go like some epidemic,
No one here begs your pardon like a parting gift and,
They will forget you even when your none existent,
Hard enough in society to be a black man,
Play your cards right and you will see a better fortune,
Staring at what you've always wanted in your life,
Struggles are real and dangers will make it to you,
Armor yourself with courage and meditations light.
 Mar 2018
Sarah Mann
A life without problems is something that we all secretly wish for.
I think more than we realize, problems is what makes us who we are.
Every single day it's a battle, whether we know it or not.
We dress in our armor, shoulder blades and helmets.
Made out of steel to protect us from the world and from one another.
We charge head first into a fight, blinded by adrenaline.
And get torn down to the bones. We can see your skeleton.
All of your deepest aspirations, the love and hatred all blended into one.
Displayed out on the floor for everyone to see.
This isn't the person I wanted you to be.
Who are you? Silence abounds, the decisions have become so muddled.
The door has been shut.
Take a deep breath, try again.
Once again, you put on your armor.
Sliding on the metal chest plate and helmet, you feel redeemed.
There was nothing in this world that could hold you back.
Or so you thought, you were so sure that you would succeed.
You were so sure that nothing in this world could stop you.
And that any foe you ever met would just leave you alone.
You were wrong, and I was a fool to believe you.
I sat idly by while you fought in the war, not saying a word.
I was too afraid, terrified really that you would come home too soon.
I listened as you rambled on about your buddies and your struggles.
I enjoy the way that you strung words into a sentence in a manner that was so elegant.
You told me that, everything was going to be okay, as long as you were in control.
Speak only if spoken to, you're wrong, I will speak whenever I please.
I prepare for a final battle. I slowly put on the mask of a warrior.
You stand up tall and look down at me and laugh for you underestimate my tenacity.
To you, I was nothing more than a memory.
The bell rings and the fight commences.
Two shots at my face.
Three shots down the drain.
Four shots, and you scream out my name.
Five shots, I’m tired of your little game.
Six shots, I will no longer cower in shame.
You taught me what it was like to have freedom.
The freedom to live, the freedom to explore, the freedom to be me.
Why did you take it away? I ask with tears rolling down my cheeks.
I fought for this life, I fought for this love, and I fought for my choice.
A world where I cannot speak, is a world not worth living in.
Because in this world, I have chosen to fight for my voice.
Last edited on February 27, 2017.
Originally written for an assignment based on the yama and niyama tenets of yoga.
 Mar 2018
Andrew Durst
Some people live purgatory lives;
they dance with the invitation
of death
just long enough
for the moment
to become romantic
then they usher the
entire idea
right out the door
as if being
with the end
is an easy way
to pretend

they cannot
         go at any moment.

Some people chase
   the idea of death
so much
they forget to
do something
as simple
yet profound
as live.

We spend every day
repeating cycles
and trying to make
our routines
then remain
frustrated at

     everyone and ourselves

for not being able to get this fluctuating life right


I am learning that getting it right
takes doing it wrong
more than
quite a few


that is simply something neither you or I can be ashamed of.

We cannot substitute the lessons
that failure and patience bring us-
all we really can do is
face our hardships
with limited understanding
and obtain what we can
from our moments of misery.

I am finding more and more
         that myself
  lingers in those moments
and I am beginning to appreciate
the days
I spend
          & subtle
           of what I can


You see,
I used to fear my own presence.
Shake my head at my own sight.
Be disgusted with my thoughts
and ruin my existence.

I used to do all of these things because I felt
I was not the person taking charge
      for my life.
I was not the person owning responsibility
for their actions.
I was not the person acting on their decisions
although the choices were petrifying.
I was not that kid because


I had yet to find the opportunity in my failures.
I had yet to see the potential in my flaws.
I had yet to understand that there are twenty-four hours
in a single day
and we can own every single one of them
when we are not focused on defeat.

And that sounds a little extreme at first,
I know,
but if I can convince you of anything today-

please do not be afraid of change.

Welcome it with open arms and be prepared for
your entire life to get uncomfortable
when you start being honest with the world
and most importantly-

I have let go of so much heartache
from no longer pretending I am okay.

I have let go of so much anxiety
from not allowing others to hold
their expectations over me.

I have let go of so much depression
from standing up for myself
because I was sick of the world
telling me NO.

I have let go of so much
useless negativity
and have said goodbye
to so many friends
and relatives
choosing compassion
over what they took from me
always kept me on
the better course;

a step ahead
when they were looking behind
and reflecting
by the time
they could realize
intuition wins.

but I guess depending on which way you are looking at it-
all of this is just bragging of course.

So I will never mind you
if you are not listening.

I will forgive you
when you come around.


know that I am too.

And for every dream you are chasing-

    it is chasing after you.

Thank you.
Kudos if you read this all. I hope it helped. Even though some might find this appalling- I just hope it get's to at least one of you.
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