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 Aug 2021
Francie Lynch
I can read her lips.
Each word formed
With the red and ivory embouchures
That play to my lust.
My mouth moves in sync:
I think, she says,
The blind old perv, she continues,
Has binoculars.
 May 2021
Francie Lynch
We know there is an island for lost toys;
A chest for lost treasure;
Pandora's box for one last hope;
The morning brings lost dreams;
And the heart fills with lost loves.
For socks, we have a dryer.
Today is lost sock memorial day. Go figure.
 Dec 2020
Francie Lynch
Strange guests appear on Christmas Eve,
Entities, more real than seems;
And POTUS soon will get three visits,
From three well-known, transparent spirits,
That call as an unholy host.
Stormy, his first ghastly ghost,
Then Moscow Mitch to **** his boast;
But the ghost of Christmases to come,
Is New York's Vance; there's scary fun.
 Nov 2020
Poetic T
A woman is somewhat like

If she takes a Twix,

    be it one or both.

Well then, you are in luck.

But if she is a Kit-kat,
    and takes every finger.
Then by all accounts my friend
who at best is a mar-bar at worse
     a pack of Rolo's.

Well, you're not touching the sides.

With that in mind, the tongue is wider
        and can taste a woman much better. :)
 Oct 2020
Francie Lynch
Trump exposes himself
When he minds his
Pees and Q'Anons.
The golden showers, hookers and the Don.
 Jul 2020
Francie Lynch
It's not a macho thing.
It's not a Republican choice.
He's not worried
We won't hear his voice.
He just can't wear a mask,
It's not because of manly fears;
It's just Putin
Likes to hold
**** lickers by their ears.
The mask would keep slipping off with each lick.
 Jun 2020
Mike Hauser
I carry around a Phillips head
To tighten up loose screws
An empty bag I keep in hand
To collect all the marbles that I lose

The elevator I'm riding in
Doesn't stop at all the floors
Happy with insanity
Who out there could ask for more

The toys that are in my attic
When they come out to play
Take my hand as we skip through Bizarro land
On any given day

Card games are entertaining
But always over so fast
When what I'm holding in my hand
Is not quite a full deck

Being four quarters short of a dollar
I will never strike it rich
Nor live in the nicest of places
Having a load that's short a few bricks

So if you come a knocking
And find nobody home
I'm out on the streets of crazy
But believe me I'm never alone
 Apr 2020
Francie Lynch
Reducing the numbers
Of the homeless,
Poor and diseased.
 Apr 2020
Francie Lynch
All global wildfires are extinguished.
Kim has a new heart, and dismantled his *******... arsenal.
Brexit is complete, without N. I.
Millions of refugees find new homes.
Climate change has changed.
The O Zone hole collapsed on itself.
Acid rain got ph-ed.
Russia votes in new fearless leader.
Covid-19 is a Democratic hoax.
Trump resigns saying only,
Pigs grow wings.
On an April Fool's note.
 Feb 2020
Francie Lynch
One's unschooled tool
Should not rule
The behavior of its owner.
Keep your head in check,
Don't regret,
Lack of control of your *****.
So, here's the long and short of this,
Nothing's owed
To the *****.
Have a peek at, " Ode to a ******. "
 Nov 2019
Francie Lynch
Da's  an ***** grinder,
Grinding heart and tongue;
Bull pizzles for his daughters,
Ewe livers for his sons.
Cranking in the summer kitchen,
Out of the morning sun.
He strings savory sausages
That please most everyone.

Mammy's in the smoke house
Anticipating some;
Mammy cooks when Daddy grinds,
She likes a little tongue.
Tsk, tsk.  Tongue in cheek, and a tad naughty.
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