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 Sep 2021
Thomas W Case
Life wears me out with
its twists and turns
and hairpin curves.
I keep waiting for a long
peaceful stretch of
highway, bathed in
the rising sun;
a golden wheat field
to the left, a moss covered
pond with dragonflies to
the right.

The road turns to
gravel and rapidly
climbs uphill.
There are signs along
the way that promise
the world.
The road becomes narrow,
turns to dirt,
and ultimately disappears.
 Jan 2021

Whisper from willows
To guide you on your journey
Let love be your hope

Mini haiku from my journal 💜
 May 2020
Saumya Aloysius
My love for you is
like the violent sea
So powerful & deep
it will forever be

Through gale, wind &
heavy rain
It will hold our
every pain

Our hearts are
so pure & sweet
I love you more
with every heartbeat

- Saumya Aloysius
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