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 Nov 2014

Are you from around here?
I asked throughout his song
While staring to the evening skies,
behind a day so long

His answer shone so brightly,
a beacon in the mist
This sympathetic voice did tell
in winter dreams as this

Long ago I lived my life,
forever to be strong
Now singing in the dead of night,
you hear my star lit song

So gaze upon my volume,
my music lights the way
Still shining an eternity
yet changing everyday

Am I from around here?
Come listen to my tune
Every night I sing to thee,
you see I am the moon
 Nov 2014

Closer yet still far away
my heart does feel your beat
Tempting as a summer’s days
or something quite as sweet

Over valleys long and true
I long for but your touch
Just the very thought of you
does make my world so much

Reaching at a beacon strong
on the horizon’s line
Waking from an evening long
in hopes that your are mine

Falling quick upon my knees
gazing to the skies above
In this world that all do see
please send to me her love

Stars surround my every dream
in solitude to know
Cast off by a tiny beam
this evening’s moon does glow

As it washes on my face
the peace I feel so deep
Memories I can’t erase
forever I shall keep

Touch me from this distance far
and bring my smile to feel
Softness of the way you are
in love it feels so real

Break from this which you do hold
and cast these feelings true
I’m waiting on this moonlit night
for but the love of you
 Nov 2014
Harley Hucof
It's in moments like these
where the universe is revealed
I find myself wandering the infinite land
searching for a lover and a friend

The moments of peace
where freedom is revealed
tales of Gods and Goddesses

New music my last hope
my first trip away from home
I am me ! can't you see?
i'm real not a normal human
i'm just meat

Why am i here?
dazed chasing desires and dreams
i could shake the ground beneath your feet
but things don't look always as they seem

Lets sail this ship to escape our past
Sins that killed the innocence while the demons laughed

It's in moments like these i fly high and dance with the stars
where i'm back to the womb

but for others it's just the tomb..

Words Of Harfouchism.
If you can relate to that, i admire you
 Sep 2014
The things I write will no more be remembered then my footprints on the beach; slowly being washed away by the waves of time. But this matters not for I wish to leave behind something more permanent. To change the lives of others and inspire them in all they do. To push people to commit good deeds, and have faith in humanity. To put faith in themselves, and all they can accomplish.
 Sep 2014
Things are always so much better when you love life!
 Sep 2014
The circle of life,
Spins round and round.
Without a sound.

It keeps the balance,
And all things true.
It controls everything,
Except for you.

You have a choice,
To break the chain.
Take forth you life,
Don't live in vein.

It may not be easy,
You mustn't give in.
You don't want to regret,
What could have been.
 Sep 2014
Stuck in this hole,
With no way out.
I've dug to deep,
Now I just pout.

So I sit down and cry,
I start to give in.
Then I remember my choice
And I'm choosing to win.

So I stand up with pride,
And new found passion.
I start digging into the walls,
In a crazed like fashion.

I start to fill in the hole,
And see the light.
I make the final push,
With all my might.

Fortunately I'm free from my hole,
And finally on level ground.
Unfortunately, now all I can see,
Is Billions like me all around.

I'm still not special at all,
Not one single bit.
I need to start climbing up,
And I know it'll take a lot of grit.

As I climb higher,
And look down at where just stood.
I can see the hole I climbed out of,
And Billions who haven't climbed up, but should.

I look up,
And see only a few above me.
So I kept climbing on,
Feeling a greater sense of glee.

Finally I reach the top,
The peak of all that is known.
I walk over and take my seat,
My well deserved thrown.

Overwhelmed with joy,
I shout out my good will.
And what to my surprise,
I see my windowsill.

I sit up in bed,
Rubbing my eyes.
It was all but a dream,
Of what could arise.

It finally hit me,
That this was my fate.
I must never give up,
I must become great.
 Sep 2014
Dreams tell me everything I will ever need to know.
 Aug 2014
We only really hate what we do not fully understand.
 Aug 2014
The only one who really needs to care is you.
 Aug 2014
Joe Cole
From Americas rocky mountain tops to the Himalayan snow capped peaks
These are things of nature that all of us should

Australia's barren outback, England's green and pleasant
Nature free for all mankind who seek her gentle

From the Amazon's tropic forest to the Arctic's icy
All are things of natural beauty if you travel at natures

The azure blue seas of the Pacific isles, cruel dark seas of the southern cape
All placed there by natures hand, to be respected without

Drab brown plumage of the desert vulture, bright birds of
Birds of every color, birds of every

Scorpions of the desert sand and the Grey Atlantic
All put there for a reason that only nature can

Think about the lion, Africa's king of
The soft eyed Chinese panda that our children find so

Mountain tops and hidden valleys,  vast lakes and rolling
All a part of nature that should not be

Animals, reptiles, birds put there for me and
They should be studied in the wild, not trapped inside a

We can't alter history or repair the damage that we've
But we can try to stop the destruction of the world that's mine and
 Aug 2014
Don't tell me that you understand,
Don't say you know how I feel,
Don't pretend that you know what this is like.
You are not me,
And you will never know how I feel.
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