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 Sep 2014
Kate Lion
I am now
attached at the thumbs
connected through the fingertips
it thinks for me
navigates for me
reads the minds of others to my face
it is a lens
through which I have access to an invisible world that no one can see
unless they have a prosthetic limb like me
 Aug 2014
Siddharth Penmetcha
My heart is shy, and timid
afraid it asks too much, past limits
but what pleasure is there to be got
in what is not, by the heart, fervently sought

Some pay their chests no heed
Let that beast flail around in its cage
The mind knows what one needs
It demands attention, hogs the stage

Yes there is sense, in listening
to well thought logic and reason
But the hearts wants what it wants
Even if its desires are out of season

Some let this battle rage, like me
till the cellar of logic runs dry
then the heart grabs the reins
and off we go, yelling do or die!

Cruel is the world, on soft hearted men
indifferent to such emotional fools as I
But the beauty in this world, the things of joy
are invisible, irrelevant to the mind

What fun is to be had, if all were wise
to the folly of dreams and love
To not have loved at all, is far worse
than to have loved and lost
 Aug 2014
Richard K
I hope you see yourself in the things that I do,
I hope you see my eyes staring back at you.

Don't think for a moment that I didn't put you there,
Don't think for a moment that I don't care.

Because I do.
I do.
I do.
I do.
Words you never said to me, words she always said to you.

I hope one day you hear my name,
And watch my art scream my pain.
I hope you see my story told,
Finally free, your words getting old.

I have written you down, I have moved you through my feet,
I have sung you out loud, and I have saved you a seat.

So please, come and watch my display,
My performance of grief, I am the author of this play.
This dance, this art that holds your name,
I hope that you see you too, because I do the same.
I am still getting a hang of this. Hang with me.
 Aug 2014
Josh Bass
I had a three hour layover so I ordered a bartender's handshake
She smiled at me and said "welcome home"
I smiled at her mistake and
told her I was only a visitor
She placed two glasses down and poured the fernet and ginger
The strong solvant dissolved the feeling of being alone
She poured another at half price
For the next three hours
I sipped the heart out of a perfect San Francisco night
 Aug 2014
Jennifer Weiss
Soul mates
I'm still on the fence.

But I never lied once when it comes to love, in my defense.
I never said forever if forever wasn't meant.

And I suppose it's impossible to use something for all your life and not expect any dents.

I guess this is my best and worst subject, everything for which my life was meant.
 Aug 2014
Beware: Do not fall in Love with an artist.

An artist is definitely the most dangerous to fall into a relationship with.
You won’t even know you’re the exact facsimile of their work.

They will tear your heart to bits,
more than likely to generate a new showpiece.

They will watch your irises go from fields in bloom to dull skies,
and your black pupils go from metallic to charcoal.

They will be able to stroke your hair softer than a paintbrush,
and watch your little detail emerge from something pallid.

They will be able to memorize the structure of your face,
then round your cheeks and chisel your dimples into rock.

They will sing lightly the melody you’ve made,
as they cling to your torso as if a life source.

Do you see the danger?
For the love of god, beware.
 Aug 2014
Jessie Latham
allow me to spill into your
fire-fed circle
like dust amidst our heap

let me live within
your deep

may your soul breathe full
against my brine
a fortress carelessly built
along the edges
of my spine
& may every touch I taste
with blood and wine

may your eyes be my
until all kingdoms come

& may all your
beneath my skin seep
& come undone

ik houd van u

you are my
 Aug 2014
Nathan Squiers
It's like a holy war
When the masses march upon me.
The whole scene leaves me sore--
A hole seen by those who soar--
And, broken and bloodied,
I grin up at them and ask for more.

It's like a holy war,
And its when those holy *******--
A horde, a mass, of masochistic masters--
Hone on me like a holy task, there's
No greater sight for my eyes to see.
When they're still so certain;
Certain that the unholy one is me.

Twasn't me that drew this curtain,
And I ain't the one that's hurtin',
When they make their deals with devils.
See, it isn't standing up to rebels
When your convictions tremble;
It's your morals that need sortin'.

In this war of a devils against devil,
It won't be the youngbloods left to revel.

Come at me with your holy war--
I've fought before and demanded more--
But you'll come to find that what's in store
Will be far greater than what you're aiming for.

I don't see why you can't admit it:
That you've become demons, just like I did.
Yes, there's a darkness within me,
But, as the villain you want to see,
I'm afraid that I just can't take credit.
When the greatest sin that I've committed,
Was shedding light on all that you all did.
Been a while since I busted out anything new, so I figured I'd hit the scene with a bang (hello again, HelloPoetry <3 ). I've been writing a lot lately, so a lot of the rhythm here is inspired by some of my favorite J-rock & Visual Kei bands (the music that makes up my writing playlist) as well as the lyrical flow of rap/hip-hop (a genre I've found myself increasingly drawn to lately for whatever reason (I never fight these things  lol).

As is the case a lot of the time, this is hardly illustrating JUST a personal struggle, but offering some support to so many others who face a similar struggle of their own. To those in such a situation, this poem is for you, and let me remind you that you not only have strength in numbers, but your own untapped strength, as well.

I find myself--either for my religious or moral/ethical views or any other reason that people see fit--often targeted by a person or persons who see fit to villainize me, and I find myself growing suspicious that the only reason for this is so they can feel like the heroes when they take me down.
Sadly for them, I've yet to fall, and I wish the same strength and track record to those out there facing the same situation.

— The End —