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 Sep 2017
Bor ehgit
Beth, don’t let me break now, as I see you dancing throughout the house. You were always the stronger one, always smoothing over my not so perfect parts. I’m still waiting for you to walk through the front door. Shivering as you hang up your winter coat, and then smiling as you run to the warmth inside my arms. The memories  are becoming stronger every day your gone. Last night I sat out on our back porch and listened to the sound of rain drops. Imagining that every drop on my cheek was a soft kiss from your lips. Goosebumps crawling up my arms, leaving that weightless feeling inside my stomach; like you always did. I found myself smiling, hoping you were watching somewhere and smiling too. In short, I’ll carry you with me forever. Every wrinkle on my aging skin a constant reminder that soon we will be holding hands again.
"where night is...romeo at a window"


black rock, gold
leaf edging a page.


night drowses its
engines dark alleys
and empty cans.


the night sinks back
like a technicolor
cartoon, blue-green,
it rolls like a film, it
sings of old love
in its fiery steels.


today i am juliet
waiting for romeo
i wait forever for
one kiss while the
sky calls out
love to the dreaming


romeo, oh, romeo,
and the night's
ghostly petals
unwind their
sweetness in the
tree-lined lanes
of the moon.
 Apr 2017
you can't help but stare
and stare
and stare
until you hate everything about your face
how many freckles you have
it can only cover the scars for so long
the insecurities for so long
lips coated in thick red
eyes you coat with liner and eye shadow
face caked with foundation
baked with powder
contoured to the gods
eyebrows on fleek
you slay
sometimes you don't recognize yourself in the mirror
and it makes you happy because you can't imagine living the rest of your life looking you without make-up.
will you ever love you?
you, without the makeup?
I wear make-up myself and 100% understand that some people wear because they want to and not because they're insecure about their faces. but, there are A LOT who do wear make-up bc they are insecure, and bullied, and just don't want to look like them anymore. i was like this, i kind of still am. it's hard to get over, and sometimes you can't.
 Dec 2015
Suhani Arora
I have forgotten your countenance

The swing in your voice

The blink of your eyes

The smile on your freckles

The scars on your knee

(that I kissed everyday)

I don’t remember a thing

The heart no more sings your name

You seem so trivial and away

The eyes seek another

And yet, I am writing for you

So, I will let our idiosyncrasies talk

Like they always have.

I am leaving this poem unfinished, like us

I cannot find more to write

You see, I don’t remember a thing

Except that, I remember it all.
 Aug 2011
Louise Johnson
I breathe in the poisoned fumes,
Of culture, spirit and mind,
Of what I thought was right but turned out Wrong.
I look at myself in the reflection of time,
I scream.
Where Did I go ?
I disappear slowly,
Scared to turn around,
I don't know what is lurking in the corner of my mind.
I sit in the middle as my fears surround me,
But I slowly stand up and face them one by one.
My mind doesn't seem so dark anymore,
I don't feel so dead anymore.
I look in the mirror and I see it in my eyes,

I start to feel it in my heart,

It's all things that can make a man cry,

It is distance that we part

I didnt think it would take much for you to realize,

To read between the lines,

To look deeper inside,

Take the time,

For us to confide

It's love I wish to share,

It's something fragile I need to give,

So please listen, take a chair,

My life...with you, I want to live

One second,one minute,one moment,

I want you to give me,

To show you what Im worth,

To get you to believe

Cupid has lended me a curse,

Of falling in love with the first I see

Im sickened by you, I need a love nurse,

I really think I do, I do

They say that some phenom makes your heart skip a beat,

And I know its because of you

The thought of love, passion, or desire,

I think of it as love's heart burn,

Because my heart finds you hot like fire,

For the love teacher, I have already learned

Now I want to quit wasting time and acually experiance it,

They say choose where your heart takes you,

So I try things a bit,

because your heart is known to seek truth,

And I followed my hearts footsteps

It lead me to where I met you...
Youngsecretpoetry (c() Johnathan Crutchfield
As my love for you seeps away,
As I lie here with nothing to say,
And all this time,it fly's by,
My heart grows smaller,and starts to die,
The vision of you,it starts to loose its touch,
My heart is big for you,
now not so much,I'm loosing love,gaining nothing,
I thought mylove for you,was acually something,
Feeling sorrow, but I cant admit it,
Here in solitude,thinking about it,
I'm not absorbing hate,
But I'm starting to believe somthing called fate.
Even though I just said all this stuff,
Im going to still love you,
but just not as such.
Bad things can happen to great friends,
for a moment their I felt as if my soul had to decend.
Now I'm feeling the letting off of sympathy,
and my soul coming to harmony,
but I still dont know why you were starting to feel,far from me.
Now as I open my eyes,
I see that nothing is intentional,
and how love can seem so non-fictional.
Love really gets to some people,
But to me it seems 2 dimensional,
Like ones real and the other is unbelieviable,
Love can control what we have,
believe it or not its decieviable.
But as I stumble on this path,
I soon began to relize that its always pleadable.
A scar on the heart, a **** on love,
And how it can cross ones heart,
And leave a cruel and happy story of true art,
From people of true parts,
That soon come together,
In the mixed emotions of bad weather.
Youngsecret Poetry © Johnathan Crutchfield!/pages/Poetrywriterspoems-youngsecret-/111156695600866
Love inclines for every step I take to reach, Hate that eats my soul as I weaken,it fieasts,Every time I take the time to look in something that shines,I get love sick because my love went to find,We sometimes try to back away but can't because the walls incline,
We all want to walk away at some moment,But we cant because of the signs that tells us to go and present. We all ask with what? Someone whispers what do they call the very time your in? we say the present,we wake up and thank our lord for this very present,We ponder about tomorrow til it comes and we see the one we need, The ones heart that feeds, ours, We all wish to have the courage to ask but we cant because of the power ..isnt enough.
Youngsecret © Johnathan Cructhfield!/pages/Poetrywriterspoems-youngsecret-/111156695600866
Here I see the grace,
All in one day,
I see the light, laughter, and joy,
created yet to be destroyed,
All this of a friend,
I wish to share my truest mend,
How this bring me to the right time,
To get to rejoice and join the shrine,
The shrine that heals ones darkest memeries and scars,
To protect you from it by afar,
Your the one I cant ignore,
The one I love everyday,more and more,
Complete my heart shall be,
If your forever by a side with me.
Youngsecret © Johnathan Cructfield!/pages/Poetrywriterspoems-youngsecret-/111156695600866
Being here,
lets me know Im doing well,
No signs of hate nor fear,
But joy and happiness something I dwell,
My success is bright and never fails,

I try to succeed,
To have a future planned out,
I strive and bleed,
And yet I still go on without a doubt,

Success? I count !
Trophies? I mount !  
Failure makes not a sound,
Success is the word the most profound...

Now you come and make my life great,
See what we have in common so that we can relate,
Maybe we'll be the most imperfect mates to make the perfect date..
Lets not stop our generations lets pass down our traits..
To beautiful kids,
So they can have a great life just like I did.
Youngsecret © Johnathan Crutchfield!/pages/Poetrywriterspoems-youngsecret-/111156695600866
The urge to let my mind free!

But scared of the reality,

I want to let my heart burst ,

And give quiench to my hearts' love's thirst,

Why does life want to push some one so hard?


I know what is wrong from right,

But I,I...I just cant hold off my hearts fight.

Love is a strong emotion, superior to my might.

my fatal death is in its sight.

My story maybe long,

My love maybe, strong,

But helping a friend is the life song,

Im "walking away", away from advantagement,

keeping my life going staying leginiment,

Love maybe the way to go,

but friendship is the one to show.

My life will not be held at low,

I refuse to give in,i choose to walk within,

To express myself to God,

Dont be absurd, I have chosen no sin,

God shall help me with an angel,his daughter,

I keep my head striaght,held high,

never looking down,never too the ground,

I shall speak the truth and keep no lie's,

{whispering} : I shall keep my love for her at a low sound,

But my friendship is greater then you "my love" , too profound,

Im going to do whats right,

because if I have nothing nice to say then I wont say it at all.

I wont let you ruin my life not even a day,

because.... Im ... Im !! {calmly} : walking away
YoungsecretPoetry © Johnathan Crutchfield!/pages/Poetrywriterspoems-youngsecret-/111156695600866

— The End —