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 Mar 2019
Lily Mae
An accidental whisper moved through
a soul thought to have been sealed; stone cold.

Yet there it was, alive with a warmth that
engaged; reawakening so many memories.

Laughter was born in those moments with a
gentle grace and ease; while fires burned in whispers.

A heart forever drifting in a space in time when
love existed in the purest form.

Forever grateful to feel that whisper move in,
making the heart of grace beat just one more time.
 Jan 2016
Hunter Miller
I never thought that it would come this far
Never expected i would fall this hard
I only knew the fun that we could have
With some drinks, and a bed, or a table instead
But Nothing new or real, just one quick feel
Like with the other girls that came, and went
But you surprised me, and filled me up
With things I didn't know I didn't have
I will miss you, when things blow up
I just hope it doesn't happen soon
But if and when, it does, go belly up
I'll keep your memory in loving dreams
And i hope you'll keep my shirt held tight
When you don't want to be alone at night
Cause if it's not you and me
And it fails miserably
Just Remember back to Christmas night
Then you can Smile and grin and start again
And make sure your always made to feel that bright.
 Aug 2015
Valora Brave
I was trying to describe you &
I could not escape the cliches
of doing you an injustice.
     to me you felt like light eyes
contrasting gray days
     to others you walked like a
dancing young child with years
untamed and wild
     to me you drifted, you were a
description - clear as the light that
contours your face & quickly I
was deceived by the obscurities
of your tenderness.
     I was trying to describe you,
but all I could feel was the
the colors you emitted and the tone that
played in your feet as you
danced across a campus made from
years of failures and successes.
     All I could taste was the
serenity of your voice and the tenderness
of your poise.
     I felt the colors you emitted
as I described you I told them

your laugh was simply *blue.
A poem about a blue eye woman
 Jun 2015
You cannot shame my desire
For it was there in your beginnings
Forming your flesh
Your parents touched
Yearned to be touched
And from their seeded success
You flew forth
Like a foaming seashell
Aphrodite sprang from their well

You cannot shame his desire
For though no seed may form new life
New love will still inspire
Male fingers fondling
Male lips caressing and expressing
The most natural of tendencies
While some shout indecency
I sigh with the beauty of love and lust
The local pride of human evolution
One ****** upon the next

You cannot shame her desire
Though soft or hard
Feminine or masculine
Butch or diva
There is no need to classify
Her desire is not a matter of wrong or right
But of desire

And for all those outside
Or somewhere in-between
These three things
Those who sit still circling
Jittery with uncertainty
Desiring or not desiring
You cannot shame them

For it is all so beautifully complicated
 Apr 2015
Louis Brown
From the time I saw your face, I wanted to learn from you
So Baby teach the course  I can really get into...
I wanna  earn all the answers, every credit in chemistry
'Wanna be an over achiever, have you believing in me

I wanna have love lessons in your arms
I want my lips to learn from lips so warm
I want those learning curves to lead the way
To a Magna *** Laude someday    
I wanna have love lessons in your arms

I like to analyze your smile down to the finest meaning
The homework is such fun it's almost like I'm dreaming
With you I'm in the fast lane and I pass the courses faster
Thanks for teaching me the ropes to help me get  my Masters


'Wanna get my education while learning from the best
I wanna earn a PH D being the teacher's pet


Copyright Louis Brown
 Mar 2015
Louis Brown
I shifted the driving stick
Turned on the gas
And begin gently
Driving down that sweet road
As I pushed the gears
To a faster speed
And enjoyed the highway
Under me
We both reciprocated
To the reactions
As the excursion uplifed us
Through the movements together
Down the curves and hills
Finally reaching culmination
As we climbed the last hill
In frenetic coordination
Reaching a wonderul crescendo
As we finished our first drive
And looking back in amazement
We realized we'd been missing out
On the most pleasurable part of living
And vowed to make sure
We'd make that drive again...
And again
 Feb 2015
Louis Brown
It was a long long ride
To Carrollton, Georgia
From Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Where I started from
Does she smile the same smile
I fell in love with
There's  been longer spaces
Between our communiques
Before leaving Bremerhaven
And making that ten day ocean trip
I still missed the warm closeness
Until the last phone call
She told me  she wanted one more fling
One more so she could squeeze
The last sweet drop from college life
Before we went on the marriage tour
Where she longed to make
All we could of another day
Ringing out our church bells    
But I felt a little cheated
For her to have a relationship
And me to feel the anguish
To always  wonder why
She couldn't hold on
Just one more whisk of time
Still it's so poetic in its justice
That she'll see no one here
To say goodbye to
 Feb 2015
Louis Brown
They think that it's right

To ****** day and night

And still be forgiven for their sins

It's time they met their lord

'Greet the longest sharpest sword

At the place where eternity begins
 Jan 2015
Louis Brown
Tomorrow's still a hill to climb
My new loves fade and die
They're so much like the seasons
Just hello and goodbye
But I can still remember one
Through yesterday's old mist
The love that time cannot erase
The sweetest on the list.....

I remember you so many hearts ago
I can't give up the dream we used to know
Other hearts that I have touched were easy come and go
But I remember you so many hearts ago

I loved it when your lips were mine
Your shadow on my wall
When I pulled you close to me
I know we had it all
I never can forget you
I tried in every way
I find that each tomorrow
Begins with yesterday

I remember you so many hearts ago
I can't give up the dream we used to know
Other hearts that I have touched were easy come and go
Oh, I remember you so many hearts ago

Copyright Louis Brown
 Jan 2015
Louis Brown
Her boy went off to war and died
     A long long time ago
Now nameless under foreign turf
     She half forgets it's so

Out in the yard an old chain swing
     Still holds a rusting board
And with each gentle breeze that blows
     Swings of its own accord

On sunny days she sits alone
     And peers at empty air
Without regards to laws which say
     That no one could be there

As though she still can hear a shrill
     Of laughter from the swing
She smiles toward the swaying board
     Immune to time's swift wing
Copyright Louis Brown
 Jan 2015
Louis Brown
I knew the man who stole more miles
Along the southern rails
Fifty-five years he rode those trains
On plains and mountain trails

I don't know what possessed my kin
If running from or to
But he loved those long freight trains
The only home he knew

It wasn't that he cared so much
Where those big wheels would roll
It was always in the going
That satisfied his soul

You couldn't tie my cousin down
On icy days or warm
A whistling train was in his thoughts
The day he bought the farm

I'm very sure what Heaven's like
For that old pal of mine
It has to be a long long freight
On a long long railroad line.....
Copyright Louis Brown
 Jan 2015
Louis Brown
It's dandy
Finding randy girls
As macho guys seem to
I drool at scenes
Like tight blue jeans
When a wiggle warms the view
I'm a gangster
For ****** samplers
And sweeties that crowd the beach
I used to shop
Till my eyes would lock
Where my right and left eyes meet
And when I gaze
At perfect sways
A tom-tom fills my chest
And I still cheer
For a lovely rear
But I race back to the best
For I love the one
That shares our home
She stirs me quite enough
In her gown
It flutters down
When we peel down to the buff
I can't afford
The babes on Broad
And cheating is too drastic
But I've long chose
My perfect rose
And hmmmmm she's still fantastic
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