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 Apr 2018
Even if the door is open for me
I wont go inside
Unless you let me in
 Aug 2015
Some people are
the poets
who fall in love
with every shadow
on the wall
and every flicker
of a tiny

Some people are
the poets
who drink coffee
dark as pitch
and they press
their candied lips
against the
armor of a pen
who translates

And some people are
the sparks
the light against
the ocean
the little bit of air
that blows the flame
into existence
when I blow it
out again
because I always
blow it out again
and need
the gesture
your soul
to light the
fire that
raves in
 Aug 2015
Annalise Berkeley
The problem with my sadness is that I cannot explain it
to anyone.
It is so quiet, so subtle, a reminder in the back of my mind,
a gloominess overlooking all time,
and in its quietness it is unbearable,
a pain all my own.
 Aug 2015
Frank Ruland
some things we fight
          for, tooth and claw--
uncertain when they'll fade

others, we lose sight
              and take for granted,
believing they'll "always" remain

however, in one night,
              that we believe unbreakable,
winds up forsaken; frayed

then, in foolish hindsight
              we wish them restored;
us, more attention paid
What I'm trying to say is, things we don't know for sure we'll have tomorrow we do whatever it takes to make them stay in our lives, like a job. However, there are some things that we grow all too familiar with and forget to pay attention to, like a car or loved one, because we mistake them as a failsafe, an uncertainty--so, we pay them little to no mind. Ironically, however, it's the things we take for granted that always end up breaking, and we suddenly don't know what to do without it.
 Aug 2015
Frank Ruland
H E L L  O N L Y  G E T S  H O T T E R

I can't escape my blunders
"Hello," Hell & high waters
Smoldering Skies* and the *crack of thunder
split the earth; I'm driven under,
"Where did the Devil go?" I wonder

— The End —