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 Mar 2015
Edna Sweetlove
To **** or not to ****, that’s the ******* question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the bowels to suffer
The twists and turns of outrageous rumblings
Or to take action against a bellyful of gas,
And by farting pump one out? To strain, to bloat
No more; and by a mighty outburst we’ll end
The gut’s ache, and the thousand natural stenches
That the **** is heir to, 'tis a resolution
Right devoutly to be wish'd. To ****, to ****!
But perchance to ****, there's the ******* problem;
For in that mighty **** of doom what turds may come,
When we have let the little beauty out from mortal tail,
Must give us pause; there's the danger
That makes calamity of the farter’s life;
For who would bear the sneers and mocks of men,
The neighbour’s shock, the lover’s curling lip,
The pangs of horrid stench, the *******’ o’erflowing,
The leaking **** orifice, and the drips,
Impatient strainings that the tragic farter makes,
When he himself might sweet easance make
With a careful prodding finger? Who would a ****-plug wear,
Grunting and sweating with noisome convulsions,
But that the dread of solids after air-release,
The undiscover'd oozings, from whose delivery
No toilet visitor recovers, puzzles the will,
And makes us bear the bellyache we have
Than fly to others we know not of?
Thus indigestion does make cowards of us all;
And then the native heave of constipation
Is sicklied o'er with the pale fear of defecation;
And enterprises of both ******* and crapping
With this regard, their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of exciting toilet action.
 Mar 2015
Thomas Conlan
Red river, red river,
take me on a ride down that
sweet scarlet stream.
Where we'll
our own path;
waking up from this dream.

Red river,
won't you carry me
to the place where I belong,
where the river
dries up
and our song is
left unsung.

Screams and terror,
of people who couldn't turn back.
Their bodies cast upon the
dried up dirt,

Down the river red they went.
Agony and pain; their two only oars.
Their lives drained into the
blood soaked sand.
Life begins so unexpectedly
but this time, ended as planned.
 Mar 2015
I want us to get lost in forests together.
to make sweet love under the dew soaked leaves of the trees.
for our bodies to be steaming in the cold unknown.
to create a rhythm with our bodies to the melody of our moans.
 Mar 2015
My breath dances a foxtrot
across her island flavored skin--
coconut and passionfruit
scents grapevine together, as our
joyful heartbeats intertwine
like a hummingbird's wings in air.

Her peppermint lips embrace
my nordic, hipster bear fuzz skin--
her feline eyes sing into
my soul, our flesh folds together
like a hungry flame devours
wood, we burn into crystal ash.
 Jan 2015
Terry Collett
His tongue
wet and slow
as a snail

from the back
of her bent knee,
up her thigh,
to the place

she'd ***
if he got there
too soon.
He wants to

awake her soul;
wants to
open her up
like budding flower

in spring
and make her
being sing.
She wants to say:

more, more, more,
but all she can do
is open her mouth
and release

a groan or moan,
an utter
of in-distinctive words
fluttering out

from between
hot lips
like free,
random birds.
 Jan 2015
My body
Is like the body of a poem
  That you're writing
And with each stroke of your quill
I lose myself but become more real
       I fall in love with your feel as you fill in my blanks
 Dec 2014
DC raw love
As I walked in the door
I saw a rose on the floor

A note at my feet
That said follow me

Peddle by peddle I found on the floor
A trail I would follow to the one I ador

The sent of her love
I picked up in the air

I walked passed a mirror
That said I love you in lipstick

My heart then started pounding
Full of love

I have to find my women
Is all I know

She loves these little games
It arouses me so

She's hiding somewhere
And I want her so

She tries to hide
But her  breathing is so hard

My passion goes wild
Because I love this girl

She can't hold it in
Nor either can I

We make love all night
Like the stars in the sky
 Dec 2014
Angela Moreno
I miss your thumb gently brushing my breast
Soft gentle strokes
Making goosebumps rise and prickle my body,
My spine curl with shivers.
I miss breathing in air as you whispered
"Anything. Anything to feel your heartbeat
On my hands."
 Dec 2014
I was walking home past the Rose Hill Cemetery right
around the corner from my tepee here at 111 North Street,
when I heard a sweet voice call me, breathy and my *** immediately took notice, when she said my name like she knew me intimately.
She said, "I am Mother Mary, and I have come to relay to you your
destiny." I froze-recalling all those psychedelics I used back in the 70's.
She continued, " Your need is great, and Jesus awaits, and all of heaven will
welcome you as the newest angel."
I swigged again from my Olde English 800, and thought, well,
and turned around quick, and saw three broke *******, I laughed.
They, smiled sweet, and begged one cigarette. I gave each two,
and all of my religion!
Swaying her hips,
she asks him to dance.
It is a masquerade ball,
and she's taking her chance.
From afar she had loved him,
too timid to even try.
But now she is taking,
tonight it's do or die.

Licking my lips,
I wonder if he can see,
How badly I want a kiss?
Can he sense my need?
My brazen desire
To just be pleased,
One night of lust,
Infatuation and

He pulled her close,
lips by her ear.
"Come away with me,
love me my dear."
Taking her hand he left,
through the crowd and up the street.
Stopping only once,
To kiss her oh so sweet.

My God, I wanna rip him apart right here
I'm so wet, I'm soaked through
I wanna lick, I wanna taste
I'll do whatever he wants to
I desire the feel of skin on skin
Please, just let us

Through the park they did run,
In a gentle summer rain.
Pushing her against a tree,
her pleasure was his aim.
Under the dress his hand did go,
While he bite at her lips.
She moaned into the night,
and rocked her curvy hips.

I want him inside me,
I can't wait till we get home,
No, just do me against this tree,
I'll pleasure him, if he just pleasures me
I'm writhing, I'm wet
I want his tongue probing my mouth,
His palms splayed on my back
Then moving so much farther

He turns her around,
she now faces the tree.
Throwing up the dress,
He goes on bended knee.
******* are ripped,
as his silken tongue seeks.
Her moans get louder,
as her legs get weak.

Oh, heavenly bliss
I've never felt anything sweeter
The feel of his talented lips
Just keep taking me higher
Although this is completely satisfying
The only thing I want is his entire length
  inside me

She rocked her hips,
begging for more.
As upon his tongue,
her essence did pour.
He let himself free,
Sliding it across her ****,
Then slipped slowly inside,
once he was slippery slick.

Oh My, just what I was waiting for
I failed to conceal the moan I let slip
He pushed even deeper inside me
And I couldn't help but bite my lip
With every inch I felt it farther in my core
I let out a scream, begging for
To Be Continued....
     Next **** Sunday

         Thanks Tata! A lot of fun with this!
              You're Great!
 Dec 2014
Her pain…
My knees are blistered
Hands clenched, white knuckles
My thoughts echo in my head
Over and over
Can’t you hear me…pleading

Her pain…
I’ve carved initials in imaginary trees
Wrote poems in fresh blood
Cried for no reason…yes reasons
My breath is heavy on my chest
I stare up…up…up

Her pain…
I am weaker, yet still strong
Singing promises in off tempo phrases
Drowning in sanded fears
Clutching my heartstrings
Dreaming nightmare blemishes

Her pain…
I have done the best I can
Smiled when I couldn’t
Laughed as I frowned
Collapsed against my well wishes
Screaming to the heavens

Her pain…put it all on me, all on me, all on me, all on me
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