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 Jul 19
Ghost of Jupiter
when the day surrenders
to the seduction of the night

celestial flowers bloom in my soul

their pollen, stardust
rising from my throat

I call out to you, o my love

your beauty, my sun I orbit

like the moons of Jupiter
I am held captive
by the gravity of your radiance

let me free fall into your arms
wrap around me like the rings of Saturn

so even Venus, in all her phases
will be envious of our love
Galileo studied speed and velocity, gravity and free fall, the principle of relativity, inertia, projectile motion and also worked in applied science and technology. His contributions to observational astronomy include the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus, the observation of the four largest satellites of Jupiter, the observation of Saturn's rings, and the analysis of sunspots

Thomas Cage and BLT challenge
 Feb 13
I wonder how long I will be
In this field of fantasy

you make me feel a star
you give me strength
to float through this world
like a firefly

to dream forever happy
enchanted by your charm
 Jan 10
S Smoothie
Fingers yearning, burning for touch

Cool skin warming under the heat of desiring eyes

Melded from memories of midnight places

And timeless glances

Welded eyes want to give all the clues to every secret longing, yet nothing away.

An inch spanning eternity a fragile bridge formed by the heat of breath swirling invitations of divine pleasures and intricate patterns for desires filled with aching, yet wanton abandon refrains

The rare heady warmth and enveloping depth of hearts intertwining in some mystic soul ritual, as if it had been too long and naught but for the savouring of such tension like the surface of clear glassy water before shattered by the shock wave of a projectile, just before chaos and expulsion ensue,

tip to tip shared breath, aching for the finite change of the slightest touch, not a hair arched forward, not a finger tip dared move, frozen in the complete confession of a love found unforced, not chosen, nor designed by day dreams. It just was as it had always been inextricably theirs yet not for this moment, this plane, or this existence, but love, never plays by the the rules
You're all on your own from here, do love like it matters most, do chances like they'll never come again, to life like it's the most wonderful thing of all!
 Sep 2019
Matthew Berkshire
Some women belong to the Spring.
They're meant to bloom,
but they were never yours to keep.
 Aug 2019
Matthew Berkshire
She was the finest of vintages,
and of her love, I drank deeply-
-knowing that my drunkenness
would be worth any hangover,
for a sweeter wine
I have not tasted.
 Aug 2019
Matthew Berkshire
And it was in April,
that she first arrived
with the bloom of flowers, and the scent of rain.

I was never sure from whence she came;
some high rise, or maybe from Spring herself,
but I knew,
from the first moment she grasped my hand
that she was so many things that I didn't realize
my soul thirsted for.

I knew then, that she would be worth the
heart break,
and that in those shattered moments
I would love her still.
 Aug 2019
Matthew Berkshire
Is the feeling when
you are not enough,
for someone who is
everything for you.
 Aug 2019
Matthew Berkshire
the WHY, is
a mystery
you have to
leg go -
- because if
you ever
found it,
would be
any different,
so you
free it
and thus
yourself too.
 Aug 2019
S Smoothie
For me on your way,

Tell them I miss them

in every single way

Their glittering like gems

It aches more than words can say

The divets and patches across the stars

Are mirrored in my heart

As I dig my feet into the grass

Empty spaces pierced with Twinkles

Like lightning bugs in jars

Memories fade to dark

Ill sustained by lengthy time apart

May they not forget me

Collectively my spark

I'll pass on my memories

I'll strike a light so bright

it leaves a mark

not visible by so far

But caught up in solar whispers

May it carry from star to star

And tell you of news and how we are

Making a way back

To kiss you close

message from afar

A kiss on the solar wind

Travelling from quasar to quasar

With passion,

Your long lost love.
Never lose hope on love. It never ends it only transforms and always returns renewed
 Aug 2019
S Smoothie
As I step on to the precipice of the unknown

I don't dare look down;

instead I trusted that once that step was taken

I flew.

The whistling of doubt swirling around my ears

Drowned out by the scream of delight

Free falling to uncertainty

I never bothered to learn how to fly

I had too much faith

All broken wings are mended

control is nothing but a choice

And never have I ever run out of choices

The best choice I have ever made

Is to call a ***** a *****

Never to doubt my self in anything

That mistakes aren't real

A course of action is simply a choice

and a collection of reactions

That don't exist except in a memory

I am always in control of my reactions

And that's why I didn't flinch when you threw my dignity to the floor

I walk out and left it

Obviously you were in need of some.

Excuse me, but I have other choices to make

Get the **** out of my way

I'm gonna fly!
Come fly with me!
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