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Is the feeling when
you are not enough,
for someone who is
everything for you.
the WHY, is
a mystery
you have to
leg go -
- because if
you ever
found it,
would be
any different,
so you
free it
and thus
yourself too.
 Aug 17
S Smoothie
For me on your way,

Tell them I miss them

in every single way

Their glittering like gems

It aches more than words can say

The divets and patches across the stars

Are mirrored in my heart

As I dig my feet into the grass

Empty spaces pierced with Twinkles

Like lightning bugs in jars

Memories fade to dark

Ill sustained by lengthy time apart

May they not forget me

Collectively my spark

I'll pass on my memories

I'll strike a light so bright

it leaves a mark

not visible by so far

But caught up in solar whispers

May it carry from star to star

And tell you of news and how we are

Making a way back

To kiss you close

message from afar

A kiss on the solar wind

Travelling from quasar to quasar

With passion,

Your long lost love.
Never lose hope on love. It never ends it only transforms and always returns renewed
 Aug 17
S Smoothie
As I step on to the precipice of the unknown

I don't dare look down;

instead I trusted that once that step was taken

I flew.

The whistling of doubt swirling around my ears

Drowned out by the scream of delight

Free falling to uncertainty

I never bothered to learn how to fly

I had too much faith

All broken wings are mended

control is nothing but a choice

And never have I ever run out of choices

The best choice I have ever made

Is to call a ***** a *****

Never to doubt my self in anything

That mistakes aren't real

A course of action is simply a choice

and a collection of reactions

That don't exist except in a memory

I am always in control of my reactions

And that's why I didn't flinch when you threw my dignity to the floor

I walk out and left it

Obviously you were in need of some.

Excuse me, but I have other choices to make

Get the **** out of my way

I'm gonna fly!
Come fly with me!
 May 22
Sometimes we need a little fog
in our life to remind ourselves
that everything isn’t always as clear as it once seemed to be.
 May 17
If there was one word
One word, isolated by itself
That I cannot stand above all others
It would have to be "Okay"
I despise "Okay"
Is how your millionth day at work went
Is off-brand raisin bran
Is how you say school is going
When you don't want to admit you spend
Every second of it
Wanting to die

Is packed to the brim with
Hidden implications
Like a treasure chest
Filled with bottles
With little subliminal hatreds
Written on tiny slips of paper
Passively aggressively pushed inside
To discover later
As I pull out a treasure map
And try to decipher
Where I went wrong

Is a one word dismissal
That feels like an essay a thousand pages long
Is a poison dripping with disinterest
When I dared to share with you
Something I thought might make you smile
Is like trying to talk to a wall
While watching the paint on it dry
Takes two seconds to write
Yet I waited days
For that dreaded word
To grace my notifications
Should be used sparingly
As if each time you send it
You **** the receiver just a little bit
Should not be said so often that
I know what you're about to say
Like I saw it in a crystal ball
Is not looking up from your phone
When I tell you about my day
Is not the proper response
To "I love you"

They say that the opposite of love isn't hatred
It's indifference
And I can't think of a response
More indifferent to pouring out
My heart into your hands
Than "Okay"
At least the last thing you said to me
Before we parted ways
Showed that you cared
At least a little bit
"I hate you"
Stung less
Than the thousands of times
Over our countless conversations
You responded
 May 16
Shiv Pratap Pal
I Die Daily
Daily I am Born

Life and Death
Both are my Friend

Death is Lovely
Life is ****

Death is Cool
Life makes us Fool

Death is inevitable
Life may fail

I like my daily Death
No tension at all

Sleep is my daily death
I enjoy it after all
I Die Daily.  What about YOU?
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