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 Jul 2010
David Bird
There was a young lady called ****,
Who let rip an enormous great ****,
  The might of the roar,
  Broke down her front door,
And proudly she said, "That's a start".

She bent down and gathered herself,
Two hands holding onto a shelf,
  She was eager to please,
  She locked out her knees,
And thought, I don't wish to use stealth."  

She lined up her powerful bot,
For another most frightening shot,
  Stripped the fur from a mouse,
  And demolished a house,
Which effort had made her quite hot.

She only had one more inside,
The power to make herself glide,
  She bit down with her tooth,
  And leapt from her roof,
Ten miles she flew, with some pride.
I'm sorry.

— The End —