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 Feb 9
Mohd Arshad
What are thy lips

 Feb 7
Mohd Arshad
He can change

A stone

Into a gem
 Feb 6
Mohd Arshad

I'm so blank!
Still, do you love me?
 Feb 6
Mohd Arshad
The sun is sharp in the sky
Leaves are talking as slowly
As if they are shy of
Making their love in the open
And butterflies are trying
To listen to their feelings
I'm waiting for her
I think i can't better place than this
To put the rose on her palm
And lock her lips with mine
 Feb 6

You become like the Sun —
Everyone stirs up to the heartfelt rays
And the sparkling light that It conveys.
They are indebted for Its existence.

But the sun doesn't try to draw attention to Itself.
It just appears in the morning —
Giving Its warmth and light inaudibly but graciously,
And sets Its time bomb by the evening.

Then It appears the succeeding day.
Everyone goes to bed –
Always looking forward to Its reappearance.
And they are frantic every single day.

You are a light in Christ Jesus –
You have been placed in the center of the room
And on top of the hill.

Don't you use that divine position
To show off your sheen,
Or entice any attention to yourself
So people can see how bright a light you are,
Or so you can intimidate them with your glow.

Instead, let ALL your vigor appears naturally
As you come back tomorrow with no other agenda –
Except to luster for someone’s road.
Giving off that deific balminess
And sunlit to the whole world – and all creations.
Be their warmth, then call it a day.
And you’ll be glad to rest in your sleep.

As long as you remain God-centred –
Allowing Him to spring His Nature through you
Without any selfish interest as the Sun does,
Then your life is full, firm, and accomplished each day.
 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad
Make a wall but keep a hole in it
If I cry my brother can hear me
 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad
The land
Of the poet's heart


 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad

Give me permision to read you
 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad
Your eyes
                  Are deep valleys


I am drowned in them
 Feb 3
Mohd Arshad
Butterfly is a
Colourful canvas where poem
Finds its perfect sketch
 Feb 3
Mohd Arshad
You and me
Two rails of a railway track

So close
Still apart forever
 Feb 3
Mohd Arshad
I have a fresh rose
                   in my hands
                                Still I smell only you
 Feb 3
Mohd Arshad
You            so
                and            close
                 me             ever
                are              still
                two             always
               parts           separate
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