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PrttyBrd   Creator
My words may not always be eloquent, but they are true. Writing to purge my soul rather than to please another is cathartic. Enjoy my ...
Liam   Editor
...displaced into being    Merely some words here... If upon reflection they become something more...all the better.
kasandra   Member
nyc    ♡ ♡ ♡
Mrs Ashley Somebody
Mrs Ashley Somebody   Member
25/F/No longer wandering :)    Joined September 14, 2013. | Purchase the ebook or hardback version of my book of poetry on here:
Molly   Member
You are allowed to be happy despite the awful things.
Sia Jane   Member
United Kingdom    "Don't cover my eyes for my fears are trapped beneath my eyelids.. And for each fallen eyelash is a wish for greater freedom." © Sia ...
sheep decline
sheep decline   Member
revisions    is it?
Valéia Cheshire Estérel
24/Two-Spirit/Lalaland    I am but a masterpiece of miscreations, existing from day to day, on a plateau of nothingness.. ღ ღ ღ These words hold my broken ...
Shannon Jeffery
Shannon Jeffery   Member
Australia    Hello to all who read my poems, welcome to my twisted space ;) A lil bit of info about me. I'm 22 ,I love to ...
pluie d'été
pluie d'été   Member
"We are alive to be who we discover before we die."
Kasey   Member
26/F/Phoenix    I had to choose between boredom and vulgarity and I chose vulgarity.
Franz A Bruck
Franz A Bruck   Member
Montreal    .
Emily Pidduck
Emily Pidduck   Member
I really like to try different types of poems. And I usually prefer the words unalike to mine because it's like encountering a different world. ...
peurdelavie   Member
australia    my mind is a mess
Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac   Member
India    Doctor, writing poetry as a release from this mad mad world. The poems on this page are the intellectual property of Meenu Syriac. So plagiarism ...
Katelin Michelle
Katelin Michelle   Member
"Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual." -Ernest Hemingway
amrutha   Member
21/F/Building galaxies within    We are all strange in our own ways We are all dancing to the music of things
Sky   Member
Ohio    I'm not who I once was
felicia   Member
indonesia    i shall forget you not
T   Member
BaileyBuckels   Member
in my house on a streat    eh, what gives
Taylor Roberts
Taylor Roberts   Member
Leland    Remember Emerson
ZL   Member
F/Earth    I feel sh*t, then write about it.
Ian Cairns
Ian Cairns   Member
Ohio    Current student. Advocate for all things positive. Full supporter of facial hair. Wannabe superhero. Writer in the making. © All work is the original property ...
samantha neal
samantha neal   Member
Euless, Texas    Call me Spam, everyone else does. Raised in Indiana. Residing in Texas.
Isabella Pullivan
Isabella Pullivan   Member
United States    My poetry book. You can also find my work here. Check out my writers blog at
Miriam   Member
Metro Manila    "If I write what I feel, it’s to reduce the fever of feeling." // Fernando Pessoa
Grace Pickard
Grace Pickard   Member
21/F/Reno, Nevada    Grace Dellaware Pickard Support My Poems: (Copy and paste link into URL)
lina S
lina S   Member
Let me enlighten you Indulge your senses Guide you through my map Put down the fences Soak you up with loads of me Then spin ...
Alice   Member
Melbourne, FL    Forensic Psychology student at Florida Institute of Technology.
Thalion Voronwë Aearion
Instrospect   Member
For the sake of posting a shy girl's random everyday poetry.
paper boats
paper boats   Member
galio   Member
S Smoothie
S Smoothie   Member
Yeah, I'm a little different. Btw: Learned to read at thirteen. I am dyslexic so please chill about my spelling and grammar feckups cheers.
Ariella   Member
So I just love writing.
KILLME   Member
Philadelphia, PA    I wish I hated everyone.
Kaye B Anderson
Kaye B Anderson   Member
A poet, a lyricist, a lover of life, an aspiring author, a mother, a friend, a wife.
Theia Gwen
Theia Gwen   Member
New York    “Hatred is so much closer to love than indifference.” Marya Hornbacher
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