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 Jul 31
Francie Lynch
For decades now
We have serenely, blandly,
Had the Huron horizons
To the North.
All colours of clouds,
Bringing shade or rain,
Snow and flora;
And all the shapes of Noah's zoo,
Morph approaching our soft shores
Of sandcastles and tendered fires,
Those milestone our youth.
Our fresh waters have given much,
And taken more with wailing keens
For the never returners.
For mothers with terror splashing
Over  faces and maligned hearts and spirits.
The alone times of punishing memories.
Everything but...
 Jul 14
the light is so tenderly intense  after the storm,
it fills the dark shapes in between my thoughts &
I feel like playing the squiggle game with your name:
one day you might be Isidor who feels the skin of the air
some days you are Yuriy the great with skyscrapper dreams
what about Luis with soft hands tomorrow?
or Tiago, the tamer of the beast of thought?
I have to mention Maksim too, for maximum of delight in your sight
oh, Alfeu for the images of the unseen passing through you quietly in your sleep, like cosmic rays
Liberio I'll call you for the day of the freedom of speech,
once you've discovered the layers of nothingness
or Noah, the new born into a fresh laughter
feeling playful :)
 Feb 6
A child was born
And he was crying
Until he heard the voice of her Mama
It was a breath that beats like his.
And for the very first time,
He looked into someone's eyes.

On the other side,
The boy heard a husky voice
With a low tone and suddenly,
It was a voice of an expert.

A loving yet not so tender like the first one.
The boy gazed at him
As he carries him
It's as if he's facing his likeness
And it's kinda weird
Having some hair on some areas of his face –
It was the first time he saw that.
 Feb 3
my lips feel ****
I a bit vile
I feel decisive
I'm burning down
the my oh my
Van Gogh's turquoise
self portrait in the wild:
a woman loves to
toast to cloudburst

I think I might
recycle the devil
for poetry's sake,
tonight it smells
of cinnamon,
of flemish paintings
 Aug 2021
Francie Lynch
I can read her lips.
Each word formed
With the red and ivory embouchures
That play to my lust.
My mouth moves in sync:
I think, she says,
The blind old perv, she continues,
Has binoculars.
 May 2021
I liked to make you mad,
Loved to make you sad.
Anything to convince myself that I didn't LOVE you that **** bad!

Reality was, I was madly in love!
emotions? boundaries? commitment?
I can't process such stuff!

But you loved me.
And in return, I made you cry.
I want to be your baby again,
I'm no longer the bad guy.
 May 2021

Write —
As if the sky wasn't blue
And every day
Is as upside down as the next.

Write —
In colors,
Then write
In black and white.

Write —
Because you can;
It’s your freedom.

Write novels that span pages upon pages Bound together by leather
Or some short words.
 Jan 2021
Richard Smith
A new year a new me
The mantra of the masses
But people rarely ever change
Unless it really matters
So let’s have a real new year
Don’t set the silly goals
Just pledge to do the best you can
And keep a happy home
 Nov 2020
Cats are sure a crazy race
They softly pad on paws
Then they turn their other face
And sharpen hidden claws!

Dogs have the minds of 3 year olds
They wag their friendly tails
They are brave, but foolish bold
And love unbeaten trails!

Cats are snuggly... then aloof
They're an independent lot
They eschew the ground
But love the ROOF
Unlike silly Spot!

Dogs wear their feelings
On their sleeves
(If sleeves are what they had)
They look baleful & they grieve
If chastised when they're bad.

Cats just go their merry way
When naughtiness addressed
You can SHOUT til end of day...
They could not care less!

Dogs lift their legs when they ***
Cats are WAY too grand.
Dogs love hydrants or the trees
Cats just dig in sand.

The thing about these pets is that
People have polarity
Either they like dogs
And can't stand cats
Or LOVE a cat's hilarity!

But I find each creature special
As they do life's dance
Dog's are WAY more social...

... but Vive La difference!

Catherine Jarvis
 Jun 2020
Phil Lindsey
Ahh, shady lady says she’s shy
And insecure
As it were,
I say sure,
Sure, she’s a bit demure,
But that’s only part
Of  her
I too am shy and raconteur.
Ahh, I always worry
Cuz faces are blurry
I never remember the names;
I hide behind a graffiti covered wall
Standing tall
Feeling small
I guess I’m just part of the games
People play
All day, they
Deep freeze you,
Mess with you, then
Bless You when
You sneeze,
Ahh, get down on your knees
Please, and
Beg for mercy
Beg for pain,
Scarecrow needs a brain,
I’m begging cuz I got nothing to gain
Ahh, let me explain,
Nothing to gain, nothing to lose
Wouldn’t refuse,
A new pair of shoes
Mine are old,
Have a hole in the toe
The laces are broke
And tied in a knot,
What you got,
In your store,
You can give to the poor?
Or for a switch,
You can give to the rich,
Ahh, relax,
They pay the tax,
But, I ain’t no Robin Hood, or
William Tell, whose
Overture to the pits of Hell,
Didn’t sell,
Until he licensed it to the Lone Ranger,
Hi ** Silver, ask a stranger
If it takes a silver bullet,
To **** the wicked witch,
Lies underneath the house,
Curling toes and ruby slippers,
Dreaming of all the zippers
She unzipped, then walked away,
Ahh, it’s a brand new day.
So if the IRS calls
Tell ‘em I’m dead
Or went to bed
I’ll sleep it off till noon,
Now you got the name of this tune
I’m howlin’ at the moon!
I’m crazy as a loon,
See you soon.
See you soon,
See ya,
I’m leavin’ in a hot air balloon,
Ahh, there’s no place like home.
Or Rome,
If you get the chance
To dance,
With the Pope,
Or if you want to see the lions
In the Coliseum,
You can see’em,
Having lunch,
Captain Crunch,
The Tin Man needs a heart,
Tear me up,
Tear me apart,
Ahh, you were all there,
You, and You, and You,
For certain,
You were all behind the curtain,
Ahh, MGM,
And the lion roars,
The End
Phil Lindsey 1/13/17
It is Friday the 13th.  Had a couple of drinks, stared at the moon for awhile.
 Feb 2020
Francie Lynch
One's unschooled tool
Should not rule
The behavior of its owner.
Keep your head in check,
Don't regret,
Lack of control of your *****.
So, here's the long and short of this,
Nothing's owed
To the *****.
Have a peek at, " Ode to a ******. "
 Jan 2020
Carlo C Gomez
Set the fig leaves on delicate
Make sure to add softener
Before the spin cycle
Then hang them to dry
While waiting
Might as well find
A Good Book to read
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