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 Nov 15
Two years ago I knew better who I was
The girl who would send you pictures
Instead of searching for the words
Now I’m 20 and I’m split
Between love, money and chasing dreams
Never getting my **** together
Maybe I still feel too young and reckless to care
I’d rather get back to being  18
To the people we used to be
When it felt like nothing and everything depended on me
Rereading old conversations and jumping back
To that year when the world felt right
Now nostalgia is what keeps me satisfied
But I still believe everything is gonna be alright
I’m gonna be alright
(I’m gonna admit I’m not always right)
But I'd rather get back to being  18
Feeling like it’s the best we could get
And the best of our lives was yet to come
It’s 2018 and I may finally read that book I said I will
But I’d rather just get back to being 18
When I didn’t know how to drink
and my goals felt far from being extinct
I’d get back to those teenage years I never had
Cause I was too busy making friends
That I never made
And the world was maybe a nicer place
Yet I never really liked it anyway
Or maybe it was just a phase
Maybe it was just a bad place

— The End —