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 Jan 2020
It’s part of everyone’s life, suffering
But most people don’t enjoy it like we do
most of them don’t find in it great trees
But we do
We make those great sad oaks into timbers
We stand them up in the snow
and build our homes with them
The scent of victory is burning pine
Our fire
Our suffering
 Jan 2020
I came to You
thirsting for Fire
desperate for my anxious thoughts to all be burned away
I stepped into a ring of giant pyres
searing coals dropped on my head
The flames licked my hair and journeyed down to my shoulders
down my arms and robe
They burst in sparks! A roar!
Heat echoed out in a thunderclap

But a different sound begins to dominate
as the angry one subsides
And it’s quiet trickling
a gentle rushing
sweet water pouring down my face
caressing all my red scars
whispers softly
“All is well and good”
“You are always safe here”
 Dec 2019
I shall not want,
When what I hold is not enough,
I shall not want,
When I’m afraid,
I naively wasted the gold you gave,
I shall not want,
When dark clouds are wrapped around my eyes,
And I hold a fit at bay,
I shall not want,
Though I forget the ground,
You so firmly placed beneath my feet,
I shall not want,
When I dread,
Think I am good as dead,
For my perspective is as changing
As disturbed pools,
But yours never changes,
And you remain convinced,
Of what you believed,
At the world’s beginning
May 24, 2014
 Dec 2019
to be someone,
Who is as grand as you,
Are born,
Never doubting,
Most must turn their hearts,
Inside out,
to see the Truth,
Airs are only empty pride,
Hollow disbelief in oneself,
and Angels cry,
For a lie,
Is to Deny,
Your birthright.

You cannot reach,
your dreams alone,
and if you're not a trust fund baby now,

The world of God holds you up,
And wants to feed you better fare,
Your Own,
Will feel,
A thousand times more beautiful,
You stopped,
July 18, 2014
 Dec 2019
I have no right,
To blame,
Or hold a grudge against,
Anyone who caused me trouble,
For it's written,
In the first beginning notes,
That everything is stone and mortar,
Paint and gloss,
Diamond glass,
Or can be,
Nothing goes to waste,
And attention will turn,
Uninspiring dirt to delicate jade,
Harsh words,
To skilled ears,
Will polish the receivers,
And the foolishness of others,
God uses to make me shine
June 15, 2014
 Dec 2019
Larger than spiral galaxies,
Able to comprehend that which is smaller than atoms,
You made us,
But babes,
We have yet to understand,
The works we will make,
For you,
And the words we will sing,
Our infant dancing,
Though beautiful in all its tumbling emotion,
Is nothing compared,
To the whirling,
Of our later years,
A day approaches,
When we will grow,
In all directions,
And remember with fondness,
The days before we could fly,
When walking
Upon the dust of one planet,
Was our only option,
And our flimsy wrappings,
Of main importance
We will laugh,
At our present preoccupations,
With silk or cotton,
3 or 5 inches,
Purple or go ****,
Yet you still give us what we wish,
Like a Father to his toddling child,
Drooling over a sweet.
June 11, 2014
 Dec 2019
Because I am so free,
I will sleep in cages,
To show they cannot harm me,
I will walk my golden feet in mud,
To show I won’t absorb it,
Just as Christ himself,
Who never had a chain,
Chose to live under human rules,
So I will submit,
To pointless stipulations,
To truly reveal.
Because I am free.
Those who fly,
Can leave the sky,
And walk,
With light steps.
Shaking off the dust,
Of crowds,
While laughing with them.
May 23, 2014
 Dec 2019
When you hold me in your arms,
I weep,
Tears from what I can’t articulate
The illness of a dying earth,
The fight against the demons,
The out of tune voices,
Take their toll on me,
And build,
Like mud upon my clothes,
Rest and cry,
In the safety of your lap,
The only place,
Where I am clean.
April 15, 2014
 Dec 2019
I see you,
Struggle with your monsters
In a place I cannot go,
The only thing
That I can do,
Is watch
And say,
Look up,
The sun is coming,
The night is almost over,
And your arm,
Is only growing,
And your mouth,
Now turned down,
Will be happier,
Our Father,
Is not like ours,
He is not
He knows,
Your weakness,
Better than you,
And it is his joy,
To carve it out,
No fear,
No cruelty,
No accusing eyes,
But open
March 19, 2014
I wrote this in response to a poem my sister wrote and sent me when she was going through a dark time
 Dec 2019
Why did I once again stay here?
Outside your door,
Fiddling with the toys you gave me,
And gazing upon your gifts,
Too long,
Trading my Glory,
For a story,
Of weariness,
March 2, 2014
 Dec 2019
What has happened to my heart?
Where do I begin, where do I start?
The holes I used to see are gone,
What have you done to my eyes?
Where you’ve taken all the lies?
The holes I used to see are gone
I am sure I’ve not arrived,
But my life’s hid with you on high,
And the holes I used to feel are gone,
The holes I used to see are gone
Feb 23, 2014
 Dec 2019
What does,
Wishing I,
Doing All,
I see
To do?
Means one,
To be,
Must I,
Be God?
Can I,
Send rain,
The just,
And unjust,
The son,
Or daughter,
The Father.
Has the power,
Has the spirit,
Has Love.
But what,
About myself,
Can I,
Love me?
If God,
Who is perfect,
If I am,
So can,
“You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Mtt 5:48
Feb 11, 2014
 Dec 2019
You have taught me to crave,
What this world does not produce,
I long after special words,
That they would often spurn,
And people who have no place,
Among the greats,

I don’t need to learn Greek, or translate for myself the Hebrew
To know the truth, as real as blood and hard as glass, lasting longer than the sun
My heart doesn’t need guidance of ancient fathers in their own tongue,
For it to beat in rhythm with the Lord’s, all I need is a quiet place
And words with the essence of Love
January 5, 2014
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