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Lost in foggy dreams
Your face is still
The only thing I see
When I close my eyes
To shut out the light
Of a cold
Harsh world
Without you

Every night
Is another night
Where you come home
As a wheelchair girl
Each night
Is a fairytale
Where I'm lost in you
Inside your world
Begging you
Upon waking breath
To lose your fears
And find me again
It's been three months since I last saw you.
Cars rumble
I can smell you on the tarmac
Catch me on the breeze
That drifts through the
Open car window
It's too stuffy in here
I'm too busy today
To take my time and
Watch the clouds
Race across the sky
Just as busy as I
We scuttle along
Like ***** in water
And sometimes I wonder
About you
Up in your art room
About graffiti and drugs
On the streets
And their ***** hair
And unreadable eyes
About the cryptids
And cigarettes
Cults in the woods
The filthy scrub
Down by the tracks
That you left in my heart
When I left your constellation
Was I really a part
Of your personal set of stars
So many appointments. And I can't text her. She's busy too.
Raining too fast
Drops suspended in air
A soundtrack to back
That sad indie playlist
I bet you wouldn't like
Ugh well things never work out anyways.
There are a million little things
That I want to say to you
That's you'll always be beautiful
And my heart lights up
Whenever I get a text
Then drops
When it isn't from you
Your music tastes are great
There's someone I think you'd like
But you'll never get to know
Because we don't talk much anyways
I think I'm caught up
In your face
And your smile
It's so cliche but
I haven't felt like this
In a while
You're something I'll always miss
Sweet cherry blossoms
Mixed with a bit of bitterness
There's something we never had
That touch and go
Easily flowing conversation
And I want that
Like I want you
I want you
I'm being petty but she just texted me ahhhhh
There's much about you
I adore
Your face
The way you smile
When I step
Into a room
Your buoyant laugh
That raises me
The wrinkles
At the corners of your eyes
Life is hard
But it's good sometimes
Most of all
I like about you
Is how when everything
Is falling apart
You pull us back
Just enough
To keep me
Wanting you
And just when I was ready to move on, she showed me her cat.
She is the best thing
My mind can see
Long amethyst waves
An unscarred wrist
Talking sometimes
I can hear her voice
In silent letters
Through the phone
And now what she is
Is a beautiful presence
A lovely evanescence
That sleeps with me
And guides my dreams
From miles away
With her blender fish tank
Someday I fear
All that she will be
Is a ghost of a dream
Forever lost to me
I've had two dreams about her now.
Sitting alone
Drowning in dark
Gaze fixed
On the glowing light
From behind that glass
I'm happy enough where I am
There's no need to go outside
Please love yourself.
Your pretty face
And I can't wait
Layered morning sounds
Scenes that come in
Sizes and scents
That dance on my
Skin like fireflies
With wild eyes
That I can't erase
From my deeply
Troubled mind
Inquiring quietly
If there is a time
Of day you take
To think about the
Fleeting things
Of feeling things
You've never felt before
You're crushed like berries in my palm.
Playing punk music
In our
Tiny backyard
Kale brushing
Pale bare calves
Soft earth
Between toes
Cucumbers plucked
From delicate stems
Eating the fruits
Of long hours
In the dry sun
On a dew damp
On a cool full moon
My friend and I had a conversation about being *** and gardening when we're older and I guess I wrote this.
We aren't done yet
This isn't even a poem.
Part of healing
Is letting go
And I should forget
The way you looked
At me
But you're my
Own private hell
Burned into my mind
By our eyes
As much as it hurts
I wouldn't stop
If I could
You're the furthest
From breaking
I've ever come
It's been five months. Call me. (556666)
It's rainy
And my reading
Has run dry
I don't want you
On my mind
Since when
Have you been
Painful for me
I've been writing
You poetry
For ten days now
And it didn't
Hurt before
You're difficult
Or maybe
That's me
Idk this is just stupid.
Stones in your
On my palms
Burning up
The lines
Of times
I never did
All those clothes
Piling in
Breaking up
Our words with
Mint leaves
And moths
On the ceiling
You're my
Magic eight ball
My stained glass
With glitter
On the rim
My okay
See you
I'll wait
For you
My lovecraft
My darling death
Let me be
Your final
Your King
To your Queen
We're a
It's not
All that funny
Let's get married
Inspired by Creek Blues.
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