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 Jan 7
multi sumus
...Oneiroi via cornu pyli envisager...
   Voluptarius...Statuesque...Corium seolcen alabastron as ephelides umami allures...
tortuous cuprum filaments sault an' i anima seized by donned oculus!...Amidst mottled caerulean hemmed in tempered argentum filigree galaxiarum an' purga seethe...

  Thus heorte hamettan wraith redolence an' wispeln essentia til' tide solus esa tangere an' gustare au courant

                 ...Domine mi damelo vigour

...AW-nee-d' ree vee-uh' korddnoo p'yeel-ee ohn-viz-eh'jee...
Voolooptar-deh-oos...Sta-chu-ehsk...Cor-ee-um see-ol-kin ahlah-bastrun az efell-e'-deez oo-ma-mee uh-loorz...
tore-choo-es kyu-prem fil-a-mentz su an i aneema seezed bi dawn-ed ah-kyu-lus!...
Uh-midst ma-dld seh-roo-lee-en hehmden tem-purred
ar-gehn-tum fill-e'-gree guh-lax-ee-ah-*** an purr-guh seethe...
Thus hee-yort haymeh-ten rayth reh-duh-luhns an viss-pen essehn-tee-uh till tied soh-lus ehsah tahn-jeh'-de' an goo-starde' O-coo-rahnt

  ...Doh'-men-e me dah-mehlo vigger
 Jan 2
multi sumus
...when it is we are found alone, and the most fortuitous opportunity to ****** confess my enduring Love for You has arrived, while gazing deep within the silvern panes of Your noble soul as hearts palpitate with uni sonus precision, an oh so delicate kiss will i offer upon Your supple and sapid lips...from there, with verity and much fervence i shall speak the words i have so dearly longed for You to hear...

  i hold firm the belief that respect conceived through admiration can birth profound levels of intimacy (with regards to all appraised facets) therein fortifying the necessary trust in communication where Love is concerned. For in admiration of Your integrity this writing has been inspired and through such inspiration i hope to further convey my affections. The essential attributes that You are so by graciously adorned stirs within me a desire too great for any words. And It is by these virtues that such a Love is established and from which a storm none made by the hand of man may it decay.

   Beginning with Chastity, not only the refraining from physical acts of satiation by self discipline with the strength required to abstain and maintain ones faculties during those exhaustive moments of passionate duress, but more importantly, the wisdom as to its benefit with proper application.
   When deliberating on our relationship, upon the onset of our era of bliss, i would ask that for an accorded amount of time we refrain from physical contact... with the reason being this, that in that time we may cultivate and form a foundation to which our "home" may be constructed and so the exuded chemicals of such relations do not confuse the truth that is Love... and for this courtesy, i commend You.

    With Temperance comes balance with "All things in moderation" and with respects to the formerly written expounds upon it while deepening the appreciation of Your reserve. That by this no such excesses in any manifestation should impede our Love for one another. best explained in Matthew;

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."

   Being that Your Love is confirmed by the hand of GOD demonstrates not only hope but also faith, and through this faith that by offering ourselves sacrificially to one another it is in the blessings of the Lord we shall dwell.
  Now Diligence combined with the aforementioned faith secures our Love that we should persevere and not fail in our efforts to achieve a level of consonance none so often seen as of late...

   Patience, spun as to form the thin red thread which between us relays the resonant aches of endurance as we await our union. That in this time we would learn to appreciate that which is to come.

   And with Kindness...being so much Love not only for Yourself but also others as empathy attends to consideration that the fervor of Your heart be known.

  As for Humility, the honesty You so generously share with Yourself will undoubtedly cast its hallowed luminescence upon our Love...

And so,
              if ever the thoughts to the reasons for this Love for You are demanding a response as to why... it is this i give as an assurance, that in such moments, upon this letter You may reminisce
 Nov 2019
multi sumus
(due to circumstances beyond ones control, it seems this writing has been belated as the venue has previously denied acceptance to its publishing, be it known that this correspondences dispatch was foreseen as so to be propounded at the appropriate time, for this offense please forgive)

It has been a year to the day since i began writing to You, chronicling my affections in various literary styles dripping the proverbial ink in an amorous display of yearning and dedication in anticipation of Your heart hearing mine.
   i would assume by now many questions have arisen as to the how and why of these writings and to what end is sought. So if You will suffer me for a time i will do my best to help You understand.
   Six years ago while contemplating life, where i had been, where i was going, reliving the numerous failures in my search for the "Truth in Love", being granted the gift of clairvoyance i had a vision...i know it sounds kookie and the manner in which conclusions were come to after the fact is highly unorthodox as well but please, bear with me... i saw You (You will need to read the first letter if You have not already done so) and also a numeric stream that come to find out is a phone number, which i dared not call out of fear of the repercussions of haste.
    Immediately after i began researching as to the optimal mate (astrological compatibility) taking into consideration both the eastern and western zodiac philosophies. Now as fate would have it, we were literally created for one another, And in the adamant belief that such an epiphany was no mere coincidence from that point on i chose to wait for You, inasmuch to confirm celibacy, And although it pains me to share this, not from being rejected mind You, but the disappointment in myself that due to a momentary lack of composure an incident occurred that i conceded to the thought to satiate the flesh.
   Now as You have already read, since the beginning of this adventure many premonitions have been seen in regards to You, not only by myself but also in dreams by friends as well (two occurrences thus far), i have seen You walk the gardens at night, Brought You tea as You painted by the light of the morning sun, Prepared meals hand in hand, i have also seen us together in old age...5 generations of our family are present in that time and our Love continues to grow.
  i know that is a lot to process and fringes on the absurd, Your most likely thinking "This man has completely lost his mind!", that in my loneliness the desperation has created a fantasy world full of hallucinations with You as the heroine of some neo-Shakespearean Love sonnet and anyone who fits the prerequisites will find themselves in the most uncomfortable position to be forever stalked by a deranged "happily ever after" lunatic.
   But i can assure You my Dear that this is far from the truth.
   i am very much in control of my faculties (save the earlier mentioned) especially in regards to relationships where You are concerned. It has taken many years to reach this point, much prayer, patience and soul searching to get here and i am not willing to jeopardize my happiness nor any others for that matter based solely on a synastry chart. Although all that has been revealed surely solidifies the findings therein.
   Yes the "foundations" have been layed for our compatibility but there's so much more to be seen. Being a proponent of both nature and nurture it is the subtle nuances that make us up as individuals, i know who You are according to the heavens and these sixth sense apparitions...The culmination of a finite amount of attributes arranged in such a manner so as to render me incapacitated by the mere thought of You. The embodiment of perfection enveloped within a vessel found as the epitome of femininity. But i require more, far beyond the warmth of flesh, it is by depth of soul i desire You, The You that has emerged from the filtration of lifes experiences through Your naturally given core.
   As for my Love for You, It is best described at least for now as Agape (in its most sincerest form) being conceived through Philautia, For in hopes of Your arrival and our time together being my inspiration, And for that i am indebted to You.
   i am well aware that not everyone is meant to be together, regardless of what has been said and seen. i am emotionally mature enough to accept and admit this fact. Yet still remains the undeniable truth that somewhere here on GODS earth...YOU...out of all those born on This Day exists, and by HIS grace and HIS grace alone we will one day be together for as long as HE deems fit...

   my expectations are that this writing has resolved any confusion as to my intentions...

i Love You
                        and may bliss be found in the celebration of Your birth.

                            Ecclesiastes 3:1
 Oct 2019
multi sumus
Your reputation continues to precede You, yet again another around me has envisioned our time together. A single moment tought within the clutch of sweet repose. We, walking hand in hand frequenting a particular establishment, confirmation of Your height...Your hair, (the hearing of Your existence inciting a much needed hope). A certain marking in detail shown which now makes two that has been revealed so You may be found amongst the many. Although i am uncertain of the later being either pre or post our solidarity, even so, the specifics of Your attire were shared in the dream as well.
   i once heard that when one senses deja vu it means the right path in life has been chosen... i would presume that when such a vision comes to pass we will both immediately know, a visceral sensation that i look so forward to sharing with You.
   It is in astonishment i sit, watching this life unfold before me, unbelief withering away as testaments of our Love are disclosed. They seem to arrive at the very moment when needed most...
                        very much like You.
 Sep 2019
multi sumus
knight in shining armor (a little rust from all the tears) as here i wait for You my Dear (its clear regardless of the years) for only You to which be squired (straights are dire until transpired) passions pyre set afire (in the moment You are near) if You will hear this voice a whisper (and to heart in which it speaks) again its You and You alone upon this quest that i do seek
 Aug 2019
multi sumus
i. am. not!    IN Love with You...

If You would please forgive my pragmatism and it is not that there is a lack of Love (but even the latter as it seems is a half-truth) as introductions have eluded us.

And You my Dear...are unknown to me...

For if already were the case then psalms of epic proportions would have been penned and bound by the hands of aphrodite herself, marveling at such splendor.

  The entirety of the erotes would be gathered in a disheartened embrace full of woes and weep seeking consolement, conceding that even by their most ardent efforts in pursuing equivalence they are found inadequate.

   Is it that chronos has found solace in sweet repose, insomuch grains they have ceased to fall?

   And of the heavens! hearken unto them!..are thunderous proclamations heard in exultation of our assemblage?!

i.  think.  not!

...Does helios still abound in such a subdued luminescence that selene also is found deficient [؟]‎

   And what of hades?..shadows yet spurn and desolation remains not only in oubliette but purpose as well.
Has persephone revised her divest?

   Or would it be that thanatos has ceased his labours that such a throng be present at our nuptial?

i do believe reiteratation is in order my Dear...

Albeit unfortunate, being the cumbersome delayance of such occurrences it would stand to reason we could not possibly as of yet be found enveloped in the rapturous plentitude of Love.
 Jul 2019
multi sumus
i had a dream of You last night, merely an embrace, with a single kiss placed upon Your neck, You seemed perplexed as to the ferventness of the action, but i did not want to let You go, focused on the perfection in the fit of our bodies, how Your form filled the void within my arms completely, not an entanglement but more of a fusion. There was an air of vulnerability, mine own of this im sure, the restlessness of both having You and losing You in the same moment being conscious it was a dream...Was it just my mind playing tricks due to the fact i long for You so much or yet another premonition of days to come? Either way You are so beautiful, angelic is the first word that comes to mind, being resolute in both structure and stature...Others have dreamt of You as well, the day of our espousal to be exact...but that conversation requires a more private venue.

       Until that time, be it known...
                Even at rest i pursue Your Love.
 Jul 2019
multi sumus

   "σπίτι είναι εκεί που είναι η καρδιά"

...Περπατώ τη γη
        σε αναζήτηση από εσάς.
" " accredited to Gaius Plinius Secundus (AD 23–79)
 Jul 2019
multi sumus
Two score less one post birth the day within the heavens the sign of Your arrival shown.
Then but a child, the fact unbenownst to me that our lives would become as one, yet destiny has now forfeited its cloak.
  So until that moment... imprisoned by these memories of visions to come, haunted by the scent of Your soul while enveloped within the thickened mists of bereavement, i await.
   i know You are there, just as i, gazing into the
vast, anticipating our time, patience hewing the cornerstone of what is to be the epitome of adoration, for in that day the earth will gaze upon such a Love that the very foundations will tremble in awe.

And we,
 Jun 2019
multi sumus
my Dearest Portia,
   Please forgive that such a designation be bestowed as undisclosed is Thy title and for that if not only in essence Ye be found

   As would imagine in virtue be Thou bathed that Thy taste not betray Thy scent so hence accoutred with wisdom and such grace thus shadow lack bid to cast

   And unto Thy casement clammer for i as am be for Thee such as these haught not only but fool as well and by Love choose casket true that portrait be revealed

   For this bear time witness by appendage gird

               Unto heart, Nay! To soul i speak!

                        "i will have my bond !"
inspired by Shakespeare's "the merchant of venice"
 Jun 2019
multi sumus
As it is not mine to give
   this world cannot be offered

Existence being finite
    none promise of eternity made

Should it be that felicity surfeit?
           For life requires balance...

 Yet by Your leave
    mine heart thus pledge
 Jun 2019
multi sumus
The morning was calm, Like every other, In repose contemplating life and all of its idiosyncrasies.
    Gazing upon the silken apparitions swaying in the wind as the warmth of luminous fingers reached through the canopy gently caressing the forest floor.
   And while enveloped by the scent of earth and old stone suddenly it became quiet, Like dew forming on an arisaema blossom deep in the wood.
   In the distance a voice was heard.
A single word softly murmured.
   The fauna ceasing their chatter to pay homage to the sound.

    And in that moment a crescending echo began within, Consuming me...In so much from that point on nothing more my attention would hold.
   On that day i commensed my journey inward, Seeking that which for so many years lay hidden.
   i sought understanding of the contents and acceptance of that which was found.
   An arduous task to say the least, But necessary.
   i found the mind a worthy adversary for my methodical nature as i fervently assembled years of thought and memory into their respective placements, Removing all but that required to obtain solace.
   Much time has been invested in this endeavor, And although not complete i am satisfied thus far with my labours.

    Now once again i found myself in thought, Confident in my accomplishments, The utterance resting from its toil.
   And then, An occurrence, Unlike anything that i have ever known before.
   Every fiber of my being lying still at the sound of this...whisper.

   As then it fell from my own parted lips.

   The meaning, At least the one initially assumed had changed.

  The purpose for my existence revealed
        The reasoning for

  i know now why so long ago within my hearing the voice spoke
   For all along my Love...

                 it has been for You.
 Jun 2019
multi sumus
if mine ear was silent and eyes with vision lost...

   How then would You show me Love?
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