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 Jun 2019
i’m not of this earth,
i see my body but i’m no where near it,
maybe its my body and i’m my soul,
drifting away and watching my body from afar,
how did it end up this way?

up and down,
left and right,
constantly pulled into a direction i have no recollection of,
who’s controlling me if not myself?
if not my body, pulling the strings while i’m mindlessly going along?

just an empty vessel,
is what’s in front of me now.
no soul, spirit, mind enclosed,
but a mere space of organs and bones,
awaiting to be pulled and shelved for disclosure.

i am without being permanent and withholding,
but just away... as something that never was to begin with.
Hi, it’s been awhile :) Still writing but a bit deeper these days. While reading, think of what happens to you when you die.. the process. Keyword: Morgue.

— The End —