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 Mar 2014
It's nice
The way you run your hands over me
Moving almost desperately
It's like a flood of truth
Bathed with destiny

I'll admit it used to scare me
But now it's only right..
Because you're mine

No other hand could caress me
So perfectly

Smoothly, a hold so soothing

It's cute
The way you explore my body
Trying to learn my everything
It's like a moment of love
Caked with honesty

I fell in love with your curiosity
Aching to know..
Exactly what we could be

No other eyes could look onto me
So loving

Flawless, our imperfections seem

It's great
The way you move inside of me
Pleasing every single fantasy
It's a motion of wonder..
Sprinkled with amazing

It's a love too real to be used
The truth is honestly..
I wouldn't make it without you

No other body could fit with me
So wonderfully

Passionate, moving so beautifully
 Mar 2014
I want you to have access to my dead body,
For that you better become a good doctor,
I have my own logical reason behind it.

If I am surely to die someday in future,
You should perform my postmortem,
And claim what's yours - my heart.

I want you to donate it to someone,
That someone who would need it,
A part of me could still survive.
My HP Poem #582
©Atul Kaushal
 Mar 2014
JK Cabresos
is when you find somebody
who is absolutely perfect.
Infatuation says,
"I love you because I need you."

is when you realize
that they aren't
and it doesn’t matter.
Love says,
"I need you because I love you."

— The End —