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 Dec 2018
I'm biting my lip at another morning,
it tastes like metal
I've had the pleasure of knowing this taste before
I've never known yours
do you taste like my bleeding chapped lips?
or do you taste like ice cream on a summer night?
do you taste like an unfiltered cigarette?
or do you taste like mint gum?
you must taste like sleepless nights,
because that's all my body seems to crave.
 Dec 2018
cigarettes make me feel better about abandoning you
I want a jeep because of when you would drive your mom's
and play rap songs
I want to be what I thought you were
 Dec 2018
When I drink wild air,
I think of you
Swerving cars and yellow lights,
I think of you
The rings of smoke coming from the vape,
I think of you
Big fluffy white dogs and black jeeps,
I think of you
Febreeze and packed bowls,
I think of you
Losing at pool and being alone,
I think of you
Hating this place and wanting to escape,
I think of you
Wanting to feel numb,
I think of you
When I think of me,
I think of you.
 Dec 2018
I smoked to fill my lungs
to **** the flowers that grew there
the ones you planted last december
 Dec 2018
I'm literally not following my own advice.
I told her not to worry about someone who lives 1,400 miles away,
yet I still find myself missing your golden blonde hair
and the way you would make fun of me,
of any of us.
I used to live for your fluffy white dog,
who even attacked me a couple times.
I don't even known why I stuck around
for your sarcastic *******.
maybe it was the thought of you loving me
cliché right?
I know.
but I still love you.

— The End —