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 Nov 2018
god it's hard to breathe
i've felt this for a few days
what is happening?

 Nov 2018
i do not want this
i just want to be happy
just let me be, please?

to my demons
 Nov 2018
i don't want to think
the sad things hurt me too much
this is a cruel world

 Nov 2018
i sleep constantly
i'm usually so tired
i am right now, but

i know if i sleep
i will dream of losing you
and please forgive me

but i don't want to
wake up crying again and
feeling my world end

just look at me now
someone afraid of sleeping
something i once loved

i don't want to ache
and wake up crying your name
because i need rest

i would rather die
than to keep dreaming of that
it hurts way too much

so i stay up and
try to remind myself that
you are here to stay

 Nov 2018
i woke up crying
i had a dream i lost you
my heart was racing

i thought it was real
woke up to my world ending
i thought i would die

reminding myself
we are okay; we are fine
you are here to stay

 Nov 2018
i just dreamt of you
i forgot what happened, but
i woke up so sad

what did i dream of?
probably you leaving me
it's not the first time

waking up early
in the middle of the night
calling out your name

my heart beat racing
trying to calm myself down
you are here to stay

 Nov 2018
are we meant to be?
do you feel the same as me?
or is this all wrong?

something i wrote awhile ago
 Nov 2018
how many times have
i said i'm alright but lied?
i'm really not fine.

 Nov 2018
am i happy? no.
will i soon be happy? no.
just the way it is

 Nov 2018
just ******* do it
you obviously want to
so just leave; just go

to someone i knew i long time ago
 Nov 2018
i guess this is love
i'm so glad that you're happy
i wish i was too

 Nov 2018
i don't want to fight
just do whatever you want
i don't need this pain

 Nov 2018
i am so sleepy
please hold me while i rest
i will dream of you

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