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 Dec 2018
Ian S
Marry me under the stars, in an enchanted garden.
Let the billion stars be our priests,
The fireflies be our guests,
The windblows be our music,
And the flowers be the proof of our love that will endure forever.
 Nov 2018
be the only one to hold you
be the only one to love you
be the only one to spoil you
be the only one to marry you
be the only one to protect you
be the only one to kiss you
be your one and only.
 Nov 2018
I will wait for you
Because honestly
I don’t want
anyone else....
 Nov 2018
Shofi Ahmed
When I see that face
I forget all the pain
I have been through!
Then the only words I get
on my lips are I love you.
 Nov 2018
How do you know ?
If I was asked this question about us ,how do I know I know she is the one ,I would easily be able to answer it ,I would not have to find my self not being able do answer it,how do I know ?
...because you just can’t get enough of them. It doesn’t matter how long you’re together you always want to be around them. The thing is when you’re in love, you become addicted to their presence, being greedy is ok. You constantly crave their time and attention.
‪...because when it’s all said and done my mind body and soul belongs to you. No one will ever replace the love I have for you. I will flirt with you for the rest of my life.‬
You will always have my heart.
How do you know ?
I know cause It's amazing how a simple smile from the right person can have you feeling a certain way all day.
How do you know I ask you ?
Oh you aren’t convinced yet ,well how about this ...To be in love with someone is an amazing feeling, but to be in love with someone that's made just for that’s the kind of love our soul craves,that’s the kind of love she gives me and I hope I give her the same back and a little bit more .
I know because the anticipation of her kiss, of her touch. The anticipation of her love has my soul burning
 Nov 2018
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
You hear that?
With every tick is I miss you.
With every tock is an I love you.

Tick, I miss you. Tock, I love you.

Every waking second, all I want to do is talk to you.
Every waking second, all I want to do is be with you.

It's cold outside right now.
The silence is too deafening. But I am simultaneously reminded by the thought of you.
It's too noisy in my head right now.
All I could hear is tick, tock, tick, tock.

Words may not express every waking second that I miss you, or I love you.

My dear, if you do hear me saying these words, give the clock a listen.
With every second you'll hear a tick.
With every second you'll hear a tock.

If when the time comes that I am not able to say these words, give our dear clock a listen.

And whatever the clock is saying, is what my mind is thinking, and what my heart is feeling.

Tick, tock, my love.
 Nov 2018
Danielle L Cook
close your eyes and imagine me
lying next to you
our hands are intertwined,
your heart and mine
 Nov 2018
I would travel around the universe
just to see you smile.
I would walk through hell
just to hear you laugh.
I would swim all of the oceans on this Earth
just to wipe away your tears.
Because all of my pain suddenly disappears
when you smile.
Can't wait to see you smile again...
 Nov 2018
Alex Hart
I realized I was
thinking about you,
and I began to wonder
how long you have been on
my mind. Then it occurred to me.
Since I meet you,
you've never
 Nov 2018
I didn't fall in love with you
I walked into love with you
  with my eyes wide open
       choosing to take
  every step along the way
I do believe in fate and destiny
        but i also believe
           we are fated
        to do the things
that we'd choose anyway
         and i choose you
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality
         i'd find you
   & i would choose you
 Nov 2018
Makayla Jane
If you could take all the words
In the language,
It still wouldn't describe how much
I love you;
I love you more than everything
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
 Nov 2018
the last time i saw you, you told me that there is a string connecting us. that you tug on it and hope it is still holding onto my end. that some days you feel like you have to stretch it far, so far you can pluck a eulogy out of the thread.
you wonder where i go, when you spend all day with your arms stretched out to me because you just can't quite feel me there.
the truth is, there are days where my love feels like lace around my wrists. i carry the weight evenly in both of my hands, secure by my side when i walk.
there are days where my love is tethered to the end of a kite. it circles the sky under the breath of something magical. it puts on a show, soaring and floating carelessly through empty space. these are the days we go up and down, i can't predict how the breeze will shift us, how far we will go, where we will get stuck.
there are days where my love is a spiderweb, and it curls up in dusty places and covers what is rotting in the dark. it is a trap, it is like glue, it encases all of the bad memories we've gotten stuck on until it is a grave site for what i haven't been able to forgive.
there are days where my love is a strand on your sweater that i can't stop pulling. i unravel the sleeve until i'm too embarrassed to give it back to you when you ask. these are the days where i take it too far, i want to fix things but i keep making them worse. these days, we are a pile of fiber on the floor, and i don't know where it started and where it ends. i don't know how to put us back together.
i imagine us connected by our fingers now. pulling at each other when we feel sick, or when we're far away. i realize that all of these days, i am using your string to fulfill my creative fantasies. there is only so much space between us, and i am sorry for making you
give so much line just to watch me tangle myself up in it. i am full
of knots, of nonsensical anxieties and depressive fits.
when i need it, you tie kisses in a necklace around me to make me feel safe.
some days, we give more than we take and this poem is a way of saying that
when you tug on that string, i will always be there.
whether it is up in the clouds, or in the corner of my past, or drowning in myself, i am entwined in all of this endless love.
metaphors for my lover who inspires me to write good things, to think good things and believe good things are going to happen. you are special to me.
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