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 Jan 2019
Bleed until I was broken

Was life still worth it?

Gone from my safe haven

Should I jump towards the pit

Shallow mind so I can't complain

Stuck in this void, in this crowd

Even I, don't know my pain

So I could not be that loud

I failed to live so must to die

Maybe I could have breathe

Put me in the coffin away to life

In that way maybe I could live
 Jan 2019
The curtain had risen now the play must start
Put on the stupid mask and wear your fake heart
Say all the lines clear so they must not have to hear
That all your smiles are sobs and all your laughs are tear

Give them the show, the one they always want
Your pain is amusing, entertain them with stunts
If they want you to be stabbed and cut by a sword
Close your mouth, just follow, don't say a word

For no one cares if it will cut that **** deep
After all you're just an actor forced to play the script
 Jan 2019
Plant me a rose, plant it down on my skin
Dig it to my flesh, wound what make sin
Grow the thorns until it pierce my heart
Let the four chambered wall torn apart

Crimson flowers, bloom towards my skin
Turn me into something, I've never been
Watered by blood, drain the endless pain
Nourished the knife that blood stained

Flower of thorns open my beating chest
No one saw the beauty, let them see the rest
Darkened blood and the broken promises
A garden to have, to care that wishes

Grow into me garden I've always wanted
Dreams I seek and the love I've pleaded
Creep into me bouquets of flowery blood
Just this time give me what I can't have

— The End —