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 Nov 2018
Ashly Kocher
A very Happy Birthday
To the person who gave me life
A very Happy Birthday
Now let’s have a slice
Of cake
For you
To celebrate
Your birthday
Another year older
For you
But for today
You’ll be young
At heart
To celebrate
Your birthday
Happy Birthday Momma!!!!!!
 Nov 2018
To do

Get the coffee ready to brew

Do the laundry - It’s 6:22

Find a solution to our financial quandary

Get everything organized - It’s 8:30

Drink enough coffee to stay energized

Make a list - It’s 9:45

Make sure nothing gets missed

Play some tunes - It’s 10:26

Jam out while cleaning our room

Feed our son - It’s nearly noon

Change a diaper, she’s never done

Put our son to sleep - It’s half past one

Shhh he’s asleep, don’t make a peep

Organize some more - It’s 2:33

Clean the house and mop the floors

The dishes are ***** - It’s almost 4:00

Wash the dishes and kitchen in a hurry

Husband is home soon - It’s 5:30

Finish the laundry and clean up the living room

Husband is home - Items left on the list? Zero.

Amazed at the work that had been done, her husband is so proud to call her his wife, couldn’t imagine life with out her, only she could do such a great job being a stay at home mother, wife, hero

Happy birthday my love and thank you for all you do! I love you with all my heart.
The poem I wrote my wife for her birthday today

— The End —