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 Dec 2018
Your smurfs figures
Draw the escape plan on your drawing board
To get you out of fever tower
Where the witch captured you

Teddy bear, rabbit and rat
Built a ladder of lego bricks
For you to descend

Oh ooh, its a trap
Dont worry, We will find a solution
Like when you solved Finding Nemo puzzle

The witch bursted an evil laugh
Then she was hit
With a cannonball of balloons
By our friends, giraffe, tiger and Rhino
Then they tied her up with jumping ropes

The construction worker figure
Will torn down the fever tower with his masonary drill
It will be no more illness
And the witch will vanish in pain
Aah Ugh yah hew ugh

Barbie nurse will take care of you
Mickey mouse and Repunzle too
You and I will be back to take pictures
Of our smiley faces, duck faces and monster faces
And spread toys over all the places
 Nov 2018
Ashly Kocher
A very Happy Birthday
To the person who gave me life
A very Happy Birthday
Now let’s have a slice
Of cake
For you
To celebrate
Your birthday
Another year older
For you
But for today
You’ll be young
At heart
To celebrate
Your birthday
Happy Birthday Momma!!!!!!
 Nov 2018
Something is missing
In her smile
A perfect, glowing smile

         -Where is your dancing tooth, Aicha.

         -Here it is.

Gift-wrapped as a pearl
Tucked in a paper bed

         -Goodnight baby

Till tomorrow
Rise and shine
So when my uncle smile
As if he smile for sunrise
A poem for my niece.
She had her first wiggling tooth removed on 10/11/2018. Yesterday the second. I love you Kitty :)
 Nov 2018
To do

Get the coffee ready to brew

Do the laundry - It’s 6:22

Find a solution to our financial quandary

Get everything organized - It’s 8:30

Drink enough coffee to stay energized

Make a list - It’s 9:45

Make sure nothing gets missed

Play some tunes - It’s 10:26

Jam out while cleaning our room

Feed our son - It’s nearly noon

Change a diaper, she’s never done

Put our son to sleep - It’s half past one

Shhh he’s asleep, don’t make a peep

Organize some more - It’s 2:33

Clean the house and mop the floors

The dishes are ***** - It’s almost 4:00

Wash the dishes and kitchen in a hurry

Husband is home soon - It’s 5:30

Finish the laundry and clean up the living room

Husband is home - Items left on the list? Zero.

Amazed at the work that had been done, her husband is so proud to call her his wife, couldn’t imagine life with out her, only she could do such a great job being a stay at home mother, wife, hero

Happy birthday my love and thank you for all you do! I love you with all my heart.
The poem I wrote my wife for her birthday today
 Nov 2018
Just piece by piece
Saying goodbye
Saying welcome
To each piece of your life
An enigmatic life
Adventurous life
A puzzle
But amazing, sweet collection
Of years
A slice of cake
Bon appetite
Happy birthday Sister
 Nov 2018
In a sea of eucalyptus trees
With my niece
Playing hide and seek
Or telling her a story
About a wolf beaten by a sheep
Or just being silly
Singing a song on a funky beat
I can’t forget her pearly eyes
Gleaming in happiness
Like dancing bees
It reminds me of something
In the deepest part of my being
My free spirit, my inner-child
My old days of innocence
I cherish it for every moment and every time
How fortunate I am

— The End —