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 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
Every painter
Has that one amazing painting
That's loved the most
And we are
Allah, the Arabic word for God, but special in the fact that it has no gender, no plural.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
Every Painting
Has a Painter
It's a quotation of Yusha Evans.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
If you are finding the light
Inside of your being
Then you are living

If you are unaware of your plight
Stuck inside your head
Then you are dead
So live.
That's advice I can give

Not very poetic, not good as a poem, but it’s about just the meaning this time.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
I'm sorry
Everytime I talk about You
I feel embarrassed, kind of

I am proud, yes
But society's

Force me not to mention
My Best Friend

Because there are those
Regular people
And then there's those super religious weirdos.
I hate that I'm hesitant to talk about Allah and Islam when He's so interconnected and inseparable from my life. People who don't know this, don't know me.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
I will tell you of something
You may have encountered
Which you may have not
Fully understood

I will show you the secrets
Of a Muslim's prayer.

I will tell you of two
Out of the most important ones

Firstly, we have the physical
Mentally, Spiritually comforting
When we lay our foreheads upon the ground
Before our Lord
An act of love
Beloved of Allah

It releases anti-depressants
With Qibla and magnetism
Indeed, Allah is the most Great
Allah's workings are beautiful to state
The reason for my Science love bait)

And another, this, verbal
Mentally, Spiritually comforting
The Opening
That will open the hearts of those
Who are willing to comprehend

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Praise belongs to The Lord of the Creation
(Indeed, we are mere humans, in this vast expanse of the Universe, yet you love us most dearly!)

The Most Gracious, Most Merciful
(By Your Grace, Your Love for us, knows no bounds and we cannot fully comprehend the extent of infinity, All of us are loved, by You, indeed how can we say we are unloved?)

King of the Day of Judgement
(You are Perfect in Your speech, surely we must not think we can take advantage of Your Love, certainly we are to be judged, Justice is to be given. Not an atom of unfairness shown. You are the Best in all things, the Judge with no flaws in knowledge or authority!)

Only You do we worship, and Only to You we turn for help
(How can we not? We are certainly always in need. How can we be blind to the proof of You? Surely, we can see what is around us. If not, we can sense.
Indeed, You are Loving. Indeed You are Giving)

Guide us along the straight path
(The path trod by the ones of heavenly abode. Indeed, it is our final home. Eternal. Never ending. And all you ask of us is to do good to ourselves and others, and for that to turn to You, for only You are able to give)

The path of those You have blessed, not of those who have earned Your Anger
(We fear, we may be led astray by our unconsidered desires, the ones we have not made efforts to polish, to harness. Our forgetfullness, ignorance. Do not let us be of those who have defied you, those of who have refused Your blessings, those who have failed in this test of life)

This prayer
This Muslim's Prayer
We pray TO Allah
But we pray for
Because we are the ones who benefit
As He is not in need of anything
And we are in need of Him
For everything.

I have tried my best to highlight some of the best parts of the Muslim Prayer.

Again, I am not very knowledgeable to fully explain the magnificence of it. If you are curious and search more, you will learn that every part the Prayer consists of mental, spiritual and physical benefits and only now in the 21st century we are uncovering the truth of the part of the extent of its amazingness.

This Prayer was gifted to Messenger Muhammad to pass on to Mankind. Indeed, it is a perfect gift from Allah. How can we think that this religion was founded by humans? Spread by the sword? Indeed these bring Peace to a human, something we lack nowadays.  Peace, one of the definitions of the word Islam.

Prayer showers upon us the Mercy of our Lord, lightening our heavy hearts, brightening our darkened faces.

Take the time and read this carefully. Take notice of every word. You will be comforted.

And I must say, the verses are English translations. How can translations convey the meanings of the jewels of Arabic Literature at the sight of which the poets put down their pens, unable to lay down words even with a fraction of its magnificence?

This is all I can do, by the power of My Lord. Surely, He gives to whom He wills, to those who ASK.

 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
Life's a dance,
   Take it by the hand,
   And spin it round
   Show it who's in control

Life's a maze,
   Chin up! Be unfazed,
   Take the short cut
   Beat it at its own game

Life's a taste,
   Taste it once, not twice
   For too many goods,
   Make a sour, bad taste

Life's a stance,
   For that one all chance
   To make worth your time
   And for others, indeed

Life's a prance,
  Take you to France
   Own your steps
   Every inch of your stay

In the end, Life's a glance
   A nuance of all kinds,
   And use it wisely, nicely
   For in the end
   You face a bend,
   You can never return
   (It's not a U-turn!)
   So face it boldly
   For if you've done right
   If your actions and words
   Were worthy of God
   For He gave a birth, and a decree to thee
   You get what you earn!
   So step around the bend,
And run in earnest!

But to do that, first
You must ask yourself, and rid of the worst
And do what you can, and up of your will

For that wil decide
Who takes the bill.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
We pray
Not only to be eased of hardships
But to be blessed with the ability
Of overcoming them.
Inspired by The Kite Runner.
I think that's what Amir missed.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
It's one thing to believe in Allah
And another to believe Allah
To those Muslims out there, believe Allah. I mean, stop waiting for Science to prove it's right. And you know what I'm talking about, the Sunnahs, the ones that are not compulsory, so we neglect.
I mean Thahneek totally got me shocked.
Trust Allah, guys. Not just believe IN Him.

Thahneek is feeding a newly born a chewed date. It's been in Islam since the 5th century.
Recently, scientists discovered rubbing a sugary gel on the inside of newly born's cheeks prevents prematurely born babies from dying (of low blood sugar).
It's saved millions of people who didn't know for 15 centuries.
There are loads of things like these in Islam.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
The world’s gotta get a grip on its moral values
Get rid of those coral values
They seem full of life, but they’re really dead
All just hard rock, get them outta your head

There are stuff you shouldn’t do
A respect, dignity to hold for mankind
Act your age, acknowledge your years
Only then can the underage learn,
                            along with their peers

Give them something, them to say ‘cheers!’
Tell them how, don’t be the cause for their tears
There’s a charter, a law you’ve got to adhere to
No, no, nothing you made up on your own

There’s the Creator, He’s not a Hater
Unless you decide, to reside with a debater
Going against His wishes, His will
Look, I’m not lying, I can see the
                                 pills in your bill

You’re having to pay for your demise
Your moral values, know no berg-ice
That’s how messed up, you’ve made your life
Turn back now, you’re already facing a strife

Realize, He gave you heart and mind,
So that you step away from evil’s advice,
But you don’t seem to hear,
You’re deaf now, can’t hear your
                                   own hearts’ fear

Your soul doesn’t like it, well it wouldn’t, would it?
If you handed it over to the non-Maker
So listen, perk up your ears,
Take out the earwax, shed your tears

You’ve got to right the wrong you’ve done
Change the world to something more fun
But truly so, not just play and games
So shallow and hollow,
Change it to a fresh new heart

Discipline your style,
And other mistakes you’ve made

The world right now,
Is a bitter dark place
Faith, Loyalty and Honesty’s got no place
They’ve been pushed aside you see, to make room for these -
Hatred, Betrayal and Jealousy
at the lead

Find the remains of those true trusted values,
Search up your drawers,
Dust off your adieus

Replant those seeds, in the hearts of your breeds,
Give them something, other than knobbly knees

The world needs your seeds,
They’ll die off with you, so please
When you hand over the reins
Don’t give us too many pains

Leave us a trace of goodness,
Even a single old cell,
Don’t worry we know how to work,
The Genetic counsel

We’d regrow the old good,
A complete and full clone,
We’ll take away the hood
No mystic old bone

You see now, He gave us the whole manual,
He let us do, whatever we could,
He even gave us the emergency button,
So in the end we’ll realize

That in the end, we must tell no lies
And in the hands of Him, all lies
I mean, all problems the world has, passed down to the new generation a burden we now have to resolve. Environmental pollution, drugs, and all the rest of it..
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
la hawla wala quwwatha illa Billah
there is no power nor might except in Allah

the trees, Who caused, them, from the earth to sprout and grow?
water, Who caused, from the skies, to fall and by the torrents, pour?
the planets, Who caused, to align by the ellipse, by sheer gravity?
the heavens, Who adorned, with stars, of utmost clarity?

which of the blessings of your Lord will you deny?

the sun, Who caused, to shine, to set and rise at appointed times?
the poet, Who caused, the words to flow in deliberate rhymes?
the human, Who caused, to electrify the messages of time?
the offspring, Who caused, to arise from a mix, minuscule?
oh, to men of ancient times, did all this be of ridicule.

indeed, man is flawed.

science is merely an implemented plan.
how can we believe there is a plan, with no Planner?
how can we expect, the gears to turn on their own, with no Turner?

the workings of the universe is defined by science,
but certainly, there must be a Definer?

do you not see the workings of your Lord, now unfurled?
surely, if even then, man does not believe, he has erred.
I haven't capitalized the words at the beginning of the sentences to show that compared to His superiority, they are minors.
The trees, the rain, the planets, the stars, the sun all have a methodical system which nearly all of us know so I won't explain it here.
By the actions of the poet, I am referring to the activity of the brain involved in all of that, linguistic and whatnot.
By the human, I am referring to mainly the brain and heart, and the nervous system, (which work by neuron signals/ electrochemical reactions) as well as the intelligence He gave us to be able to discover all the electronic advancements of today's technology.
And further. All of these have very deep meanings and loads of references.
I have used the word Allah, because it is the name God chose for Himself and which He prefers to be called by, and that it is free of all blemishes. The word God, is flawed, for it can be made plural (Gods), and be assigned gender (God, Goddess).
The name Allah, is neither male or female, and is singular, and is very divine since Allah, Creator and Owner of all Knowledge and Power, chose it for Himself.
(I use pronouns like He, Himself because there are no pronouns in the English language that are gender neutral and singular)
Mix refers to Nutfah, the Arabic word for mixed ****** discharge, the ***** and ****, which anyone who has access to the Qur'an (which is everyone [Internet], can look up as it appears countless times in the Qur'an.
The only source that proposed these ideas, 1400 years ago, was Islam and the Qur'an. So to disbelieving folk of those days, who did not believe in their Lord, all this, science, was ridiculous. They did not believe Allah when clearly, He sent down the revelation. Except for the believers.
To all those who didn't know, yes, there is SCIENCE in Islam, a RELIGION, which many argue don't go together.
Science as we know it, is what man has found out of the truth, with Guidance from His Lord.  Islam, is the truth, which includes all of science. The Truth that Allah revealed very clearly.
I did say the workings of our Lord unfurled as in we've discovered Allah's Plan. But that doesn't mean we can implement it ourselves. Which people argue on today.
But yet, we've only unfurled a fraction of what He has done. Barely a fraction. Indeed, man is a creation. He can only comprehend so much. So it is up to us to be smart enough to listen when it comes knocking at our door.

I am only human. I can only portray what is within my ability with the permission of my Lord. For those who want to read an astoundingly better version of this, look up Chapter 55, Surah Rahman in The Qur'an.
(WARNING: This is not only based on Surah Rahman, it also includes references from many other parts of the Qur'an)
We, as speakers of English can only understand the translation of the original poem. And as anyone knows, to get the complete amazingness of a poem, you need to read it in the language it was written in, especially in this case, since the original Arabic is by Allah, and the translation by humans.
But it still maintains certain literary techniques.
In Surah Rahman, Allah asks the same question, over and over again.  It is because humans are forgetful and we need to be reminded. Repetition instills remembrance and then we think deeply about it.
Plus, we need to be told something countless times, until we understand it.
Thank You for taking the time to read all of this. I hope it helped and opened up a better understanding of this world in your minds.
We are the creation most loved by Allah, and indeed, we can do AMAZING things! Inshaallah (If Allah Wills)

If you have anything you want to ask, you can always message me, and I will try my best to answer. But you can ask any others who are knowledgeable on this topic (I must admit I am not as knowledgeable as most).
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
Islam, the religion that overcame
The period of Jahiliyyah, of Ignorance
That overcame the saying
"We do so because we saw our forefathers doing so"

Islam expelled that ignorance of blindly believing
Islam ENCOURAGES thinking

So why?
Why have we become a community, that is Muslim,
’Only because our parents were?'

This is Jahiliyyah.
This is ignorance.

And that is completely against the rules of Islam.

We have become an Ummah, a Muslim community
That is endangering mankind
Because of the fact
That we are not being very Muslim

We are Muslim,
Because Islam is perfect
Because it only guides us to what is right
It shows us the healthy way
It keeps society together

All of us should realize that
For ourselves
Like first nature

And relieve Munkar and Nakir
That we are true believers.

And if you think Muslims persecute others
You can put that out of your mind
Cuz in Islam's book of rights
You have religious freedom
You are only Muslim if you WANT TO BE

And you're not allowed to force anybody.
We are in this together, sister, brother. I think we should start encouraging more seeking of knowledge.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
Don't think you can make your own way
Without any guidance
That's why Allah appointed
Two teachers
For everyone of us.
On teachers’ day, a mention to the biggest teachers of our lives.
 Nov 2018
Rizna M Rameez
Sisters, Brothers,
We are a very lucky Ummah
Because we live in the age of scientific discoveries
Which are our proving our Sunnah

We already had every reason to believe
And follow the Sunnah
But yet for us
Our beliefs aren't strong enough

Allah is kind
These scientific discoveries
Give us deeper reasons to follow the Sunnah
It instills in us deep rooted Iman
Because all of it
All of it
Is right!

Our ancestors that chose to believe Allah
Were lucky
They benefitted from the Sunnah
That they didn't even know was doing them physical goodness
For the past 1400 years!!!
They knew of the rewards
But not beyond that

The rewards!
Allah promised rewards if we'd do something that was beneficial for ourselves!
Who else does that?

Who else pays you for eating that magnificent lunch THEY made?
All you gotta do
Is stretch your hand out
And take it

The Scientifically proven Sunnahs
You can call them now
Are a chance for us
To strengthen our Iman
And along with it,
Make our lives the BEST

So Sisters, Brothers
We are a lucky Ummah
But we need to beware of ignorance
That can lead us astray

Our Ummah -
The community that exists during the time when the message of Muhammad (PBUH) is known. Which is all of us from the time Muhammad (PBUH) received the first verses of the Qur'an. Read.

But I'm referring to the part of the Ummah that is us in the 21st century right now.

Sunnah -
The way of Islam. The things we have been recommended to do.

Iman -
Faith. Belief. Which is a must if you're Muslim. Faith in the things that Islam has guided us to and said we must have faith in. Without belief we cannot have firm ground or reason for whatever we are doing.
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