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 Mar 2019
Coraline Hatter
one day I found a ship
a wreck on the ground of the sea

within I found a chest
I decided to take it with me

it had a name written on it
letters I could barely see

as I found her
she looked at me

she was finally free
humming a melody

"my husband was a sailor,
he left me for the sea
and when he left he took my heart
but you returned it to me"
all those years he treasured her heart in that chest
and when he fell he took it with him
to the ground of the sea
 Mar 2019
Coraline Hatter
he left me for the sea

and when he left, he took my heart
and never returned it to me
 Nov 2018
Coraline Hatter
when I die

turn my body into ashes


spread it over the ocean

so I can go home

after a lifetime of feeling

Inspired by Amanda Lovelace's book "the princess saves herself in this one"
- a mermaid escapist
 Nov 2018
Coraline Hatter
I sure do love the sea
the deep unknown water
million shades of blue

I can't swim
I've never learned it
I'd drown

The not-known creatures
and unexplored depth
scare me

But if you'd ask me
I would say
I love the sea.
I love the feeling of water on my skin
And the salty air that you can taste when
You're near the ocean
But still,
I'm afraid.
 Nov 2018
Coraline Hatter
Let's take a roadtrip to the ocean
and drown in the memories we make

— The End —