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 Jan 1
Shofi Ahmed
My sea is far away
let's meet under
the one same cloud.

My blue water
is for the sun.
I sing beneath the wave.

My rose
is for the show
I am imbued
in the fragrance.

My sky is open
hugs the earth and afar
beyond the rainbow
beyond the peacock's eyes.

Catch that too!
From beneath the blue
slips out a butterfly.
A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love Has No Condition
 Dec 2018
Anna Grace
My cruel time, you inspire me to write.
I love the way you flow, run and stagnate,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the surrogate.

Let me compare you to a contender?
You are more stoic and more immortal.
Cool frost nips the robins of December,
And wintertime has the righteous cortile.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love your mortal event, length and age.
Thinking of your portal length fills my days.
My love for you is the temporal page.

Now I must away with a gentle heart,
Remember my dual words whilst we're apart.
 Dec 2018
the rain came today
it came violently
a sudden scream for freedom

it caused trepidation
as it pounded into
the dusted surface
of the Earth

then it faded
into a whisper
a whisper only the trees
and dry souls could hear
 Dec 2018
Kristen Mitchell
Let's sit for a minute,
like birds getting warm.
Calm, patient, a look of understanding.
Something new arrives,
we just sit like birds
waiting for our turn to fly
to the tree with the good berries.
One day,
we will grow up and
be kicked out of the nest
fend for ourselves.
Let's get warm on the wire,
in the cold of the world's
Just for a minute,
let me take you under my wing.
Because there is only truly a minute.
There is calm, patience, and understanding
Like birds,
we cannot fly away when the weather
changes, or
move to a new nest
when the other fails us.
we can still sing a song
just as beautiful,
just as nice.
 Dec 2018
An unfamiliar
Yet chilly wind
Sweeps down
The Eastern *****
Of the Franklins
Cracked earth
Solid stone
Visible fracture
Layers of rock
And across the face
Brings that breeze
A very slight freeze
Is in the air
A rain drop or two
The desert loves it
Creosote bushes
Greedily drinking
Take their share
Giving off a smell
Unique and pleasant
A gift for the water
Even rarer
A simple white flake
Could it be?
Snow in the desert
A change welcomed
By heat dwellers
Unnerving to some
Children run wild
The dusty coat
Sheets in the winds
Not enough for
Snow angels
Yet beautiful to the eye
And to sun spotted skin
Snow in the desert
What a kind visit
See you again
In years of ten
#snow #desert #mountains
 Dec 2018
Under Rings And Crescent
Meandering Down Stream
Through The Land Of My
That Once Carried Their
To The Wider Reaches Of
Silty Gravel Plains
That Are Fed And Washed
By Cambrian Rains
Here High Vertical Sandbanks
Criss Cross The Valley Floors
Allowing The Wye To Empty
Onto English Shores
 Dec 2018
Fast The Evening Melts Away
As Starlight Edges Across The Bay
I Wait For An Age For The Carp To
I Gaze For Hours Into The Night
See Wispy Clouds Drift Away
As Starlight Dims To Welcome Day
Stand A While And Watch Dawn
The Oyster Opens To Reveal A Pearl
To be or not to be...
What is it that is so captivating of a tree
The plants that stand in Noble stance
To have no eyes
But to see more than the eyes can see
To uphold a roof that all dwell under
Filtering the abominations in the sky
What would we be without air...
We must take time to slow down and care
The buffet for our lungs to sing what must be sung and to feed the flame of the Mighty bright heat of a fire that perspires to warm my flesh
An invention of the gods to make  variant dishes more edible that aren't so fresh
The  guiding light in dark cold nights
To lead me to the water that baptizes my organs to keep me floating in a mental elemental paradise
Oh how wise to recognise and appreciate the fate of the gifts in this elemental paradise
The soul glides through it's endeavors
The ether it's home
Come back to me and melt with the crone
 Dec 2018
Star BG
you follow a sinuous trail.
Cutting through green lush trees,
and mountain rock.

Your grass-like hair blows elegantly
below sun and stars.

You grace Mother Gia’s landscape
carrying fish along
their bubbly path.

you dost cleanse me,
as I sit among your waves
that hug delicately.

Your heart beats as roots move
within like veins carrying liquid love.

You grace Mother Gia my being,
with your spectacular scenery
and wisdom that echoes in wind.
Being grateful to Mother Gia
 Dec 2018
Emily Dickinson

Longing is like the Seed
That wrestles in the Ground,
Believing if it intercede
It shall at length be found.

The Hour, and the Clime—
Each Circumstance unknown,
What Constancy must be achieved
Before it see the Sun!
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