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 Jan 10
Abby Reynolds
i stopped writing poems
because the only poems that were leaking off the pen
were always inked with traces of you
i couldn't bare it any more
not writing about you
especially now that you've taken it upon yourself to leave
drive miles and miles away never turning your head to check the rearview mirror
I can't stand the thought of you
out there alone
lonely, with shivers in your heart
with no one there to whisper in your ear
it will all be alright,
hey, i love you
the thought of your hands being cold at night and no one there
to hold them
makes me want to scream
but I know
I know to move forward you have to leave past, past
somehow I became past when I used to be future
I don't recall when that happened
just promise me as you leave
you'll take one more look in your rearview
let me blow you a kiss and wave you off as you drive goodbye
one last act of love for my baby
let me let you leave
 Sep 2018
Crying in the street
Tears run thick
And I don't bleed
Contrast of how it used to be

Lying on the grass
Still and quiet
I don't dare laugh
No desire to fight it

People drive past
I don't stare
I scroll through likes instead
Likes though no one cares

Someone tries to speak
But they are mute
I don't like listening now
Tuning out's the only way not to lose

I'm not the same
So much has changed
Yet it's also deja vu
Years later I recognize you
 Sep 2018
Abby Reynolds
Everyday I reserve a moment
to picture you
to imagine us
to feel your heart
which I know well is
still embedded into my own
I'm aware these few moments of my day can lead to nothing
but troubles, & heartache
because when I open my eyes
you're there
god knows where
& I'm here, nowhere
When I stop to think about why I still take my time to think about you
I can only come up with the reasoning that I still love you
I always will love you
even now, six months later
after the damage is done
after the tears have fallen for so long
I'm worried they may have seeped their way into my heart
Even with the knowledge
of the gut wrenching
heart altering pain
our love brought into my
all dancing and daisy life
even past the break,
the moment I knew the love of my life was never
coming home
I would do it all again
over & over & over
just for a taste of that sensation
of us
lying barely clothed wrapped in your embrace
for just a glimpse of
your abysmal brown eyes
for a minuscule moment
of our epic love story
I just thought you should know
there's never regrets in this hallow hallway of my heart
only stubborn love
that grasps at a chance
for one more try

— The End —