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 Jul 15
Everyone thinks i’m strong,
But tears were falling from my eyes
on the day u left me and said goodbye
now i know my feelings
i should no longer hide
i love you and i want you to
stay by my side
you know without you i’m weak
because you’re the only strenght that i seek
that i seek
so please…don’t go,i’m being so bold
just by saying i need your hand to hold
don’t leave me like this
so broken,so torn,so cold.
so as i write this
you’re somewhere so far away
a place i can only reach
by loving you this way.
 Jul 2
Shakespeare uses language in several ways to show us Macbeth’s emotions and behaviour. In the first scene Macbeth is concerned that although he has killed Duncan,there are those that suspect him and may cause him harm in the future.He uses the metaphor of a ‘scorched’snake that has only been wounded and will fight again another day as a metaphor for his situation.This reference to poisonous or dangerous creatures is repeated later in the scene when Macbeth says ‘o’full of scorpions in my mind,dear wife!’which sounds like the anguished cry of someone who cannot find peace.You can imagine him clutching his head on stage.

Another way Macbeth’s feelings are described is when he talks about sleep.Sleep is mentioned lots of times in the play so it is obviously on Macbeth’s mind,which is not surprising considering he has committed ******.’eat our meal in fear and sleep’which references how much he’s worrying.In this scene he talks about how it is ‘better’ to be with the dead who have been sent ‘to peace’.He mentions that Duncan now ‘sleeps well’ almost as if he envies the people he has murdered.

In the same scene, there are some particularly strong descriptions of night time made by Macbeth.He mentions things to do with the night-the ‘bat’, the ‘shard-borne beetle’ and later the ‘crow’ and the ‘th’rooky wood’.These are all ‘black agents’ of the night and through Macbeth’s mention of them he is kind of associating himself with them.Therefore,although he can’t sleep-he wants night to come because it is when he can commit ******.The scene ends with him hiding information from his wife-he reveals no more that that he is going to do a ‘dead of dreadful note’.This is powerful because we know what Macbeth has planned, but Lady Macbeth doesn’t ,through the use of dramatic irony.

The second scene is very different because Banquo has been murdered and you think that maybe Macbeth will now be a little more relaxed and feel safe. But when he sees the ghost of Banquo even though he tries to cover up his feelings he cannot.’ avaunt and quit my sight!let the earth hide thee!thy bones are marrowless, thy blood is cold’.These descriptions of the 'living-but dead’ Banquo really shows how Macbeth is shaking. He cannot believe how real it is.’ can such thing be/and overcome us like a summer’s cloud?’

This simile links to other descriptions of day and night, light and darkness that have surfaced in the play. Macbeth then goes on to talk about the supernatural and seems almost to be talking in a witch-like spell-‘blood will have blood.stones have been known to move and trees to speak.’

From this,and all his reference to night and creatures of the night,it seems as if Macbeth is feeling and behaving like a devilish creature himself so that at the end of the scene it is not surprising when he uses the metaphor of being ‘stepped in so far’ in blood, like a river crossing, so that he can’t go back.

He ends his last verse speech with a couplet as if he has made up his mind and can’t now change things’strange things I have in head that will to hand/which must be acted ere they may be scanned’.
 Jun 20
You said u loved me,
You said u cared,
You gave me hope,
and showed you cared,
But you leave me...
with no explanation why...
I lost all hope,
I loved you so,
and I miss you
You're gone.
If only you understood
the pain I feel,
First, I lost my sister,
Now I lost you,
Come back to me,
Give me hope,
Show u, love,
u can't leave me,
I'm heartbroken...
No one cares.....
Everyone I love
Just goes away,
Everyone I meet
Abandoned me...
I need to die,
 Jun 10
When things go wrong as they sometimes will,

When the road your trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high,

And you want to smile but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing u down a bit-

Rest if u must but never quit.

Life is strange with its twists and turns,

As everyone of us sometimes learns,

And many a fellow turns about,

When he might have won had he stuck it out.

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow-

You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than

It seems to a fair and faltering man,

Often the struggler has given up

When he might have captured the victor’s cup,

And he learns too late when the night came down,

How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out-

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you can never tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems afar,

So stick to the fight when the hardest hit,-

It’s when things seem worse when you mustn’t quit.
 Jun 10
Acting as one,

Believing in each other,

Committing to excellence,

Doing whatever it takes,

Embracing a common vision,

Fostering group intelligence,

Giving the benefit of doubt,

Harnessing the power of many,

Inspiring cooperation,not competition,

Juggling skills and talents,

Kindling collaborative genius,

Looking out for each other,

More we and less me thinking,

Not minding who gets the credit,

Overcoming obstacles together,

Putting principles before personalities,

Quickly resolving differences,

Recognizing each others strengths,

Sharing the workload,

Treating each other with respect,

Utilizing everyone’s skills,

Valuing everyone’s input,

Working side by side,

Xpecting exponential results,

Yearning to succeed together,

Zestfully making a difference.
 Jun 10
Keep on

Graduation is

A successful ending,

And an exciting beginning.

If you keep on learning,

Keep on dreaming,

Keep on doing,

You’ll travel

Towards your goals

Until you get there.

Keep up the good work,

You can do it!
 May 29
A short story!

Do you remember your childhood?

Remember that kid running down the street… hot sidewalk, bare footed, sweat running down your face? Take a moment and try to remind your self… What is the memory that is stuck in my head? The one you can never forget? We have flashbacks, of the hardest moments we have been through, not everything is color white. we all have black spots.

Where do I start… My life is like a roller-coaster I can remember when I was four, my mother left me, to come to a better country, to give me and my brothers a better future. I was left in custody of my aunt along with my older brother. My two older sisters where left in custody of our grandparents. I can imagine you thinking how could someone leave there kid this young? Our parents have sacrifice so much to give us what we need, to have a better life than what they ever had. The day she left is all blanked out, I only remember the hardest part of my life.

It was almost bed time, I was in the floor playing with my dolls on my right hand side was my brother playing with his UNO cards. It hit 9:00 pm. Once again it all started, I heard my aunt and uncle fighting yelling out about his drinking problems, I remember my brother hugging me tight. I can hear them cussing one to another.. I was scared my uncle was wasted.. tripping, screaming “I’m tired of this, I’m tired of you!” I knew this was not going to end well.

I closed my eyes tight holding my brothers hand, and shut a tear, he whisperer to my ear… “everything is going to be alright.” It only took about two minutes to hear the phone being tossed to the other side of the room, I knew he would hit her, my heart started beating faster and faster as his voice started getting louder. I heard my aunt saying “This is when I hate you the most, this is when you turn into my worst enemy!” Does words scared me, I knew he was getting angry as she scream to him how much she hated him, as does words hit him on the softest spot he had, he became a different person when he was holding that bottle on his hand. He took a deep breath, and scream again “you are worthless, you don’t understand me! Look at you no one will ever want you, no one will ever love you..”
Trauma of childhood is a fictional story based on my own real life experience
 May 20
You have an empty feeling that comes from within
You long to share your feelings but no one will listen
You reach out for open arms, but nobody is there
Your tears fall to the ground, but nobody cares
You pick up the phone, but have no one to call
You feel overwhelmed; your mind is a crawl
You lay in your bed in the light of the moon
Just so you don’t see those who aren’t there for you

I open my eyes
But it’s better they stay closed
For what misery today will bring
I just don’t know

Every day is like the one before
I find I’m more hurt and lost
Than ever before

I can’t remember a time
Where I was happy and smiling
It feels like forever
That inside I’ve been dying

It’s strange
But I’ve got used to it
Being this way
It’s part of my life now
Depressed everyday

I thrive on the sadness
That tears at my heart
I find some sort of comfort in it
This pain that rips me apart

I was once smiling
Once warm
And so care free
Now I look at myself
And say
“What has happened to me?”

What made me this way?
So cold and lost
Were the memories so bad
That I forced them to be forgot

How can I break free?
And leave this behind
I’m tired of being this way all the time

I just want to be held close
But I know I will push everyone away
I’m too scared to let anyone in
Because I know no one will stay

How do you fix a soul
Which has pieces long gone
How do you fix a life
That has gone so badly wrong

How do you save me?
When I’ve fallen so far
How can you heal these wounds
Which have turned to scars?

This is who I am
Every day and every night
Sad isn’t it?
When all i want is to be happy,to have a friend,to forget the past
i am always depressed,lonely,self harming,scared,having panic attacks,flashbacks of the past
I'm suicidal!
 May 20
No feeling

There is happiness around me,

then why do i feel sad.

There is everything around me,then why do i feel bad.

i feel gloomy and at a loss of words,

i know its kind of absurd,

but i feel some kind of pain within,

A strange emptiness that i feel,

I really don’t know the reason for it,

but life is hurting me, bit by bit!

I hate this feeling

I hate this feeling of being so lonely,

Without someone around who understands me,

i may be surrounded by lots of friends

Yet i long someone to fill this emptiness within me.
i am feeling suicidal
 May 13
I am the rain

gently patting

the rooftop

the drop

sliding down

your window

i glide

past the glow

of your lamp


to the warmth

of your fingertips

as they press

against the glass

losing grip

i slid away
 May 13
The first measures of your favorite song coming on the radio
The lurch your stomach gives when you go too high on a swing
Dancing in the rain, and splashing in the puddles
The relief in flopping yourself down on your bed after a hard day
Happy dreams
The moment you realize there is one more cookie in the box
Your favorite outfit
Hugs from loved ones
Discovering beautiful shells on the beach
Waking up and realizing you still have a couple hours to sleep
The joy of saying, “I love you”
The joy of hearing it back
Lazy Sunday afternoons
Happy birthday wishes
Deep, meaningful conversations with friends
Little children running in the sun, enjoying life
Helping a classmate with homework
Reconnecting with old friends
The awe you feel watching a sunset
Raindrop races on windows
That grin you give your friend across the room when the teacher says, “pick a partner”
Hot showers after a good game
Stuffed animals that don't mind being squeezed and cried on
The tears and hugs of making up
Realizing the moment you fall in love
The congregation passionately singing your favorite hymn
Spreading God's Word
Puppies and kittens
That text from the right person at the right time
Surprising your friends with little gifts
The smell of new books
The smell of old books
Capturing that perfect picture
Your unknown potential
God's love
Feel free to add more reasons in the comments!  This poem is for anybody going through a rough time; don't worry, it will get better!
 Apr 29
You pretend you care
you pretend you understand
you make me feel special
then you shout in my face
and tell me to
F* off *****!
and make me cry
i feel worthless
and i don't
want to
live anymore
so say bye
because i'm
i'm going,
so bye to the world
because you won't see me again
i'm fed up
of living with all the abuse
why should i keep
living with this
so baby,i'm going
going gone!
never trust anyone
they betray you
use you
abuse you
depress you
and make you feel
like your never
meant to belong
so bye everyone
i'm going to heaven!
 Apr 2
there was little wonder
near the end of our tether
we decided we wouldn't linger
smiling at each other
we said good-bye for ever

i replay the scene over and over
and I can’t help but wonder
has he moved on to another?
is she much better?

i don’t want to remember
but it’s like I have a fever
in the middle of summer​
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