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 Sep 2018
Nab Karbela
a word that spread off the whole world
sometimes a million people try to make it looks good
sometimes they just hang on a big misunderstood

i looked back on a corner and saw how people mean it
the most just thinking the rest are always show it
they said
love, when you give and give

love is every sweat wetting your father's skin
it's a smile from your mom even when she's hurting
it's a hugs and kisses from your grandas while see you coming

and when you grow and see the world behind your door home
you will find other kind of love
you'll see some people who always say hello
take you to their secret room and spend the time together
it's a friendship, neither lie nor a shelter

the last but not least,
let me wishper and end the list
that love is kind of simple, altough
it maybe unlogic and unpredictable
you don't have to worry or screaming a rebel
just show your love, cause if not, it looks like a riddle

A day in 2014
It's my very first poem I wrote in 2014

— The End —