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 Oct 2018
The pomegranate
Bleeds poems across my palm,
Seeds scatt'ring daydreams.
A haiku for a beautiful literary/artistic symbol of prosperity, fertility, and (for the Greeks) death.

In Art:

- Lorenzo Lippi: "Woman Holding a Mask, or The Allegory of Simulation" (1650)

- Dante Gabriel Rossetti: "Proserpine" (1874)

- William-Adolphe Bouguereau: "Girl with a Pomegranate" (1875)
 Oct 2018
Blade Maiden

Today autumn arrived
I watched it creep into my room
through an open window

In my bones a familiar feeling thrived
I watched the leafs fall around noon
from the trees below

Coldness came to greet me anew
a comfort of sorts
and I felt so very calm

Warmth came to meet me too
the rooms of one's own turn into charming resorts
candles, tea and a blanket become a weary soul's balm

With it came nostalgia
it slowly made its way under my skin
while colors change the outside

Do you know of this certain cardialgia
your heart is heavy but light but also filled to the brim
while memories of distant winters reach far and wide

Welcome my chilling beloved
my cold season of frozen solid dreams
I was eagerly waiting for your return

For you I ready my coat, already half gloved
I give myself to you by all means
and underneath my halcyon flesh I will quietly yearn
 Sep 2018
Shruti Dadhich
Every morning me...
Just after having my tea back on my roof,
With my new book,
as an excuse,
But I'm back to my work...
My work -
         Of reading the stories written by the fog on the face of mountain,
        Of catching the momentary scrape on my body by the cool wind which won't come again,
        Of understanding the songs of birds,
     Of understanding the leaf's whispers to the buds,
           Of stealing the colors, & pleasant aroma from flower,
      Of listening the river's love hymns...
Every morning me...
Just after having my tea, back to my work,
My work of collecting all these words of nature & composing new rhymes,
My work of giving these rhymes love's aroma & peace's color,
My work of being a title giver,
My work of being a nature lover!!!
 Sep 2018
V L Bennett
I am crystal:
the molten river flows
I cannot shatter
I will not bend
The gods have touched me
illuminated my countenance
with the fires of ten thousand furnaces
No waters will ever extinguish their flames

I am crystal:
at the center a translucent
shatters the solid light
and shivers off
The owl was looking at the man with a noose
Disturbed by the noise as he cooked his goose
But before he leapt the owl did say
Do you really want them to remember you this way?

The pain is real but will go away
The wise old owl was heard to say
The man with the noose, stopped and thought
He’s right, a lesson in patience I’ve just been taught

So he walked through the woods stood on a track to ease his pain
Then was killed by the 10.42 south bound train

The owl was watching in the branches so high
He is the only one who knew he did not want to die
So the moral of his death is like sand in a cup
When your time is up, your time is up
 Aug 2018
There's a big world out
there full of real beauty
One of them is trees
Been our  Driving with dean and the scenery was beautiful , Loving nature : )
 Aug 2018
Blade Maiden
Sleeping in a silent forest
night sky come and swallow me whole
I promise I won't protest
These stars may fill my tired soul
And these trees, oh, how I love thee
Lush and green, dark and eerie
This is where I long to be
Here is where I'd never be weary
I put my life onto the earth
Dig myself a hole for a bed
This is where lies all lifes worth
Here everything is, I miss nothing I haven't had

Roots may pervade me, leafs shall cover
And in my stead another will grow
I will dissolve in the arms of my last lover
And of all misfortune it will never speak nor will it show

On new branches my soul will hang
until another
 Aug 2018
Reflective lining bears the passing years
of crinkles carved and worn to that of age
and from the mirrored galls a hearse appears
with thought to carry; when shall death upstage?

This day? When larks resound of warbling birds
as garden's glaze, the vernal blossom glows
amongst are playful kin of callow words
and yonder meadow green, my love in pose.  

Caressed by cherry blossoms, from a time
when youth we swayed beneath that ruby tree,
her amber curls would kiss verdure in prime
with lissom twirls that blessed my eyes to see.

When I shall drift away from worldly plush
and leave I shall, let not; in springtime lush.
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