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 Mar 2017
Dark Jewel
Dancing in the waves,
Feeling the water rise.
Above the rocks.

The energy spiraling,
Out of control.
Wild and free.

Let the waters rise,
Beyond the fire sky.*
Feeling one with the element.
Feeling loved.

My god,
Thank you.
 Mar 2017
Dark Jewel
This life has taken a turn,
A yearning well deserved.
Though a heart may cry,
Another is given life.

No remorse,
For what I've done.
I've made my choice.
This time it's done.

A soul crossed my path.
I've shown him the way.
To the life ahead.

The numbers shown,
The way to love.
The stars aligned,
To bring us together.

There is purpose,
To us.
It's been an interesting couple months, I do not regret anything. I've found my Zahe.
 Nov 2016
Musfiq us shaleheen
Don't get me wrong, darling
Because that's exactly, I do not know how to say
However, what goes out of the home
Rivers, Mountains, Sea
Or beyond the horizon, Any call

You don't make a mistake
I'll be back to whom
So, for a moment, don't misunderstand me
That exotic flute, distant Kans grasses
Even from far away:
From the seashore, I have heard the echoes of another time

So don't misunderstand me, darling
They have relationships with, and you are like me
They are not devoid of love
I give you, borrow from them

For a moment, don't misunderstand me
I bring your pearl beneath the sea,
From the mountains the ancient forms,
The original earthy flavour,
A chunk of drifted white clouds from the autumn sky as a little boat

So, you don't misunderstand me
Where 'll I come back
Where 'll sing their song
Where to lose my soul,
Or will not come
@Musfiq us shaleheen
 Feb 2015
Dark Jewel
With a rose of Purple,
Death calls to you now.

With one ******,
Your blood is mine.

Purple Rose for Redemption,
For you to be revived.
 Feb 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
If it were not for Some
How was the Start of the
And even though some may Start
Something must have
Means automatic did Not

Your Earthly Life
This day
And This night

The tree needs Soil
It takes Light

Just as you Are
So Love Exists
There are Smiles

There is Nothing
Where you Can't
All the Dark
The Stars in the night Sky,
Even I couldn't See
There is no Moon,
In the Darkness

Why one for Another
Everyone why Each
The inside address seems quite Difficult
But not too Difficult

If you Try,
You can Catch a Few
It's your Secret to Everyone
I think you are my creation this Address
Have Taught

Very Simple
Such Life
So there is Death
The Earth exists so there is Light
The Trees are
So Fruits,
Has its branches for the Birds
Embroiled Nest
Sing the Songs
The Songs are in the air to You

You have come to Me
Together in Love
Is made from the River
Goes out to the Sea
Get lost in the Midst
Of a wave of a Thousand Million
Back Again
In Another Form
Mystery of any other Occasion
Any other Day
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Your form of mystery//
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 Feb 2015
Dark Jewel
Once in a forest far away,
Undecided by society.
Living beings strive,
To protect the landscape.

Calling it home..
Majestic mountains,
Fruitful valleys..
Simply breath taking.

Desire of the King's Mountain,
Rumor has it,
That A dragon lives in the cave.

Fire breathing dragon,
Like the landscape.

Mother's tear,
The cave,
*of the scorned.
 Feb 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
I want to paint an image of Thy
That's not to be made with Water Color
Indeed desire to paint an Oil Painting
Blue will take from the Sky
Green from the Grass
I will take the Yellow from Barren Fields
Red will be borrowed from Parrot's Lips
And water from Your Tears
Will be grown thousands of Lost Dreams
After mingling of all the Colors
Thy face will be floated,
As the thousand year's "Mona Lisa"
With a patch mystic Smile
On my Gray Canvas

The bottom of the image's will be written
"You, My Beloved"
@Musfiq us shaleheen
an oil painting of thy,
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best wishes all of you/
 Jan 2015
Dark Jewel
I was just a girl,
Full of dignity.
Slightly reserved,
With a sense of humor.

He was a guy,
With a mask.
Humor carried his smile,
With a sarcastic tone.

His vibes unreadable at a distance.

Every inch of movement,
Caught my blue eyes.
A sense of amusement from the boldness.

The way he carries himself,
Like someone with a purpose.
For crossing paths with me.

Me being slightly reserved,
Knew no bounds of his honesty.
Testing the waters.
Wanting the mask to be removed.

I never knew his life story,
Never knew he almost sacrificed himself.
Never knew he was abused by a past relationship.

I didn't care for that,
I wanted to know him.

This blond haired,
Brown-eyed guy.
Knew I was watching him.

I wanted to break the ice,
To plan a surprise attempt.
He beat me to it.

Ever since day one,
His vibes became readable.
When the ice was broken.

The memories of darkness,
Pain and stress covered his soul.
His eyes were deep with understanding,
His wits high like a fox.

I wanted to help,
To hold his hand.
To hold him when the memories attacked.

I was too scared to say Hello,
He said it for me.
His boldness giving me courage to respond in kind.

After our official meeting,
I became anxious to see him.
To see him laugh at lunch,
To see him focus in English class.

I wanted his mask to be removed,
For him to show his true self to me.
I gained his trust and respect,
He fell for me.

Now my past has been dark,
Mates of that past cruel..
He healed me of this wounds,
Just by being nice.

I've fallen for him too.
*It was like love at first sight.
This is for my boyfriend who I am currently with.. I wanted to tell him how my mind carried out love to him when I first saw him.. I wasn't able to say it but I knew it was love at first sight.
#300th Poem
 Jan 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
One day
When all events will be finished,
Then you will see
Over and over again
Is this why the door closed,
By that time the window next to
The road is full of trash

Little by little
I will be almost removed
From your mind
Then Red Sun will be appeared
In a new horizon,
The birds will sing the same as before
You will laugh
For some reason mystery

Flowers will be dancing
Before you
You will be singing with someone
Moonlight will brighten
Your night
And your Sky will be filled with
Full of dreams

But then you will not feel the,
Moonlit wet night
As your first feeling flourished
Like a Red Rose,
Either an Evergreen Love Song
Or As a Romantic Poem,
Hold your hands in a way
That will be mystic wandering

Remember My Darling,
And then I will exist
Thousands of Millions of miles
Away from you,
As a Bright Star
Will be burned myself
And be Fallen as dust
On your Eyes-
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
dust of bright star
 Jan 2015
Failure is like water.
When you're sinking
And filling your lungs with its malice
You have to cup your hands
And kick out and fight
To push from it
Or else it will consume
All that you are
It will run through your fingers
And you will grow from its depths
Like a dark ****,
Twisted by the lack of light
And the cold, cold depths
And the other foul things which
Lurk within.
 Jan 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
When the time has returned
Hearts can't go out from you
Lost love seems to be a footprint
Decayed stone is a sign of thy

The last laugh
The flute
Putting forward the images of the day
Today it has grown a big miss for the poet

Spots at matches
Someone calls the untimely
I See
You see
Everything becoming change

Quick change
You and me
The Trees
The Hills
The River

Your restless mind
Grew cold
Even fastest cyclone
Became cool

Leaves fallen
Grew again
Spring came
And moved away

She came
She sang
Again she went away
Never hold back
Just left this footprint

The last laugh
The flute
Putting forward the images of the day
Today it has grown a big miss for the poet
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Footprint, Today it has grown big miss for the poet
 Dec 2014
Dark Jewel
Wrecking into darkness,
Rounding about the lowly grove.
Singing Precious,
Hymns of the holy love.

Wings spreading into length,
Eyes glazing over blood red.
Blood gone cold,
Releasing the old.

Archaic beast has awakened,
After these long years.
Finale of Transformation.
Life or Death.
What to Choose?

Finally old enough,
To cure thy soul.
Finally brave enough,
To say whats true.

I am awakened,
I will not take it anymore.
I am a woman.
Hear me roar.

I am beast,
Cursed with blue eyes.
Under the snowy wonderland,
I will claim my prize.
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