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 Feb 2020

You are my midnight madness
A lover in my dreams
A rewinding case of happenstance
That’s never as it seems

Yet still, such lust soaked visions
Fly free into the night
And I refuse to seek the dawning
Unprepared to meet the light

So lost in moonlit whispers
A forbidden serenade
Where echoes paint the shadows
Like a dream in masquerade

And just as waning slumber
Creeps slow around my door
I resist the rising consciousness
Hungry still, wanting more

I revel in our passion
A frenzy cloaked in black
Such sweet intoxication
No cause for looking back

You are a twilight fancy
A relentless fantasy
A ghost that haunts my stillness
A flame that cannot be

Yet, how I love the falling
How the whispers sweetly stream
You are my Phantom calling
Always in my dreams…

 Nov 2019
TS Ray
Sing for me, oh wind chime!

Winds are blowing from north to south,
Skies are darkening from up above,
Rains are showering over a white robe, and
the globe is dancing with a mild glow.

So sing for me, oh wind chime!

Blue jays are pecking at an oak tree,
Spinning around squirrels who are as carefree,
Unaware of a herd of deer roaming free,
their intelligence only bettered by their calling soiree.

So sing for me, oh wind chime!

Even as the prairie of a backyard is so beautiful,
when winds are so peaceful,
flowing the dandelions along plentiful,
depositing themselves on young ones a handful.

So sing for me, oh wind chime!
 Nov 2019
mσσnlíght ín thє mєαdσw
cαѕtѕ thє ѕhαdσw σf thє trєєѕ
í cαtch α glimpse of ѕílvєr
αѕ thє вrαnchєѕ cαtch thє вrєєzє
thєrє'ѕ juѕt α ѕσund σf ruѕtlíng lєαvєѕ
ín ѕσlítudє í ѕtrσll
thє wσσdѕ αrє mínє thíѕ єvєníng
αѕ í plαч thє wσmαn'ѕ rσlє
pαuѕíng вч thє rívєrвαnk
thє ѕчmphσnч вєgínѕ
thє ruѕhíng wαtєr'ѕ cσuntєrpσínt
tσ lívє σαk'ѕ crєαkíng límвѕ
thє gєntlє wínd, thє tєmpσ mαkєѕ
αnd í вєgín tσ hєαr
thє rhчthm σf thє pulѕє σf lífє
αn єαrth ѕσng ín mч єαr
hσw ѕwєєt thє єvєníng ѕєєm tσ mє
αríαѕ fíll thє níght
αnd thєn thєч mαkє α chσruѕ
αѕ thє mσσn rєѕumєѕ hєr flíght
hσmєwαrd вσund, í pαuѕє αnd líѕtєn
α mєlσdч ѕσ ѕwєєt
rєgrєtfullч, thє ѕpєll íѕ gσnє
nσw, juѕt thє trαffíc'ѕ вєαt
Happy Earth Day!
 Sep 2019
My use to knows
Are somewhere lost
In nothingness
I blindly navigate
Using mussel memory
In syntactical frenzy
Sampling residue of
Forgotten stale grey matter
Until finally
A rogue cluster of poetical
Muse cells submerge
Fingers form familiar patterns
Hands grips tight the neck
The cords surface in mind
And matter of fact
Magnetically draws
The remaining missing piece
Into the healing soul
    Of the guitarist.....

Poetry and Music
Are my saving grace
  Thank you Universe!!!

Pardon me my feelings are showing...
Traveler Tim
 Sep 2019
White Wolf
Thoughts of you flood my mind, as I think of you
Often in a daydream, now, I realize my
Undying love for you has no bounds.
Captivated in your every word, I
Hear the melody of angels in your voice.
 Sep 2019

I will honor you like my wand,  
swirling sweet music all around,
to sing to the stars and far beyond,
all the while our entwined souls
dance on our cosmic playground.

I will play a lover's melody,
mesmerizing in sweet sensuality,
erotically encapsulated
in a harmonizing of intensity,
building pressure as we flow,
climaxing with a brilliant glow.

The stars will open up
a space for us to shine
for a constellation
of our own
lover's design.

 Nov 2018
A Shuli
Let me draw,
If I had the hand of a merciful God I would draw the first deep wrinkle on the forehead of every newborn babe.
But that would be the hand of a careless God, for all the wisdom gained
Is merely a Brocken Spectre.

So let there be a history discarded of pain
And tattoos sown by the hand of a farmer onto the delicate skin of this pigeon.
Keep him, feed him,
He will remember you to me.   Let him fly home when you think of me,

And his wings will bring me back.
 Oct 2018
Jeff Gaines
I've this new friend, she's so complete.
Solid as a rock, from her head to her feet.
We met online, sharing poems, lives and paths.
We talked about everything and always have a laugh.

She's shared her life … from before and in the now.
She's a busy gal with a family and a really great man.
She works a job, writes her poems
and is forever making plans.

We've shared some deep thoughts …
and found many things in common.
But my favorite thing about new my friend …
is that she's as stubborn as a Brahman!

That's a type of Bull,
for those of you who don't know …
just try and steer her off of her path …
and those horn's she'll surely show.

Feisty, fierce … opinionated too …
To claim that she is headstrong … would not be untrue.

She's a really great Mom, with a brood to be proud of, no jest.
They are accomplished and well rounded, always doing their best.

I'm so happy that I've met this pal,
even chatted with her and hubby on the phone.
I'm sure that when we finally meet in person,
our kinship will be wholly grown.

That will be great,
a new closeness to live and to be.
But this will bring yet another task …
a task just for me.

For this is only part one of my poem …
Part two to be written when …
I finally see and hug my new friend(s) …
and our friendship starts yet again!
Again, so sorry I haven't been here. I have been so busy with the Tree Farm all Summer and just when I thought it was coming to an end, we had Hurricane Micheal blow through here and pretty much destroy our yard and some of the property.

  Now, it will take me all winter to drop the leaning trees and cut up them and the completely fallen ones and drag them to the burn pile. I also have over 400 linear feet of fence to replace.


  But I'm not asking for a pity party. I just had the first of my two stent operations and I am hoping that by doing all this work, it will bring me back to healthy enough to go back out on the road and off of Disability!

One can only hope.

  My trip out west will have to wait until Spring. I guess it was supposed to happen this way.

  This poem is about someone that I met here at HP and become really good friends with over the phone and texting. I can't wait to meet her and her family.
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