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 Apr 2021
Thomas Bron Mukama
If I ever feel so important Lord
Please humble me for I am a piece of clay

Grateful I have another day to smile over what I own without my make

I am glad you love me even in my own absence as much as you save me from my inner terror and thoughts

I am back to only say thank you Lord
 Jan 2021
Light chases darkness
Like a serpent
Licking it’s own tail
Listless about
Limitlessness that surrounds
 Nov 2020
Poetic T
What made me an atheist!!

I get the question a lot!!

And my reply isn't for the

Giving back in return what the
         the priest gave me but in return.

                            Over the alter,
all you heard from his lips where

Oh Jesus,
          ****** it!!

holy mother of god!!

    He took the bread and his ****

drank the wine...

And I thought if a man of the cloth could
           say the lord's name in vain so much
how could there be a lord if

he was blasphemous to such a degree...

I left him tied to the alter, a cross down
his throat... swallowing his faith,
             but his god couldn't save him...

I did the sign of the ******* as I left....
 Oct 2020
Before the page was turned over
It was a beautiful silence all around
A soft white light everywhere he could see
Joy unbridled

When things changed
Turned imperfect
And light was harder to find
A fog of amnesia surrounded his consciousness
And the ones he found around himself were just as unaware of their place in this wilderness

They journeyed through a windy desert
Stopping only for a confused communion once in a while
Peering into each other’s eyes for an answer
Finding darkness and fear of the unknown

Then one star came up on the horizon
The brightest of them all
With the hope of a treasure at the end of its journey through the sky
He followed it
and others followed his twinkling promise through clouds
And whenever it hid for longer than a few moments
The faith of those around him faltered

He held still
In wait and cried
"O king of stars, lead us to joy
Lead us to purpose for we are lost”
The others howled behind him
They asked for forgiveness, some begged for mercy
Some demanded assurance, some slept simply, with no footprints left on desert sand

“O king of stars,
Though I may stumble
Or I may yet fall
Still I know you’ll be with me
See me through all”
His chant of devotion which many repeated
People charted the star’s path over and over every night
For what else was there to do
Everything else seemed to be dead,
the sand, the sky, the wind, the emptiness in everyone’s eyes

Thus they started their journey
Walking for eons through an endless nothingness
Sleeping and waking up every which-where they wished ; whenever they wished
Doubting, hoping, fighting, loving and hating the one they called messiah
Who finally lead them to a hill over which the star stopped in its path

And everyone sat over the hill waiting
With legs aching from the journey
Minds tired and scared of the unknown
The messiah told them I played my part
Before he closed his exhausted eyes
And gained his long lost light

Then the star fell from sky and vanished into oblivion
Just as it all began
The desert was dark again

He killed the star some said
Some said the star killed him
Some said there never was a star and they were fools to walk behind him for so long

Wind and sand grew colder still
as the night went from blue to black
To be put away from the nightmare of darkness
People wished upon the broken star
To put an end to their misery

And one by one
Their wish came true
Before it was not
 Oct 2020
Harriet Shea
Inner spirit of wisdom and love, fill all hearts
with light and peace, bring them through the
mist of understanding and knowledge of a
journey strong with effort, determination, and

Bring forth mother natures beauty to be seen
by heart and soul, where the depth of life is
light, connected to the universe of mystery.

Raise your arms toward the sky where warmth
flows deep within us from birth, into death
when we all become spirits of light.

Learn what makes love surround us without
our own knowledge of it, find the truth that
will calm the restless heart, rejoice and swim
among the waters of tranquility.

Listen to your inner voice, it will flow through
helping you climb the mountain of hard knocks
and tears, it won't be hard if you have the
faith to believe, and the Hope to make it possible.

Inner spirit of love and peace carve your message
in the heavens for all God's children to radiate there
light from there souls to complete unity throughout the

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved).
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