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 Feb 2018
Hello, Anonymous,
From my internet screen,
You might be a straight guy or a screaming queen.

Hello, Anonymous,
Person I don't know,
Can you tell me why the wind must blow?

Hello, Anonymous,
In the chatroom,
For all I know, you could be a vacuum.

Hello, Anonymous,
You don't know me either,
How about we stay that way,
And we continue our chat later today?
A poem on chatrooms and the internet.
 Feb 2018
It's a party,
Something to celebrate,
I stand in the corner,
And I'll just have to wait
For it to be all over.

I could be reading,
Or collecting summer clover,
But I'm listening to people, who are screaming,
I kind of regret having friends.
Introverts, am I right?
 Feb 2018
It's a party,
Time to celebrate,
I'm trying to get away,
Oh no, they're bringing out the cake,
I guess I'll have to wait.

I could be having a good read,
I could be watching Netflix,
I could be pretending I have a great black steed,
But instead...

I'm stuck with people I barely know,
In some unknown person's place,
Oh my god, is that Terry?
It's been weeks since I've seen her face.

I wish I was at my own house,
With my cat and with my pajamas,
Where the only thing louder than a mouse,
Would be my television screen.
 Feb 2018
I can add some cobalt,
Perhaps it will turn blue,
Sh*t, I made the beaker explode,
There's glass stuck in my shoe.

Crap, the gas is turned too high,
My project's looking grave,
I find myself wishing for death,
And to crawl into a cave.

Dissecting makes my guts squirm,
I find myself with disgust,
At the sight of the frog that I just cut open,
Its organs covered in a thin crust.

To science, I extend a hand,
Perhaps of friendship, perhaps of hate,
But god forbid if I have to *****,
And I'm two minutes late.
To my science teachers, all of whom I hated and liked in turn. May dissecting never faze you!

— The End —