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 Sep 21
And she turned chaos to magic.
She made her shattered pieces a beautiful art.
 Sep 13
i don’t know
who i’m supposed to
tell all of my stories to now

i don’t know
what my poetry will do
without its muse

i don’t know
when these scars will soften
and the hurt will subside

i don’t know
where i’ll run on the hard days
if not to your apartment

yeah, i have questions, but

isn’t one of them
i know exactly why
i had to walk away from you
 Sep 10
When that day is upon us
and we've run out of time,
when you tell me goodbye
and steal my sunshine...
After you break my heart
without a second thought,
leaving me in tears-
my stomach in a knot...
After you scar me with words
and call me a mistake,
after you shatter my world
leaving me to forsake...
After you walk out of my life
without ever looking back
on what we could've been
or on everything I lack...
Once you've used me all up,
after your final apogee...
I wonder, my dear,
will you still think of me?
Will you ever reminisce
on the moments we shared,
remembering me fondly
as one for which you cared?
Or will I haunt your dreams
at night as you rest,
plagued by emotions
you denied and repressed?
Will you be glad that I'm gone
and just let me disappear,
or will you yearn for my touch
and wish I was near?
Will a smile cross your face
when you picture my own,
or will it please you to know
that I'll be hurting alone?
Will you regret that night
when we first met,
or will that kiss be one
which you'll never forget?
Will it break your heart too
as it will surely break mine,
when that day is upon us
and we've run out of time?
It breaks my heart knowing there is no forever for us...
 Aug 26
I submerge myself
in sadness
drenched to my core
I paddle through
heartache and
melancholic waves
unaware of the
lurking tsunami
spawned by
thoughts of you
 Aug 15
Christina S
Today I wear a facade
so you can't see my pain,
you won't know my loneliness
but my tears will still fall like rain

 Aug 15
Salmabanu Hatim
Please come back,
You are my need,
Not my want.
 Jul 4
Peter Garrett
When I was younger I believed
Depression means to be deeply sad
Oh, how easier sadness would be
For light’s able to overcome darkness

Depression isn’t crying hysterically
Most of the time you can’t do that
Depression is a black hole in your chest
Preventing you from feeling anything

At first you seek to fill that endless void
With the things you love the most
But all the notes sound out of rhythm
And you feel alone in every crowd

Nothing seems to provide relief
So you desperately try to compensate
With alcohol and meaningless touches
The grey boredom your life has become

Until eventually you get too exhausted
To keep fighting such a vain battle
And you accept to live in emptiness
Even that's merely to survive
Will this (absence of) feeling ever go away?
It hurts in waves
   the breaking of 'us'
You took something beautiful
now watch it rust

adorned in our tears or maybe just mine
  You’ve gained freedom, I’ve gained time

I let you in,
Then watched you leave
      Hoping with childlike naivety
You’d change your mind and come back to me

Your ‘necessary’ step is abandonment,
It tastes bitter, but I guess
suitable company for the ache in my chest

My heart protests, while my mind cannot
logic is useful, feelings are not
    I’ve asked my questions, you’ve said your piece
I hope our departure grants you relief
 Mar 6
"She woke up crying, thought she was dying. She didn't have a heart. She felt around but all that she found was that someone tore it apart. She knows the man that did this. She heard his silver spurs. That heart she held in her chest was his.. It wasn't hers. "
 Mar 5
I miss laughing with you....
I miss you pushing my hair behind my ear like you  used to do....

I miss you talking to me....
explaining certain things on how they should be,....

I miss having *** with you....
you were game for anything ....
there were things i did that I never do.....

but most of all......

I miss spending the weekends or my days off together.....
I miss you now and i know it will too be forever!!!
I really did like you and miss you so much
I’m tired of trying

There have been too many tears

All these nights that I’ve been crying

The burns on my arms

I’m terrible at hiding

But no one cares

So I don’t have to keep fighting

My parents don’t know

The pain I’m still going through

I’m “as happy as can be”

Who knew

There are cuts on my stomach

My hips

My legs

I don’t tell anyone

About this pain in my head

No one knows

About my long-term sedative

I’m getting better

Except for the fact

That I don’t want to live

I feel so ashamed

Because I’ve tried so hard

To fight for you

But it’s hard

And I’m still scarred

But I want you to be proud

Of this smile that’s been misplaced

Not of the make-up running down my face

Not of the blood that seeps through my skin

I’m “getting better”

Though I’m dying within

I’m ready to go

My thoughts always win

I’ve lost everything

Though I had nothing

To begin


My open eyes

Every night

I still cry

In the bathroom at school

My shoelace

******* high

Just a loop around my neck

Just a jump away

I’m ready to go

And my body will sway

Back and forth against the door

I just know you’ll be okay

Without me you’re safer

When I’m gone it’ll brighten your day

I’m sorry I made you go away

I’m sorry I made you feel that way

I hope my tears will brush the pain away

I’ll be gone soon

So say


I won’t bother you

Another day.
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