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take it in.
the sunset that seems to be so close yet so far.
the dark outline of the familiar lighthouse.
and the ocean waves.
the beautiful, blue waves.
gently lapping over another wave.
but i can only stay for a bit.
i have places to be.
Sometimes the darkness
makes it hard for me to smile
and see the light in things
that's why I look to the moon and the
and sees how they constantly shine
through the darkness
Never has the wind been
Never was a day like this
More stirring,
Cherry blossoms
Old life becomes new,
Unseen movement
Brings about
Tranquil forces,
Leaves are sailboats  
Reflections in a pool
Cattails watch in silence
Standing outside outlines,
All around its border,
This feeling inside
Speaks of
Solace and smells
Of springtime.
Just a little poem about the beauty of spring.  Winter was dark, cold, and a little rainy. This weather is welcomed.
 Mar 17
Following the fragrance of flowers
The blue night blossomed alone,
Evening stars were fading in the sky
For it was time for myself to atone.
 Mar 17
bathing in lava and burning alive
but melting too, into little rivers that
drain into the sky and
down to the earth
like rain

illuminated by light but flying
into the sun
turning into ash with the snap of a-

click goes finger against glass.
i giggle at the sight of hurt people hurting one another.
oh, no wonder this one has a 85% on rotten tomatoes.

the air smells sweet as i close my eyes
clouds and dreams swirl
into blackness that-

i smile at the sight of couples breaking up and getting back together.
this one has a 53%.
makes sense.
 Mar 9
Through the blinding blankness
The cold desert of ice and snow
I see in the storm, a glimpse of you.

I see your eyes, encrusted with frost
Twinkling like diamonds at the tip.
I revel in the sight of your peeling lips-
If your smile is the last thing I see
A glimpse of your face is all I need.

In the panic of hopelessness, is us.

Our hands join, and warmth flows.
However temporary, we have ourselves,
And can sustain for whatever length.

You are the flame in my breast
I am the heat in your breath you exhale
In an icy cloud, in a plume of smoke
From the fire in your belly, dimming.

In this weather, we'll never make it.

But we may curl up in the snow.
The heavy fog of sleep, blissful, peaceful
Prods at the horizon of consciousness.

The hands of our hands slip past.
"They say that those who die of exposure
At the end, cuddle in their snow shrouds"

And so we draw our bosoms together-
I bring your fingers to my nostrils
Caressing every frostbitten cuticle.

I whisper to you empty promises,
Like the barren landscape surrounding us,
But my hoarse voice makes you smile.

I can't bear to watch your soul fade.

I wrap you in my arms back to the wind
There is not a sound nor a sight
But each other, which is all we need.

At the edges of my sight, I see visions
Hallucinations of surreal dreams
But in the center, I have you.

Through the ice, in the arctic hostility
You have my heart, and I have your soul.

After all hope has left, love remains.

I keep you near, and hold you there
And mingle our warmth, until there is none.

The icy invasion of the pit of my stomach
Without your aggressive heartbeat
My tears crystallize on your body.

The cold has become you now
And I accept it in as a part of you part of me.
I surrender to the wind, to the frost, to the fog, to the snow, to the ice.

I tell you my promise- I love you.
Sad poem :-(
 Mar 9
destiny berry
seasons change
people grow
i crave summer heat
and dread the winter snow
it all goes by so fast
quicker than you’ll ever know
but what haunts me the most,
i saw you come
and watched you go.

- d.berry
 Mar 9
a world of cotton
lies above
white puffs
s c a t t e r e d into the blue.
I watch them move
from a world below
and wonder
if they’re watching me too.
 Mar 1
I told the world to smile,
and her corners barely creased
She said to get her good side,
and then she turned her back to me.
The melting sun was crying
And rolling tears into the sea
The shadow of her body
The whales eerie harmony.
 Feb 23
I am air.

You breathe me in when you feel the need
Until I get lost inside.
But it seems no matter how hard I plead
I'm exhaled and left behind.

I am air.

I touch your clothes, your hair, your skin
Just begging to be seen.
But to you, I am forgotten
To you, I am nothing.

I am air.

I know I am necessary
And all I do is strive
To make you understand that I'm the very
Reason you are alive.

I am used. I am abused.
I am alone. I am unknown.
I am everywhere. I am nowhere. I am air.
 Feb 23
As a leaf departs from a twig which dears her true
And which on his care and ardor adamant
So acquiescent and frail you depart too
With the swift wind you became compliant
Then, ceiling became my kind of sky
But bare and dull contrast to that azure canopy placed high
Bed is now my kind of meadow green and dazzling
But damp not of dew but of my tears overflowing
My breath turned into a summer zephyr
Warm and gentle, repose to my fear
My tears grew into an ocean abysmal
Immeasurable with ripples cataclysmal.
You gave me this kind of dwelling after you left. But I guess you didn't know.
 Feb 20
Akshi Hargoon
He was a breath of fresh air
         controlled with ease
and she was a wildfire
          that could ignite only with his
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